Vietnam Tour Of Duty
Delta Comapany, 2nd Bn, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile
Vietnam Diary

By Garry Bruckner Copyright All Rights Reserved

Vietnam Diary, Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Brigade,

1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 1969-1971.

Significant political and historical events should be included, such as I have added, June 8, 1969, President Nixon announcing troop withdrawals and September 3, 1969, The death of Ho Chi Minh and May 1, 1970, Nixon announcing sending troops into Cambodia.

Roger "Jake" Jacobson's diary entries cover from October 25, 1969 to April, 24 1969, and excerpts from letters sent home cover from March 24, 1970 to July 1970.
Bill Hahn's diary entries start on December 8, 1969 and end on March 24, 1970.
Jim O'Brien diary entries are from January 5, 1970 to November 28, 1970.

The recording of these events is dedicated to those who served and those who waited, worried, and prayed. The following diary has been an effort to recreate the daily events as they happened to the men of D 2/8 1st Cavalry Division in the Republic of South Vietnam.

My desire is to create an accurate record that will place actual events as they happened and to honor those who gave their life for their country. I, again am deeply in debt to these great friends, as this diary would not have been possible without their help and cooperation. Some entries have been taken directly form personal diaries or from letters written to loved ones back in the "World" and I hope some of the blanks may be filled from memory. The inspiration and best chance to make this diary a reality came true at a veterans reunion in Boulder, Colorado, May 9-10, 1989, and also at the 2nd veterans reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, July 25-28, 1991.

I have many hours invested in compiling and editing this Vietnam Diary. The very first copy was typed on a Comodore 64 computer and printed from an Okidata dot matrix printer. With the Comodore computer line fading out as IBM compatible computers were taking over, this brought the task of changing the Vietnam Diary to completely different digital format. There wasn’t any way that I was aware of to convert files from a Commodore computer to a format that would transfer to an IBM compatible computer. So, this meant it would have to be retyped on an IBM compatible computer. I worked on retyping the Vietnam Diary off and on for months and then years. With my typing skills being poor, progress was very slow, sometimes, not being touched for months.

I knew the ink and paper were aging and getting faded enough something had to be done soon before it became unreadable. It must have taken a couple weeks but finally I had all of the Diary scanned. Now, how to get the scanned pages turned into editable text. I found free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that did a better job than I expected with the scans of the faded pages. It still left a lot to be desired. The scanned pages had been saved in Adobe pdf format. I made a copy of selected areas of each page from a pdf reader and then pasted that into a graphic editing program where the brightness and contrasted could be changed to make the print darker. Each page with the darker text was saved as jpg files which worked much better in the OCR software.

Each block of text from the OCR program was cut and pasted into Microsoft word. Even the best copies had some errors but there were some that were scrambled very badly, still it saved a lot of time over retyping all of it. I finished transferring the complete Diary into Microsoft Word and was proud and very relieved to finally have it done.

Unfortunately while transferring some files, it disappeared into the nether regions somewhere. Sob! So, I started all over from the scanned darkened text pages. Another try and many more hours and it is now completed and backup copies safely stored on 3 external backup drives.

I sincerely hope that other D 2/8 vets will be able to add accurate accounts from their tours into the Diary. It will make a fascinating historical record dedicated to the men of D 2/8 and especially to the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life.

Garry Bruckner,
Delta Company, 2nd Bn, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), Jan-Dec, 1970, Range 2 gun team.

Personal Notes:

Watched a TV show where a doctor was in the position of having to treat 2 patients, both in critical states, in danger of dying without immediate medical treatment. Triage, prioritizing treatment of the injured, try to save patients who have the best chance of surviving their injuries. In this case, 2 patients, both in need of immediate treatment. One lives, one dies. Then it hit me, in many ways the combat vet finds himself in similar situations. While rare for many people, possibly a daily choice for the combat veteran, split second decisions, determining their fate or the fate of others. I don’t feel I’m wording this very well but I think all of you will understand what I’m trying to explain because you were there and live with the results. Very likely the very core of survivor’s guilt. A good basis for anger at the fake veteran who was never in danger. I don’t doubt many of you can express it much better than I did.

Roger "Jake" Jacobson's diary entries cover from October 25, 1969 to April, 24 1970, and excerpts from letters sent home cover from March 24, 1970 to July 1970.

Bill Hahn's diary entries start on December 8, 1969 and end on March 24, 1970.

Jim O'Brien diary entries are from January 5, 1970 to November 28, 1970.

January - October 1969

January 1969

TOM REDMOND arrives Vietnam.

June 8, 1969

President Nixon announces the withdrawal of 25,000 American combat troops.

July 18, 1969

RICHARD MOSCATEL arrives Vietnam.

July 29, 1969

R. W. FALKNER arrives Vietnam.

August 4, 1969

TED TRACY arrives Vietnam.

September 3, 1969

Death of Ho Chi Minh.

September 7, 1969

JAY LAINHART arrives Vietnam.

October 1969

CHARLIE WALTERS arrives Vietnam.

October 25, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(295) I'm starting this late. I should have started as soon as I got it. I went up to C.I.D. and testified against some men today. I didn't want to, but they are getting too dangerous with their hand grenades. I hope I did the right thing. I got a letter from Mom today an Grandma sent a card and a box of cookies and candy. It was really nice of them. I got a paper and I really enjoy it, as it keeps me closer to home. One of these times Dad has got to put in an advertisement with Ski Doos, cold weather and the holidays on their way. He knows more than me, he has kept it going and built it up. I guess that's all, see you tomorrow and every day.

October 26, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(294) Here I am a little late but I'm here. We got a little drunk last night at the EM Club. Some guy came up and played and sang for us. Well, I'm going out to the field today, and I hope this time we can stay out awhile.

October 27, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(293) Here I am again. It is the next day, but this time it wasn't my fault. We made it out to the field and so far it has been miserable. Last night they made us pack up and move about 20 minutes before sundown. It was well on its way to getting dark when we moved out. After we walked a ways, the wind started to blow and it blew harder than hell. Trees were falling all around us and we couldn't see them, but it was scary. Finally we stopped after feeling our way along for 700 meters. Then it started raining like hell and it rained all night. All we could do was lay down in the rain and cover up. Six had a few gooks giving him a bad time. He tried to call in arty but he couldn't get any. Finally a Blue Max came and after he worked out for a while they couldn't find any gooks. After I eat I'll do today's happenings.

October 28, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(292) Hey, I didn't get back to it. Boy, I can't even keep up with anything. It is the 29th and I'm so damn tired and hungry that I don't even fell like writing. We got up real early and started moving. We walked and walked and finally we realized that we were lost. After wandering around for a long time and with the help of arty we found our location. We set in and again just before dark we had to pack up and move. Except this time we went by bird. We had to C. A. into a hot place and be a backup for "A" company. They had 8 gooks on the run. We set up, then we had to tear down again. We pushed a klick and it rained all the time. Finally we stopped and curled up again. We slept late and I slept good cause I was so tired. That's all.

October 29, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(291) Yes, we slept in and I really enjoyed it. About noon we started to move. It was hotter than hell and none of us had any water. Rocky just about passed out and the rest of us weren't far behind. So Six decided we would set up. We moved about three hundred meters and crawled under some trees and now we are set up. We have no water and very little food, but tomorrow is log day so I guess we will make it. I'm going to sit down and eat my last can of food, and, afterward, I hope to get a letter off to the folks, so I will sigh off now. Tomorrow!

October 30, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(290) Well, we made it till log day and now we are all full and feeling good. But again I am going into the rear. This time it is for a good cause: I am going to Bien Hoa to get a Kit Carson Scout. I will be his buddy and we will live and work together. I think it will be all right. Really not much happened today, we didn't move while I was out there, and we just sit around. I think this will be a good experience for me and it might help me get through this year. I guess that is all. See you tomorrow.

October 31, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(289) I went and got some barrels for the 1st Sarge. He needs them to put around the orderly room. All the companies are doing it, ever since that guy threw those frags. After lunch I went to the service club and just messed around. Those girls down there really treat us good. They are very nice. They had the Army band playing out in front of the mess hall today and I liked it, as it was real good. It was different to hear some real live music, instead of all of it over a radio. To me there is a very big difference. We went and had a few beers tonight and that concluded my whole day. Last night I wrote a letter to Laura Faye. I hope I get a return on it. She is on my mind quite a bit. Tomorrow.

November 1, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(288) Boy, talk about a plain old average day. Nothing happened today. I had to escort a prisoner today, and I hated to do it. He is a deserter and he is waiting to be tried. He wanted to go somewhere, so I had to go with him. The girls down at the club had a picture made up and they gave it to me, so I went it home for Mom. Last night we went and saw a movie- Cool Hand Luke- and it was real good. After we came back and just sat around and bullshitted. Besides: Happy Birthday.

November 2, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(287) Today was a great day and I'll tell you why. I got up, went and had breakfast, then went to church. After lunch I went to the Service Club and saw a movie. During the movie Paul Grande came walking up. I about died. We went and had a few beers and did a lot of bullshitting. He is quite a guy and he doesn't want to go home. He wants to stay here as a civilian. We talked and drank all day and night and had a real good time. It was good to see someone I have known for a long time. He stayed with me till the next day. The day after today.

November 3, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(286) Today Paul and I went and had breakfast, then he left to go catch a plane. He had to go back to Quan Loi. A little while later my platoon came in. I got ready and we went out on trucks at 5 o'clock. I didn't get the Kit Carson Scout. I can't go till the 9th of November. Anyway we went out of town a ways and set up. As I was getting off guard I woke up the next man, and as he come over to the guard post he accidentally stepped on a claymore switch. It went off and I thought we had incoming. Later on we spotted a gook, and a cobra come out and shot at him for a while.

November 4, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(285) Today we got up and moved back to the road, where there was some boom boom and coke girls waiting. Soon after the trucks came and we went back to the rear. Now I am at the Service Club and soon we will go out again. I'll finish later! We just sat around till 5 o'clock. About 2 o'clock I got mail. I got a lot and there was the letter telling about Max. Why should a person have to come over here and give his life and give his everything for nothing. Guys get hurt, lose legs and arms, or get killed for no good reason. I can't understand why God should let things like this happen. Maybe someday I will. We went out and set up and nothing happened. It was a good night. O.K.!

November 5, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(284) Well, not much happened today. We just sat around. The coke girls and the kids came out and stayed all day. Two boom boom girls also came. We just sat around and bullshitted and played with the kids. One of the girls (coke type) has a crush on me but she is only 16 and she is too young for me. MAYBE. We moved about 2 klicks and set up. It was a quiet night and again it was cold and we slept real good. THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

November 6, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(283) Today I woke up late. Almost everyone was up and moving. Some of them had already gone down the road a ways and cut a log site. About 6:30 here come the kids and girls on their Hondas. After I had something to eat. I was sitting around and Skipper called and said for me to come in on the log bird. I had to go get that scout. When I got in, they said I would be going on the 9th, so I have just been sitting around and didn't do much of anything all night. We took a couple of rockets, so they closed the Service Club. So I came back and went to bed. Later-excuse me, I went to the EM Club and got drunk and then went to bed. WOW!

November 7, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(282) Today I woke up and didn't feel so good, the main reason being that I had K.P., and that is always a ball, you know. It was the longest day I have had for a long time. Didn't do anything but wash pots and pans all day. Hey, I got another letter from Sharyn and I loved it. I really enjoy hearing from her. After I read it, I went to the 11th Aviation, as there was supposed to be a show there. Hell, there wasn't anything, then we headed to the Service Club. We went all the way down there, and it was closed. So we came back and went to the EM Club and again we did the same thing. You would think I would learn. SOONER.

November 8, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(281) Today was the same old day. Boy, I have an exciting life. Today I felt good when I got up, for a change. I went over and had a shitty breakfast, then went to the formation. They give awards and medals today. Went to the Service Club for a little while and then came back for lunch. After lunch, we had to put up some barrels around the orderly room. After , I went to the Service Club. I wrote a letter to Sharyn. I think she will keep writing me, I surely hope so. I want to write Mom, but I don't know what to say about Max. I will have to say something, but I just don't know what. I will try tomorrow. It makes me so damn mad when it was just an accident. But quite a few guys get it that way. Two days after yesterday!

November 9, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(280) Today I got up and went to breakfast, and it was same-same. Then I went back to the orderly room and they wanted me to get ready to go to Bien Hoa airport to get the scout. I got ready and left at 9:15. I was here and checked in by noon. I just messed around and drank sodas and beer. Later we had a class and they told us what was going to happen and some things about the scouts. We went and had a few beers and then after talking and messing around with the scouts, we went to bed.

November 10, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(279) Wow, today we had to get up at 5:30 and it was so hard that I decided to give up breakfast. We went and painted a building all morning and just got to know the buddies they had given us. Mine is the shortest of all gooks I have seen. He is 18 and he looks like a small 10 year old. You wouldn't believe it. He was a Montagnard, I believe, and he lived at Quan Loi. After lunch was hell, as we had to rappel. It really isn't much, but I was a scared boy. I can't figure out why I was so afraid. I was the second to the last to go. It is a forty foot jump, but a rope slows you down so you are hardly moving. Maybe someday I will get over this so-called "fear of heights". We had a short class on talking Vietnamese and then we went to chow. After, we drank beer and went to see a movie called "Duffy". It was the third time.

November 11, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(278) Today we got up and ate chow and then went back and packed to go. Boo and I went down and got on a bus and it took us to the hook pad and soon we left. It took about 40 minutes and we were back at Phouc Vinh. We got Boo processed into the company and I commenced to introduce him. He can't talk much English and very little Vietnamese, but somehow we will manage. We went and got drunk together, and he was really plowed. Finally, he said, "Me dinky dow, we go to sleep". So we went and slept.

November 12, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(277) I got up and started to fix our packs. Neither one of us had anything, so it was quite a job. They said we would be going out today, and we did. We went out on trucks and they dropped us off by a gook store. We waited for some Popular Forces men and then took off. We have to show these guys how to set up ambushes. Later on something popped a trip flare and the gooks (Popular Forces) opened up. It must have been an animal or something, for we couldn't find anything the next morning.

November 13, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(276) We got up and waited for the rest to come and then we went back to the store. Later on, the trucks came. We went back to the company area. We cleaned our weapons and just before noon we went to the Service Club and went to eat at the 13th Signals. After we came back, I took a shower. I also got a letter from Tim H. He is in Long Binh. That isn't too far away, so maybe I can get to see him. Later we went out, and after we got out there we started to set up. We are supposed to be showing the ARVN's how to make a bush. But we ended up popping two trips and the gooks (ARVN) were laughing like hell. It rained all night, damn it.

November 14, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(275) Today we got up and pushed out to the truck pick-up site. We had a few beers and soon the trucks came. We went back and played cards and just sat around. That afternoon I got a package from Dad- almond peanuts. It was real good. Later we went back out and did about the same things. Now Sally, the coke girl, is charging beer and sodas to us. She knows how to get the money. We set our bush and went to sleep.
November 15, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(274) Wow, today is payday, and we have been waiting for this for a long time. We went back to the company area and sat around and played cards. After lunch, we got paid and after a while we had to go out to the same place. When we got there, there was a whole lot of people there to sell us stuff. We paid our bills and then started buying stuff. Later we went to our night location. By the time we got there, most of us were drunk and, boy were we ready for the gooks. Some of the things we do scare the hell out of me.

November 16, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(273) Today was hell. We got up and went in. As soon as we got there we had to C.A. We were landed in a swamp and then we started humping. We humped for a long way and then we came to a big river. We put some C-4 on a tree and tried to blow it so it would go across the river. But the damn thing went upstream. We turned around and went back to where we landed. On the way, an E-6 who was with us had a heat stroke. We had to cut an LZ and medevac him. After he was gone, we kept on pushing until we were back where we started. The birds came and we went back to Phuoc Vinh. As soon as we got there, we had to get on the trucks and go to the rubber plantation. We set up a bush there.

November 17, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(272) Today we had to move about 800 meters, then C.A. We drank a few beers and then the birds came, so away we went. When we came down one of the birds broke a rear rotor and it was down for good. We had to secure the area and wait for a Chinook to come and get it. After about two hours, it was off and we started humping. We humped all day. We are all out of water and thirsty as hell. Tomorrow will be a better day, maybe. Hot. You wouldn't believe how hot it is getting. Maybe someday I will find out who I am writing to in this book. I have to get busy and write the family. I'll bet they are disappointed in me. I'll try tomorrow.

November 18, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(271) So far, today hasn't been too bad. It rained almost all night and we were all wet. I couldn't get Bill up for guard, so I pulled 3 1/2 hours. We have pushed about 1000 meters and we found water, so we partook of it. Now we are getting ready to move out again. We moved, but only about 700 meters. It was nice walking, too. We were set up by noon and just sat around all afternoon. I managed to write two letters to the folks. I bet they will be shocked because I haven't been doing too well with the pen lately. On guard last night I was able, by moonlight, to write a letter to Sharyn. It is kind of messed up, but it will be all right. Two and a half hours of guard last night.

November 19, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(270) Got up early and we are sitting around now. We sat around and got logged today. We didn't even move, just sat around and bullshitted. We made a bridge so we can cross the blue tomorrow. It is a pretty big blue and is about six feet deep. Later this afternoon we went for a swim in the blue and it really felt good. I managed to finish a letter and got them all off on the log bird. But what a bummer, I didn't get any mail. Very few guys got mail, though. We combined and we only had 1 hour and ten minutes to pull. Not so bad. The moon was out so I wrote a letter to Chad. Then I crawled into my bedroom and commenced to crash.

November 20, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(269) Today we got up at 6:30 and ate an got ready to move. We crossed the river by the use of the bridge we made. It held up good. We walked for about an hour and then set up. It wasn't bad at all. We have just loafed around all day. We took another swim, and now it is starting to get dark. I managed to write a letter last night on guard to the family, and then I went to sleep. I slept because it was chilly.

November 21, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(268) We got up at 6:30 and got ready to move. We moved about a klick and found a campfire. We started looking around and found some tracks and other signs. So, five of us went across the river and found some bunkers, trotters, and some fish traps and pans and pots. In all, we found about 30 well-constructed bunkers and small odds and ends. We went back and the whole platoon moved out. We went just a little way and set up. And ever since, we have been loafing again. It is starting to get dark, so I will sign off for now. I wrote a letter to the family and one to Laird and also one to Jay and Diane. I only had to pull 30 minutes.
November 22, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(267) We got up and ate and then had to go out to a field and Charlie Alpha. We made a false landing, went in and landed, then went up again. Circled around and landed in a field right close. We stayed there and got logged. While we were there, Bill thought of how to make a snare to catch rabbits and things. Then we moved out and went about 500 meters and set up in a bunch of bamboo. I had an hour of guard and then went to sleep.

November 23, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(266) Today we go up and ate and started moving. It was real thick and hard humping. We had to go about 1200 meters. I took the gun for Buzz for awhile to see if I liked it. I don't think I would like to hump it all the time. We (Bill, Lucky, Rudy, Poppa Tee, and me) went on a patrol. We found fresh tracks and where a loach had shot at the gooks. Then we came back and set up. We have been loafing ever since. Bill gave me a hard time, but I finally got him settled down and we went to sleep.

November 24, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(265) I didn't sleep well at all, tossed and turned all night. We got up at 6:30 and started moving about 8:00. We pushed about 1200 and went to a field and got logged. Buzz got a rear job and went in today. I am very happy for him. We got logged, and they told me I was point team leader for a few days. So I pointed out and just my luck it was the thickest we have had in a long time. But, as always, it ended and we set up. Now we have eaten and are just sitting around. We went to sleep and someone messed up on the guard, so no one was on. It will be different tomorrow!

November 25, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(264) Today we got up at 8:00, and it was good to sleep in. We moved out about 9:00 and went about 800 meters. Now we are sitting around. I managed to get a letter off to the family and also to Chuck Dixon. After a couple hours we got a call, said that Buzz was coming back and for us to get Baker ready. What happened was you had to have a purple heart for the job, and Buzz didn't have one. A while later Baker left and Buzz came and soon after we started to hump. We went down a red ball for about 1000 meters, then we set up. They always give us the shitty end of the deal. I'm going to have to do something about it. I don't mind so much, but these guys look to me to help them, and to show them, so I will.

November 26, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(263) Today we got up and had to go on a short patrol. As soon as we got back we started to hump. We had to go 1500 meters on a red ball, then start into the bush. After we got in, we went about 600 and found four ARA rockets from a Cobra. We moved out with them and joined up with Alpha Co. We sent the rockets in and then started to hump. We got about 300 and then we got a change of mission. Our mission was to go to a booby trap and blow it. But instead we had to go about 1700 meters and link up with an engineer unit. When we got there, there were about 28 cats and a lot of trucks. We had to guard and keep security for them. Boy, when they tear them loose, those cats cut down some jungle. We followed them for about a klick and a half and then they made an LZ and we set up inside. We tried to sleep, but all the noise keeps us awake. They sharpen the blades at night. OK!

November 27, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(262) Wow, today we got up at 5:00 and we had to get ready to move. First, we had to go out about 200 meters and let the cats move the berm and then we started pushing. We pushed and pushed and after about 2000 meters we stopped and there we stayed for three hours. Then we started following the cats in. We saw a deer and we all sure wanted to shoot it. After we got here we had to put out a whole bunch of claymores and trips. Then to our surprise, we went to chow and it was Thanksgiving, and it wasn't too bad. We had heard on the radio that we would get it, but just like always, we figured we wouldn't. It was pretty good, too.

November 28, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(261) Again today we got up at 5:00 and started pushing at 6:00. We had to push up the right flank but the damn things go too fast. We couldn't even start to keep up. They really ran us to death. We ended up pushing about four klicks out and four in, and, boy, were we tired. But at night we don't get any sleep for we are up having mad minutes and pulling guard all night. We got hot chow today and also I got four packages and two letters and my Christmas cards. Boy, I sure like the cards and I sure have a lot of stuff. Like always, I enjoy very much the letters I get.
November 29, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(260) 5:00 again. Boy, this is getting tiring, and we don't get any sleep to make up for it. But they did give us a break, for we got to ride out. And, wow, those damn things go through anything. We cut a bunch of trees and bamboo. Then after awhile we stopped and got out. They moved out and we secured a maintenance plane for them. We stayed there all day and enjoyed it very much. After awhile, we came back in and back to the same old thing again. Mad minutes and guard and the other things we have to do were still there. A combination of these things take up most of the time. I got a letter off to the folks. I sure am being lazy lately. But as soon as I sit down, I go to sleep. That's life.

November 30, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(259) Today we got up at 5:00 again and we had to push at 6:00. It was still dark when we left. We went about three klicks and then stopped for breakfast. Oh yeah, by the way, a guy in Range II tripped one of our trips and it was funny because they say they are so good. After chow, we pushed about three more klicks and we ere good and tried. On our way we found a can, 55 gal. drum type, and it was full of C-5 gas. Johnson said to leave it, so we did. Later on that day, here come the cats and one of them hit it. Boy, it just about killed all of them. On our way in, we caught a ride with a duster and we found an unexploded 105 shell and we brought it in with us. Same thing: pull guard and all that bull!

December 1, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(258) Dad's birthday and I couldn't even send him anything, but I will try a little later when I go in. Today we stayed in and messed around all day. We went out and shot our weapons at cans and later on we ran a course of pop-up targets. We whipped Skull and are waiting to see about Cat. Not much else happened.

BILL SHKOR arrived Vietnam.

December 2, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(257) We got a rest again today. We got to ride all the way and sit around all day. I managed to fill out 15 of my Christmas cards. Boy, it sure is hard to find out what to say. One of the mechanics got bit by a scorpion, and he really got sick. So we called in a medevac bird for him. As soon as he was gone, we took off. We came in and cleaned our weapons and now we are just waiting for guard. On guard we saw a gook with a flashlight. We got the sniper to fire a few rounds but I don't think he even came close.

December 3, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(256) Again it was 5:00 when we got up and we had to push at 6:00. We had to go about 4 klicks and the last 500 meters was hell. The bamboo was really thick, but finally we stopped and sat around. I tried to catch up on a little sleep. Later in the afternoon we pushed over to where the cats were and found a big bomb crater that was full of water. The water was about 20 feet deep and really nice swimming. Then we caught a ride with the cats and we came in. We had barbecued steaks and it was real good. We had to put on a phony ground attack. We threw frags and blew claymores and shot up a bunch of ammo. Now I am on guard. Nothing happened. I just pulled guard and went to bed. Slept pretty good. It was pretty cold.

December 4, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-255) We got up at 6:00 and had to move out quite a way. First we would go one way and then another. They kept messing up. But finally we stopped like always, and I was able to fill out all my cards today, plus I got a letter off to them. I sure wish I could get a picture of her. We came in and we had two of those phony ground attacks today. We had three guys get hit by frags. Now we are waiting for guard. We pulled our guard and nothing happened.

December 5, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(254) Well, we got up and went out for about six hours and then came back in. The cats have finished their cutting and we are getting ready to leave. They took all the cats into Phouc Vinh and then came back. They have just about got everything ready to go. Tomorrow we will leave, so we have to shoot up all our ammo. We had to go out and practice CA. Actually, we just messed around. Then we had a football game, and it was fun. Now I am waiting for guard, and soon we have to have a mad minute. Nothing much happened except we shot up a whole lot of ammo. Tonight would be nice, if I was home.

December 6, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(253) We got up at 5:00 and we had a mad minute and shot up al our extra ammo. Then we got ready to go. We had to move to the middle of the N.D.P. and wait for the cats to destroy the berm. After they finished, Cat and Skull got aboard the trucks and away they went. We had to stay to secure the shithooks when they came down for stuff. After they got everything, we loaded on some trucks and came in. We got clean clothes and I got a pair of boots and we all took a shower. We had a class on setting up ambushes. Tonight we saw a movie with Sophia Loren in it. I thought it wasn't much good. Then we went back and hit the sack. Lights out.

December 7, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(252) We slept in today and it felt great because we didn't have to get up till we wanted. I slept till about 10:00. Just messed around all day, didn't do anything cause we were on Q.R.F. We went to a movie and it was Cool Hand Luke. I have seen it, but I would have liked to see it again. Halfway through it, we took in three 107 rockets, so that was the end to the show. Plus we were on alert all night. They had us up and ready to go about six times and then they would call it off. Oh well.

December 8, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(251) We got up at 5:00 and at 10:00 we had to move to another building. We were off Q.R.F. and on stand-down. That is more or less an R&R for two days. We got 18 cases of beer and 6 quarts of whiskey, and boy, did we start a party. Especially me. Boy, I really got polluted. I almost got in a bunch of fights, but I managed to not get my head kicked in. They had to help me to bed. I went to 11th Aviation for a while, too. What a night.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Arrived Oakland Army Base 0930. First person I met was Sgt. Wayne Gardner. Got 4 shots, ouch! Got clothing issue. Met Sgt. Johnson. Saw movie (The Brain with David Niven). Spent some time in NCO club with Stan. Found out Gill was here, too. Fairly good chow. Slept in my own room, 8 hours. Day went fairly well.

December 9, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(250) We got to sleep in today and, boy, was I glad. I didn't feel like even moving. We just laid around and drank what little beer we had left. I went to the P.X. later on and bought a stuffed animal with a radio in it for Lori, and then I sent it to her. I saw Janeene, (the girl that lives at the Service Club). I talked to her for a while. Then I went back. We just messed around and played cards and bullshitted. Then went to sleep.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- At 0730 formation, my name was called out to be a group leader. Was responsible for 118 men. Met Jim Gill. Got put in building 590. Couldn't leave for any reason. Cooped up. Leave for Travis AFB at 2250. Leave Travis for Nam at 0100, 10 December 1969.

December 10, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(249) We got up and had to move again. We are off stand-down and on ambush now. For two days we will go to the rubber plantation and set up and ambush. We messed around until about 5:00 in the afternoon, then we got on the trucks and went out there. Like always when we used to go out, there were all the coke and boom boom girls. We bullshitted and drank beers. Six told me to get rid of the girls while he and Johnson went on a patrol. On their way they found an M-16, a M-72 and a pack (gook type). We figured some gook had it and hid it there while he went to town, but he never came back. We gathered up all of it but the M-72 (we didn't want to move it). Then we went and set up for the night. Trip.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Left Travis at 0145. Arrived Honolulu International Airport 0630. 30 minute layover. Beautiful decor on palm trees. Weather pleasant but not hot. Left 0715, arrived Clark AB Philippines at 1745. Was hot and muggy. Actually the day was short because of the International Dateline. Sometime between Honolulu and Philippines we crossed it. Flew Braniff. Stewardesses
were bad.

December 11, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(248) Today we got up early and we had to get ready to go. We had to blow up the M-72 so we put a couple of claymores on it and went up to the pick up point while Johnson blew it. We drank cokes and messed around for a while and then trucks came and we went in. We laid around and bullshitted all day. Daniels and them had girls all night with them. They all got some women that night. Again about 5:00 o'clock we went out in the trucks and of course the girls were there. Again Six came with us so we couldn't get any girls. Later on about 7:00 we booted them home and we went and found our night location and set up and slept pretty good. Is that enough ANES?

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Arrived Philippines. Stayed 1 1/2 hours. Left for Bien Hoa (a 2 hour flight). Arrived Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1400. Took buses to Long Binh. Ride through town was really sad. Worse than any slums I've ever seen. Really feel sorry for the people. Got my money exchanged for military certificates. Coins for paper money. Not allowed American money. Vietnamese work in mess hall. Choppers continually flying over guarding the post. Received some field gear. Gets dark about 1900. Shower with cold water. Listened to radio AFRV (Armed Forces Radio Vietnam) Saigon, pop music.

December 12, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(247) We got up and moved out on the road. The coke girls were there waiting. After about 2 hours the trucks came and away we went. This time the broads went to Tom's place. Boy, they had seven girls. Plus two of them got in a fight. I guess it was a pretty good one. Six said we could have our turn and we would be alone. Later on that day that damn old man Five said he was coming with us. I got in an argument with him but it just makes me mad. He came out with us and we couldn't take any all night. But before they left we all took a turn. I also got drunk and was so damn mad. Oh, well, I got a letter off to the family.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose at 0530. Ate chow with Stan and Jim. Hope we get assigned to same unit. At 0630 formation my name was not called out for assignment. No names familiar called out at 1230 formation. Fairly cool day, probably around 85 degrees, humidity is constantly between 85-95%. At evening formation Jim and Stan called out to go to Pleiku. Said good-bye over a beer. Good luck in the 4th Division.

December 13, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(246) We got up and again the coke girls were waiting, so we moved out there. Except we couldn't buy anything cause we were all broke. One of the girls souvenired me a beer and that was awful nice of her. I like her, as she is a real nice girl. Then we came in and we have been sitting around ever since. About 5:00 here we go again, back out to the same place, and again that damn Five is coming along so we won't have any fun. He gives me a case of the ass. About dark we moved into our night location and went to sleep. Oh yeah, boy I'm getting good, another one.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- In process. Rose to eat at 0525. My name was called out for assignment to 1st Air Cavalry Division. I hope it’s a good unit. Processed most of day. Met some fellas from Benning. B52's and F104 fighters constantly taking off from air base nearby. Yesterday they were hit here by rocket fire. I'll be here 6 nights then to the field. Played hearts tonight. Is there really a war going on? All laughs so far, yea.

December 14, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(245) We got up and moved out to the road early. We ate chow there and bullshitted with the coke girls. Pretty quick here comes the trucks. We just messed around all day and about 5:30 we went out again. This time it was great because we got paid today and also we were going to be alone. As soon as we got there I picked mine and we ordered some more. A couple of the coke girls and the town pimp took off for town. We also ordered a case of beer but they brought us 36 bottles instead. After the girls came we headed for our night location. We set up and made our beds, and it didn't take long to get to work. Mine was a very young girl and very pretty too. Boy could she do me a number, I never slept all night. We would do it and then talk and then do it all night. Got one off to Laird too. Yeah, three in a row, how you going to act.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- White House (Finance office). 1st rain tonight. And on the 7th day he rested, bull shit. Processed most of day. got paid. Got $80 travel and rations and $200 partial pay and $218 back pay. I told them I wanted $50 a month in the field, made out an allotment to the 10% deal for $200 a month, and the rest (approx $65) goes in lay-a-way for R&R. Finally made myself change clothes. Hot again. Good chow. Going to bed early. Listening to Saigon Sarah (radio D.J.). Colorado 47 - Alabama 33.

December 15, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(244) Today the darkness was shattered by 25 incoming rockets. Some of them hit about 500 meters away. I don't think anyone got hurt. We got up and went out on the road and the girls left. We sat around and drank soda and beer until the trucks came. Souvenired me a scarf. I really like her because she is so nice. After a bit, we took off on the trucks and we have sat around ever since. Mother's going to die of excitement if I don't slow down on the pen. We went back out again, but Six came with us, so we couldn't have the girls. Linda came out and wanted to sleep with me, but no dice. She wouldn't go with anyone else, either. About 9:00 we heard about 20 mortar rounds go off not too far from us. But nothing came of it.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Extra for Sun- got assigned to the 2nd Bn 8th Cavalry. Hoping for mortars. Up at 0500, not really hungry but ate anyway. No details so I sit around bored to death (I'll rephrase that and just say bored stiff) all day. Met nice 11C40 (indirect fire mortars) Neilsen. Watch movie "Divorce American Style" with Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds. Had a guy carrying M16 remind fellas there's a war going on. Come to think of it, I hadn't really noticed. Too tired to shower and shave after movie so I went to bed. Tomorrow we're on the firing range.

December 16, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(243) Today again we got up early and moved to the road. We had a few beers while the trucks were coming. It was a bit different today. Instead of going to the company area, we went straight to the airport and loaded on the plane for Song Be. It only took about 10 minutes to get there. We stayed about an hour and away we went on a shithook. We landed at LZ Harry and stayed for two hours and again we were on the move. But this time by foot. We went about 900 meters through some of the worst terrain I have ever seen. Then we stopped for the night. About 4:00 we heard three gooks coming toward us but they stopped. We called in artillery on them, but we never got them.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose 0445 to shower and shave. Ate small breakfast. Trained at range in morning. Classes on SAEWA, COMMO, SUPPORT WEAPONS. Saw a live show, called themselves Darlings Seven. Korean girls band. Did a magic act. One tried to turn us on with a strip act (not all the way). I wasn't too impressed. Played good music. Three were very cute. Played "We Got To Get Out Of This Place". Saw movie afterwards. "The Ugly One" (cowboy). Another day passes, don't count.

December 17, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(242) We got up at 6:00 and were ready to move within an hour. We moved across a swamp, and on the other wide we found a bunker complex. It was a real good one, and if the gooks had been there, they would have done us a job. It looked as if some GI's had run them out. We were sure glad of that. We have been pushing all day, and we just crawled out of a swamp, climbed a hill, and are waiting for dark so we can move into our night location. I managed to write a letter to the family today. We moved in and again we had the bush. We are doing everything lately. I had to pull 2 1/2 hours of guard. I had the first guard and everyone crashed at 7:00. COOL MAN!

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose at 0500 to shower and shave. Had classes on "Sappers". History of Cav and they tell me I'm going to Phouc Vinh. Saw Ron Ely "Tarzan", sure was a big joker, he rappelled off tower and out of helicopter. A little funny is when the Vietnamese women say "soda" (in a monotone). Classes on weapons, medevac. Movie was "2001: A Space Odyssey". I watched most of it, got tired and went to bed. Watched a little of replay of Minn. - L.A. football.

December 18, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(241) We got up at 6:30 and pushed at 7:30. My pack is much lighter today, as I got rid of a lot of junk. Surprise, Cat had to point today. What a relief. We pushed 800 meters and we are waiting for the birds. We have to CA today. Well, just like most things, this one was called off, too. You plan on something, and it doesn't come through. About 5:30 we moved to our night location and set up. I managed to write a letter to the family and one to Roy, Michelle, and Gaylynne. I was glad I could get it off to them before Christmas. I slept real well last night. Good Night!

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Shipping out to Song Be. Supposedly, that's where all the action is now. I have all the luck. In airport, little Vietnamese girls (10 years old?) go around an slap polish on G.I.'s boots, and they don't ask, and then charge anywhere from 25 cents to $1.00. They do a shitty job, too. Stayed in airport shelter for 7 hours and was told no more flights to Song Be. So back to F.T.A. Will try again tomorrow. Saw movie "For Love Of Ivy" with Sidney Poitier. Took shower and sacked out.

December 19, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)- (240) We got up at 6:00, but I was up by 5:30. We pushed about 200 meters and set up so we could get logged. Now we are in the process of doing it. Sure hope I get some mail. The log birds came, and I did get some mail, one letter from Mom, one from Randy Passsey, a card from Roger Truner and one from Don Perkins. We sat all day and got our log about 5:00. We pushed out and left a stay-behind ambush. I sure thought we would get something, but it was a dry run. We only pushed about 200 meters and set up.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Didn't get up until 0530. Slept beautifully. this time Song Be replacements left for airport first. Got to airport 0700. Waiting. Left at 0930. Words of confidence from pilot, "Start, you damn bitch!" (the right engine). 30 minute flight. Song Be (LZ Buttons) just red clay and dust. Helicopters constantly in and out. May be a ground pounder yet. Have to wear flak jackets and steel pots after 1700. Little kids get 35 cents per day to fill sand bags. I think I finally found the war they all talk about back home. 175 mm howitzers going off 150 meters away. Ate fried (dried) fish and rice.

December 20, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) -(239) We got up and pushed back where we got logged. The back log bird came in and got our stuff and we set up to CA. Here we go again, except this time we made it and they landed in a big open field. We learned later that it wasn't just an open field, it was a gook garden. They had corn, beets, wheat, cucumbers, and sugar cane growing in it. We stayed there all day and later on a gook shot at us. We all hit the ground, but it was all over. We shot the duper back and had a cobra workout for a while, then we went on a patrol. We found where he had done his shooting but couldn't find him. We pushed back, saddled up, we pushed about 200 meters and set up. Cat set off a trip flare. Boy, was Skipper pissed.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Would you believe rose at 0715. Here in the rear area they sure sleep in. Spent all morning filling sandbags. Had to put my shirt back on, too much sun. Dust is so thick it's everywhere, in food, clothes, etc. Still not sure of a company. Pulled guard on green line up till midnight. They were firing 105, 155, 175, 81mm and 8 inchers all night. Slept until 0645. Used starlight scope on guard. Guy with me told a lot of war stories. Probably bragging a little. Chow is decent, so far. Soon I hope to get to F.S.B. Mary. Time going to slow here.

December 21, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(238) We got up and had to push, as we were pointing. We pushed for about a klick and found a big blue. We stopped and ate and then I had to find a place to cross. We crossed, and a man in Skull tore the ligaments in his leg. They had to medevac him. After we started pushing again, I walked upon two fighting positions. It scared the hell out of me. We checked out the whole area and found a good place to bush. So we pushed up there and set up for it. About 9:00 we had movement and were ready to blow them away. My squad leader, Johnson, coughed, and away went the gook. About an hour later we had movement again, but on the other side. Again, the same guy coughed and the gooks went away. Boy, were we pissed. It was so damn cold we damn near froze. It was so cold we couldn't even sleep.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Went to mass at 0830. Good feeling inside of me. No water, so no shower. Too much sun yesterday, so I'll leave my shirt on today. We take little malaria pills everyday (supposedly) and big ones every Monday (that way you know when it's Monday). Mailed Christmas cards today. Worked with little Montagnard kids filling sandbags. No sign yet as to a company assigned. Finally took a shower (after 3 days). Put on clean clothes, feels good. Filled sandbags again all day. Blasting cap went off in tent, luckily no one was hurt.

December 22, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(237) We got up and went on a patrol and found a bunker complex. It was a real good one, about 10 bunkers. Then we came back to where the company was, and we are getting logged now. We only got two meals per person. They will bring the rest tomorrow. We sat around until about 5:30, then pushed out back to where we were the night before. We set up in the same place, which is very flaky. Not much happened, it was quiet all night. It clouded up, so it wasn't quite so cold.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Diary, you'll start being my closest friend when I get in the field, until there, I'll just write in you. Up at 0715, shaved and ate. We have a 0800 formation every day. Today is Mom and Dad's anniversary, happy anniversary, 35 years(?). Had a detail of 4 Vietnamese girls, cute but shy. Funny, but one reminded me of Paula Briggs. We filled sandbags. Got our 1st "in-coming" at 1730. I had just finished chow. NO one was hurt. Only one round came, but they say it's a warning for tonight. Good night, see you tomorrow.

December 23, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(236) We got up a little later today and just loafed for a while. Then we went over to the bunker complex and started putting CS canisters in them. After that we moved back to the log site and waited for the rest of our log. We stayed there that night and bushed the place. It was a quiet night. Lucky went in and left me in charge of the squad. I put Jay as point team leader.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- 56 incoming, 11 hit ammo dump, 1 Blue Max. Woke last night at 2330 for "in-coming". Stayed in bunker. Was wakened at 0630 by a siren, "in-coming" again. It was really bad. We all took ammo and manned the green line. No ground action but one "Blue Max" destroyed by direct hit from 175 and a "slick" was damaged. One artillery man killed and two injured (this is a hell of a war, seems senseless). filled magazines all afternoon. Should get a company today. Expecting a lot tonight. Shrapnel all over company area. Part of tent blown down by concussion of "Blue Max" explosion.

December 24, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(235) We got up and pulled in our night work. Just before we moved we heard someone walking down by the blue. We went down there to check it out, and it was Skipper and his bunch. We moved about a klick and found a bunker complex. We checked it out and found 37 bunkers and 7 classrooms. It was a training center for the VC. They had a sniper school, a sapper school, and a bunch of others. We pushed a short way and set up. The cease-fire is in effect at 6:00. We won't move until the day after Christmas.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Christmas Eve. God's angels said, "Peace on Earth, good will toward men". Oh, please let this come true. Last night we were hit again. At least 4 killed and 15 wounded. I was on Q.R.F. and had to fall out twice. Today was a lighter day than usual. I went with driver to take trash out to dump. These Vietnamese children wait for trucks at dump entrance and try to jump on. From all those loads of trash these people live. They'll eat any scraps they find. This is the worst I've seen since being in this Godforsaken country. Also went to water point. There they try to sell soda for 50 cents. I thought an awful lot today about people at home. Mom and Dad, of course, a lot about Donna and Brenda. Somehow, I know neither will by there when I come back to the World. I told myself Donna is the first person I ever came close to loving since Linda. Oh, God, please let her be there. Tonight the truce is on but only time will tell. Merry Christmas Eve.

December 25, 1969 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)- (234) Here it is- Christmas Day in Vietnam! Boy, what a joke. We slept in late, and that was about the extent of our happy Christmas. We took a patrol out to look for a good place to move to. We found one close by, but when we got back, they wanted us to move 700 meters. We had to CA on Christmas. What a bummer. We cut an LZ on the side of a hill and later on that afternoon we CA'ed. We went back to where we had been a few days before. We got hot chow and sugar reports. I got a lot of mail, and it was real nice. I got one from just about the whole family. We set up right where we were. I got a new cherry for the squad. What a CHRISTMAS!

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Merry Christmas from Vietnam. Started the day off right by going to mass. If Christ left his beautiful home in Heaven to come to Earth surely I can leave home for 1 year to come to Vietnam. Last night I had Christmas Eve dinner in the hootch, LRRP ration (beef hash), apple sauce and kool aid. Piper Cub flew around the LZ with a loudspeaker playing Christmas songs (approx 2100). Shot off green and red star clusters all night. This morning we dug a hole 4x4x3 to put our shower into. Had just a fabulous Christmas dinner. I'm sending the menu home, so check it out (stuffed myself). Had a wonderful live show this afternoon. A band with 5 guys and 2 girls (all Orientals). One girl looked about 12 years old but could she ever sing. The whole show was topped off by the famous song of the Animals "We Got To Get Out Of This Place". The troops went wild. I sure enjoyed it and I forgot all about the war. Oh, by the way, Charlie kept his promise and didn't fire on us last night, surprise! Supper was cold cuts. Still I sit and wait for an assignment. Been in country 15 days now. At 1800, 105's, 155's, 175's and 8 inchers all were firing to let Charlie know "our" truce is over. WOW!

December 26, 1969 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(233) Today we awoke about 7:00 and got ready to move, but first we had to get logged. We sat around and got our log, then we put it away. Lucky came out on the bird, Archie and Smith went in. They had the clap from Phouc Vinh. A lot of guys got it. So far, I am lucky. In a way I was glad to see Lucky come out, but I didn't mind being squad leader. We CA'ed about 800 meters from where we were the other day. They had thrown an air strike, B-52 type, in that area. We got there and moved about 400 meters and set up for the night. It rained all night, and I hate rain. We all got soaked. BUBBLE, BUBBLE.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- The day after Christmas. All the glamour and joy of yesterday is gone. It was quite an uneventful day. In the morning we filled sandbags and straightened (policed) all around the company area. We stacked sandbags and little odd jobs (arms room) all afternoon. We didn't have any "in-coming" the last two nights, what's wrong with ole Charlie? Maybe he's up and gone home (fat chance). I wrote a thank you note for my Christmas packet. Also received my FIRST LETTER IN VIETNAM. It was from Lois Hiller, mailed 6 November and forwarded to me here after trying to find me for 7 weeks. Not much else to say. Rumor has it I'm going to "C" company. Rumor also has it we're being pulled back to Bien Hoa within the month. Would that ever be super! Well good night.

December 27, 1969 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(232) We got up, sat around, and almost froze before the sun came out. We didn't move until 1:00, then went only 100 meters and found a trotter. It was almost paved, as they had laid bamboo down. Bill said the gooks use it to ride their bikes on. We followed it for a way and then went back. Then we took a patrol up the other end of it. We found a bunch of trotters, but only two fighting positions. At the other end we found a bunker complex and fighting positions, but it was getting dark so we moved to our old night location and set up. We will check it out tomorrow. Rocky and I made a hootch so we wouldn't get wet.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Another very uneventful day. We spent most of the time perma priming the Company area. We mixed 1/2 barrel diesel fuel with 1/2 barrel of tar and spread it around to soak in and stop some of our dust from flying. It was a dirty, sweaty job. Got up at 0715 (earliest in a long time). Got another shower tonight, which is very unusual to take two showers in two days. I'm getting the itch to go to the field. I'm tired of sitting around listening to how hard all these "short" guys had it. I'm tired of being called a Shake-n-Bake. Let me out so I can prove myself. They say the first shot and you're a veteran. I get the feeling it's my turn to hump the boonies so lets go. I'm ready and willing. This "Cherry" shit is getting me down. Maybe soon I'll get assigned, mortars or not I want to go out. Wish me luck. Good Night.

December 28, 1969 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(231) We got up and moved back to the complex, with Range II pointing. So, they had to patrol. I went along to help them, and we found 24 bunkers and two mess halls. There was a bunch of urns, and they would sure be nice to take home. We messed around all day and then moved back across the river. There we set up and settled down for the night. We had a sermon of our own. Rocky and I got together over the Bible, and it was really nice.

BILL HAHN (Dairy)- No "in-coming" last night. It was a good day. I got picked to go to the Bob Hope Show at Long Binh. I forgot it was Sunday, missed mass, so I'll say a rosary tonight. We left on a C-130, 110 of us fitting (stuffed like) on the floor of the plane. We arrived and waited 4 hours sitting in the amphitheater for the show, was it ever hot. Show started 1350. It was really good and except for a little sunburn this day was great. Saw a lot of scenery to and from the airport at Bien Hoa. A lot of the city itself and some herds of water buffalo. In the show was Bob Hope (of course), who was funny as ever, Theresa Graves from "Laugh-In", Suzanne Charny from "Sweet Charity", The Gold Diggers from the "Dean Martin Show" (13 beautiful girls), Connie Stevens (she sang "Bill"), a juggling act, Les Brown's orchestra and Neil Armstrong. I mean to say people went wild over him. He got a bigger applause than the celebrities. He really impressed me. It was all good. When I got back they tell me I'm going to "D" Company tomorrow. See ya later.

December 29, 1969 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(230) It's Roy's birthday and I can't send him anything. Damn, I wish I could send something to the whole family, but I'm afraid there won't be any chance until R&R. I guess they understand. We moved back to the bunker complex and got ready to take log. Like always, it took all day to do it, and we loafed all the way. We got two new guys, and one came to my point team. I'm sure glad to see that, as we need them. He looks like he will be real good. His name is Jerry, and he's from Indiana. Here we are again, back in the old night place. I sure want to get out of here. TOO LONG IN ONE PLACE.

BILL HAHN (Dairy)- This is my day. Today I got assigned to Delta Company. Everyone seemed nice and helpful. I met the battalion commander, LTC Conway. He personally welcomed me to the Battalion. My CO is Capt. Ambrose. Will give my impression of him after we meet. They logged today but due to lack of equipment (13 cherries came in yesterday) I'll have to wait till next log (3 days) to go to the field. That'll be January 1, a good way to start out the new year. The Chaplain handed out letters from high schoolers back in the States. Mine was from Naome. I'll surely try to write her. Got a letter off to Mom and Toni and John. Didn't do much all day but sit around. It got pretty warm again today. Please let me get a letter soon. I'd like to know the world is still there. They tell me the Vikings beat the Rams and Browns beat Dallas. Rams were my team, but now it's got to be Vikings all the way to Super Bowl. Notre Dame better by preparing good for Texas. Have to sleep on wooden floor tonight. Oh, my aching back. Good night.

December 30, 1969 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(229) Like I wanted, we moved today. I surely don't like being too long in one place. We got up and ate, then Range II had to go CS those bunkers. Because I went with them the other day, I had to go again today. We got the CS canisters and commenced to doing our thing. It took about 10 minutes because once you pop one of those things, it is best to get out of there fast. We moved about 700 meters and stopped. We messed around and played cards all day. At 5:00 we moved 50 meters and set up. It was really dark, but I had first guard and got it over quick.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Pretty normal day. Had a detail to fill the tar truck. Went pretty good. We worked about 3 hours the whole day. I got some good sun and wrote 3 letters (including Tate and Jenkins). Tonight our company had the job of tearing up a cement foundation across the street. Killed about 3 rats out of the deal. Some stupid Major got it in his head that the work day is from 0700 to 1900. I went down to take a shower at 1845 and they said no. Was I ever pissed. Everyone's running around hunting their weapons and ammunition, tonight we are suppose to get hit heavy and maybe even a ground attack. I guess they figure this is Charlie's last chance before "his" 3 day truce which starts tomorrow. Our 1 day truce starts tomorrow at 1800. I think I'll join the crowd and find myself a weapon. Good night and best of luck to me.

December 31, 1969 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(228) We got up early, ate and got ready to move. At 8:00 we left and pushed 1800. I knew our luck would change. It took us until noon, and we stopped to get some water. While we were getting it, Jay found a bundle and a good shitter. We got to looking around and found another bunker complex, with 15 bunkers and a few hootches. We pushed until 2:00 and found a blue, so there we stopped and set up. We messed around till dark, then got some movement, but they never came close enough to blow away. Shit!

BILL HAHN (Diary)- HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE. It was a slow day. I spent most of the day getting my pack ready. Are you ready for this: 11 quarts of water, C's for 6 meals, LRRP's for 3 meals, 2 smokes, 3 frags, gas mask, poncho and poncho liner, a claymore, 2 trip flares, heating tablets, change of socks and tee shirt and an M60 ammo box filled with shaving gear, toothpaste and personal items. Then I also carry 4 bandolieroes of magazines (28 magazines, 18 rounds in each). I'll tell you later how hard it is to hump. Took a good shower and got clean clothes. Tomorrow I go out to the field. It's been awfully hot, but nights are cool. Hope the year of 1970 goes well for me. It's the year of the great awakening (that is when I get home). Last year the time I was with Donna, those were great days. Hope there's more ahead. Auld Lang Syne.


My first 20 days in Nam were okay as far as that goes. Miss home and naturally Donna. Maybe soon I'll forget her.


January 1, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(227) We got up at 8:00 and had to push about 600 or 700 meters, so we could link up with Skipper. We got there about 11:00, and after setting up, we played cards and got our log. I got two letters, two Christmas cards, and two papers. Boy, it was good to hear from home. We stayed there and are setting up a stay-behind ambush. My point team and I are set up with Six, and now we are waiting for guard. Everything went all right, and all was quiet. They put Buzz in for Five today, and I sure hope he gets it. He deserves it.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- First page- SSG Wm. J. Hahn

- Vietnam -
War is hell, but combat's a bitch!

My dearest diary. This afternoon I had a very small taste of what I'll be facing for the next year and believe me it was none too good. I arrived at my company around 1245. I sat at the log pad for 4 hours before I caught a bird. The C.O. seems okay from the little I talked to him. Now I'm assigned to 1st platoon (Skull) for 8 days of sort of O.J.T. Then will go to 3rd platoon (Cat) for 8 days then probably stay with 2nd platoon (Range). We only humped 5 to 600 meters but it was through the thickest shit I've seen. It's mostly bamboo and that stuff grows all which ways. It's going to take getting used to. My shirt was soaked with sweat. We went through an old bunker complex. We set up near a trotter.

January 2, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(226) We got up and something hew has come up. We have to CA. First, we have to go about three klicks to a road, then they said to cut an LZ where we were. We cut all day long, and it was real hard to do because it was so hot. By 6:00 we had it done and ready to go. We had cut one big enough for six birds. We had to push about 200 meters to our night location, then we started to set up. A bird came in at the LZ as we were leaving, and guess what was on it--sodas! Again guard was quiet and everyone slept pretty well, except it rained most of the night.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose around 0700. Pulled out 0800 to same position we got logged at. Proceeded to make a 6 bird PZ out of the 1 bird logging zone. Its bamboo, vines, stickers, trees, etc. By 1700 we had the place big enough for 4. We'll finish work tomorrow morning then Charlie Alpha out. We went down to the blue (a stream) and filled canteens. Some took a bath but it looked to good for an ambush so I left. Blue was 100 meters from PZ. Chopper brought in beaucoup C-4 and cold cokes and beer (I had coke). We had to wait for Mountain 6 to get details of our CA. Waited until 1830 and finally left. Gets dark around 1900. We humped 200 meters from PZ so we wouldn't get mortared. Humped in partial darkness. Started to rain and did so for 1 1/2 hours. A little wet feet and cold during night.

January 3, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(225) We got up at 7:00 and an hour later had eaten and were ready to go back to the LZ. We moved back and set up a perimeter around the LZ. At about 10:30 we got our birds and away we went, off to a new and exciting place. We had tamed this place and were on the move again. When we got there, we set up and got some chow in our guts. Then at noon, we started to push. We had to go through some eight foot high elephant grass. We moved about 500 meters, and then we had to take the patrol out to find a fork in the river. We found it and were about 100 meters from it, so we went back to where the rest of the guys were and moved over there. At 7:00 we heard a gook, so we blew 5 claymores, but when we went out there, we couldn't find them. Tough.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose before dawn. Not too wet. Humped back to PZ. Ended up just using a 3 bird pad. Started the Charlie Alpha around 1130. Skipper put me on 1st bird so I'd get a good taste of what's happening. That means I land first in the LZ. I hope it's not a hot one. We flew around letting them "prep" the LZ. We had cobras flying shotgun for us. It really looked cool. Came in and hopped off bird into elephant grass, fell on my ass. Lost my bedroll in the jump but found it later. It was exciting and I dug it (very glad it was a cold LZ). Moved 800 meters through a heavy rain, small swamp and a little blue. Climbed a muddy hill and set up on it. Didn't sleep well because we were on a slope. Helped set up an automatic ambush before dark. We crossed a week old trotter on way to N.D.P. Will sleep wet for 2nd night in a row. Tomorrow we should get logged.

January 4, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(224) We got up and the bad news came over the horn. We didn't have a field around us that we could get logged in, so we have to go look for one, and now we are on the move. We may have to get a kick-out. I managed to write a letter yesterday and one today. We found a place where there was some small bamboo, so we commenced to cut an LZ. We got it cut and took log. While we were getting logged, Cat had a gook shoot a few clips of AK rounds at them. They thought they might have got one by arty. We only moved about 50 feet and set up. It was a quiet night.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Rose at 0700. Had to fold two ponchos and liners because I lost mine on CA yesterday, borrowed someone's who was going in and then found mine. We had a 3 man hootch last night, Skull 6, 5 and myself. Moved out 0815. Moved about 800 meters but could not find the open field we were looking for to get resupply. So we humped back 600 meters and cut an LZ. Worked our ass off for 2 hours to clear a sit-down LZ and Mountain 6 says we were to have a kick-out. So at 1730 we got the bird to within a foot of the ground. By the time the log was finished it was dark and the C's hadn't even been handed out. So I humped a case of C's through the bush after dark. What a bitch. Set up about 150 meters from LZ. Didn't sleep to well. It rained for the 3rd day in a row. Are you sure this is the hot dry season? At log I got a letter from Wilk (in-country).

January 5, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(223) Got up at 7:00 and at 8:30 started to push. We had to go 700 meters, but as we went we had to run patrols, so we ended up with about 1800 meters. On our first patrol, we found a napalm bomb that hadn't gone off. On the second one we found a blue. We were walking along on the third, and I heard something. So, I told them to sit down and just listen- like we do hunting- and, sure enough, we heard a gook running off, so we had arty dump in about 20 rounds. After, we went on patrol of the bombed area, and we found the tracks of two gooks. BUT NO BLOOD!

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Arrived Vietnam.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Up at 0700. Found out we'll only have to move 200 meters today so we'll stay here and let everything dry out until this afternoon, also we'll get the rations handed out. Doc checked everyone's feet (I'm okay, but someone had a bad case of jungle rot). Planes flying over with loud speakers calling for chieu hoi. Yesterday Cat had a little contact and we got to see and hear the Blue Max work out. No one was hurt. They're only about a klick from us. Now I have time to clean my weapon. Went out on patrol to find place to set up. Moved out at 1730 and set up 250 meters away. Had a lousy night (as usually). Tossed and turned. It was sort of cool. NO RAIN. I just thought I'd add that. Every night you have artillery rounds whistling through the air over head. You always fire Delta Tangoes (designated targets) when you set in.

January 6, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(222) Started pushing right away, as we had about a klick and a half to cover. We pushed hard all morning and about noon stopped to chow down. We found a real fresh trotter to set up on while we ate. We'd been there about 15 minutes when Nut opened up on a gook. He got him, and the gun jammed. While they were fixing it, the gook got up, so Bishop shot him down again. We pushed up there, and again the damn guy moved, so Webb opened up with a 16 and blew his head open. That slowed him down, believe me. We pushed just a little way, and then set up for the night. It was pretty quiet all night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Left at 0800. Humped 800 meters and stopped for chow. Played trump game. I lost about $15. I never was a good poker player. About 1200 Range 2 6 called in that he had contact. We heard the 60 machine gun firing. No return fire but they got the gook (dead as hell). They will booby trap the body and set up an automatic ambush. Cat also had contact (maybe that was yesterday). Now I suppose its our turn. By the way the gook was carrying a duffle bag with clothes and a sack of pot. Break. We're setting in for the night on "?" opposite our tomorrow’s objective. We see fields fenced in with hogs and a crop growing. Skull 5 saw 2 gooks in black PJ. We called in artillery. Tomorrow should be fun.

January 7, 1970 Wednesday

Henry Tony Rava City: Mt. Angel, OR
PFC Army Born: 30Aug49 Date of death: 18 Feb 1970
Vietnam Veteran Memorial Panel No. 13W Line No. 31

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(221) Again we were up at the crack of dawn, decided not to eat until after we had moved. First, Six wanted to run a patrol to the north to see what was there. I didn't want to go, as I felt there was something out there, but we went anyway. We pushed 30 meters and I saw something move, so I got down and the rest did the same. I saw a gook moving ahead of us, so I opened up on him. I don't know if I got him, but then all hell broke loose. They kept a base of fire going while the rest moved up on line. Jay and ??? moved up alongside of me and we pushed up just a little way. Six got up there and he started to call in artillery. He got it in real close, then we heard him say, "25 mark", and we got a lot of secondaries. Then we heard him say, "25 more", and I knew it was too close. I heard the rounds leave the gun and commenced to bury myself. The rounds came closer and closer and then blackout for an instant. Then I heard it- the most horrible sound there is. the sound of your buddy's scream. I looked to my right, both Jay and Rava were hit, plus Redmond. I went over there, Jay's foot was ripped to hell and Rava's ass and legs were riddled. They both were hit, Redmond had a small piece in his ass. I heard another cry, Bishop had the side of his head cut to hell, his assistant had been hit in the hand. We got to looking around, both Louie and Pop were hit, too. It took us about an hour to get them out, but it seemed like a day or two. Then we had to push, carrying all the other guy's stuff. I had two packs. We set up, it was quiet all night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- I pulled guard last night until 2330. The wind blew and that damned bamboo cracks so much I was jumpy the whole time. Had to get up at 0615. We were supposed to get an artillery barrage on "Suicide Hill" (that's what the men have started calling it) at 0700 but Cat and Range got in to some shit so we're holding fast. Cat had movement and supposed the enemy were coming around the hill our way. Range had contact, 7 men wounded (6 by our own Red Leg and 1 by AK). All were medevaced but one. Now they are conducting air strikes on Suicide Hill about 600-800 meters away. The jets are all around. Earlier we had gunships spraying the area. There's definitely something up there. Chopper flying over hill now with chieu hoi pamphlets falling out and loud speaker talking and playing some weird f--king noises (a trumpet). Pulled back 200 meters to get logged by kick out. Took ground to air fire (directed to bird). Did I ever (continued on next day in diary)

January 8, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(220) We got up early and the news came that we had two klicks to hump. It pissed us off because we had the other packs and weapons, and we had to be there by 10:00. We pushed and pushed and it killed our ass, but finally we made it there and about two minutes later here come the birds. We got on and they took us to an open hillside and let us out. Then we found out we had to build an LZ. It was named Colby, and what a mess. The wood line is right on top of us and it isn't even cleared. It isn't a permanent LZ. We will stay here for a few days, then move to another. But someone else will take our place and back out to the boonies for us.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- (continued from January 7) hit it (scared to death). Bird came back after air strides and artillery on hill and cobra escort. Got back out and started up hill (through open field initially). It was tense cause we knew he was up there. Hogs at base of hill. Half way up we found 3 hootches with about 1/2 ton of rice altogether plus miscellaneous things. We burned it and continued. We got on top at dark and it started raining. Bad night. In morning we went around ridge and not directly across center of top (thank goodness, I know he was there).
(Page in diary divided by line at this point)

Humped around ridge and downhill through swamps and up another hill. Humped 2 klicks to position of temporary LZ. 105 MM and 81 MM firing in support. We dug a foxhole and had first hot meal in over a week. Had to shave. Pulled 2 hours guard.

January 9, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(219) We got a place cleared to sleep and a hole big enough for all of us. We also got our night work out. We have about 15 claymores and 6 or 7 trips out there. We did all this yesterday, today we built a bunker. All day we had to furnish detail men. But we got it built and were told by the company commander and Mount 6 that it was the best on the LZ. It was good to hear. We got one soda today, that was all. We heard that Jay may not lose his foot. I pray to God that he doesn't.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

DANNY BRIDGES- Left for Vietnam.

BILL DICKEY- Left for Vietnam.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Got up for 100% alert at 0645. Hot breakfast. Worked on enlarging bunkers and putting overhead cover on them. Beaucoup explosions from engineers clearing. Hot supper. Set out claymores and trips. Worked pretty hard. Met Top. Seems all right. Tomorrow I go to Cat for 8 days. That's about all. Oh yes, I got my first first letter today, 1 from Aunt Philorah and 1 from Terry and 2 from Mom, was oh so glad! (very happy). Sorry this is messy but its dark.

January 10, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(218) We got up and had to run a patrol out and make one of the clover leafs of the bunch. It took about one hour, it was easy. We couldn't find any signs of gooks. We messed around and really didn't do much all day. Got our bunker topped off and built a lean-to to get out of the sun. Not much except I did get a package and letter from Mom. It was good, for I needed the film and the jerky was really good. Of all the stuff Mom has sent, I like it best. But I can't wait until she sends the chow mein. It was quiet and dark as hell all night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Got changed to Cat. People seem nice. Building a temporary LZ is a bitch, I'd rather be beating the brush. Today we build supplementary positions and put 2nd layer of sandbags on bunkers. Cat 1 is on a PAPA (patrol) and found an unharvested corn field and hootches. We may have corn on the cob tonight. Wrote 4 letters and sat around with a bitch of a headache all day. I'll be glad when we get off this bitch. I cleaned my weapon, they're supposed to come around and check tonight. Lousy boring day.

January 11, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(217) We got up and again ran a patrol about the same way. We did have something to do today, as we had to run a three klick patrol out around the area. We got back and not much happened. We just messed around the rest of the day. Mail came, and I didn't get any. We were sitting around and it was getting close to dark when we heard the sound of a weapon go off, a pause, then another, then beaucoup rounds came out. We got ready and moved down there and I pointed. R.W. had been hit, and we pushed around him and got on line and assaulted forward. Then it got dark and we had to come in. It was quiet all night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Guard duty.

DANNY BRIDGES- Arrived Vietnam.

BILL DICKEY- Arrived Vietnam.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Felt pretty good after headache yesterday. Had a pretty good day. A few details. Two more good hot meals. Good 4 letters and Mom's package, one from Aunt Louise, one from Jeanie, 1 from Steve Brooks and one form Suzi Olive. Felt good to hear from everyone. Jeanie sent a picture. About 1830 a light patrol outside of Range's perimeter got hit. Fire was heavy for a while. One GI wounded in leg. No report of gooks. Should be a nice night for guard. Later on Range shot 3 duper rounds into bamboo but were off before penetration. They also fired a Charlie Mike. Rest of the time it was quiet. Oh yes, Top made everyone get a haircut. My hair sure is getting blonde.

January 12, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(216) We had to run another patrol out around the LZ and it took about an hour and a half. When we got back in, we got the read back. R.W. had been hit with a .30 caliber and it had fractured his leg. So I guess that is the last we will see of him over here. He went back to the World. We had to run another patrol but this one was 5 klicks long, and what a bitch. On our way we found some real good trotters and when we turned to come in, we found some bunkers. Well, really there was only one but there were about ten hootches, or grass huts. We set them on fire and away we went. We just messed around all day and night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- In Bien Hoa.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- A little about Cat 6 (Greg E. Beasley). He was a tremendous track runner, in high school he ran 880 in 1:52:7, in college 1:51:3. He told me a lot of exciting races he had. He's also a great skier and was in the Olympic trial in 1968. Seems like a real nice guy. Now let me tell you about the "F--k You" lizard. I've heard it quite a few times but always forgot to write about it. It actually sits out there and says "F--k You, F--k You" all the time. It’s really hilarious. On patrol with Cat 6 we're on a hilltop with a beautiful view for miles. 6 make up a cock and bull story about gooks in a field so we get to see Arty work out. Do you believe it? He wanted Max but the LOH didn't see anything so wouldn't fire. Found two hootches. Didn't burn because we're going back.

January 13, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(215) We had to get up and go on a small patrol. This time we went a different way, so we wouldn't get ambushed. We just messed round all day and didn't do much. But last night, or what I mean is tonight, we had some movement on guard. Everyone was awake and we got permission to shoot a few duper rounds, but they would not go through the bamboo. Skipper wanted us to throw a willy peter (white phosphorous) grenade, but I know no one could get it there, so I told him we couldn't. So we decided to blow a claymore and that was the end of the movement. Peace.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Cherry School.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Started on another patrol but it was called back after going about 300 meters. Everyone got put on 1 hour standby for a charlie alpha to Phuoc Vinh. We got logged and had to pack everything. We played it down to a 15 minute standby but nothing ever materialized. I suppose we'll walk off this place tomorrow. I'm with Range now. Hope I can quit my moving at last. I hope I like it. Today I got 9 letters (Mom 2, Tom, John, Darlene, Vanderhyde, Naome, Dan, Jo). I only answered one. I just can't find the time or words to say. I'll try later.

January 14, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(214) We had to run a patrol but it only lasted about 10 minutes. For today we have to tear down the LZ and head out into the boonies, and I tell you, I am glad. We tore our bunker all apart and got all our gear ready to go. But we didn't leave until 1:00, so we just messed around. We finally left and along with us came Skipper and his tribe. They left six men on the LZ to watch for gooks. I wouldn't do that to anyone. It is suicide. We went back down by the hootches and set up an ambush. Six, Tracy and I set an automatic, and I think it will work well. FRESH GOOK IN THE MORNING.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Cherry school.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Spend all day preparing to move out. We had to tear up all the bunkers. I got 7 letters today. Damn I love it but how am I ever going to answer them. Now that we're going back to the bush I'll have even less time. Oh well, I'll do my best to answer them (Mom 3, Karen, Grace, Ceil, Martha, Kitchum 8) the last said she got my address from the Republican. All day shithooks came in to get the Red Leg's 6 gun (artillery piece), mortars, ammo and all the supplies and personnel (except us grunts) the dust was unbelievable. We left 6 men behind in the middle of the perimeter in a bunker. What a joke to have. We left LZ about 1330. Set up at 1530 for the night. Helped everyone get set up and put out night work. 6 put out an Alpha Alpha.

January 15, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(212) Well, we didn't get any gooks last night, and I figured out why Skull hasn't been getting any either. Because of Skipper and that damn bunch of his. They have got to be the noisiest people in Vietnam. I guess they just don't want any gooks. Or do they care for their lives? One of their men makes more noise than all ours. We sat around until almost noon, then we pushed, with about 800 meters to go. We saw a lot of wild pigs today. They scared the shit out of me, and I almost shot them with buck shot. Oh yeah, I am humping the duper now. We didn't have anyone to take it while Chuck went on R&R, so I have it. Plus they gave me a can of ammo, M-60 type, and I think they are trying to make a pack horse out of me.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Cherry school.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Moved about half the day. We went down what I thought was a steep hill, but when we started climbing the other side it was unbelievable, we were on all fours. We saw (mostly heard) a herd of pigs. We let them alone. Mosquitoes (especially) and ants are worse than I've ever seen them. It rained this morning right before we got up. I just flipped my poncho over and kept dry. I'm reading a book "The Passion of Amy Styram". It's not a dirty book and I kind of personify with Sam. Tomorrow we get logged in a gook rice field I found on patrol. Job of 5's a bitch if you do it right.
January 16, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(212) Nothing happened last night, and no one got f--ked up with my bush. Maybe tonight, huh? We pushed about 175 meters and got logged. Bill found a VC village and it had grain and pigs in it. Range 2 got to looking around and they found about a ton of wheat and 20 or so pigs. We got logged, and the chaplain came out today. I'm so damn mad at myself, as it has been a long time since I have been to church. I will make it every time from now on. After getting logged, we got ready to push and went down and set fire to the hootches and burned the rice. Then we moved over and set up a claymore and blew it on the pigs. Then we pissed on the wheat. We pushed about 500 meters before we set up. I had to set up the automatic tonight so I took Buzz out and showed him.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Cherry school.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Moved out early to the field where we'll get logged. Only had to chop a few stumps. Skipper and his CP charlie alpha'ed to Cat because as it is they're in the middle (location wise) and he hopes to get commo with everyone. It was terrible last night. After getting our log and me having to split everything up, I went to Mass. It felt good inside to say the words aloud again. Leaving the log sight we came across a hootch with some pigs. We burned the hootch (full of rice) and blew a charlie mike on the pigs. We climbed another hill but not as bad as yesterday. I didn't get any mail but thank goodness, I just can't seem to get the energy or initiative to write. Even this is hard for me. My only escape is in reading a book. It's less strenuous or maybe I'm just psychic.

January 17, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(211) Nothing happened and it was real quiet all night. The moon was out and it was bright, sure a nice night. We had to go back to the field we were logged in so we could CA. We had no idea where we were going. About noon the birds finally came and we had seven guys on our bird, which scared the hell out of me. I nearly fell out a couple times. So did Bill, and we were hanging onto him. We went to just east of Song Be. They expect a big ground attack, so we are here to stop them before they get here. I hope they don't come. We pushed about 400 meters and set up, then later we ran a patrol but it is all bombed out hereabouts and no gook in his right mind would be here. It is too hard humping. It was a quiet night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Cherry school.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Made a charlie alpha out of same field we got logged in yesterday. I rode on the skids (that means I sat on the floor with my legs hanging out flopping in the wind) its a cool (and frightening) feeling. Its like anytime you can go flying out. All the escorts (cobras) make the whole thing even more exciting. The area they prepped for us to come in on was a fire from the Wilson Picketts (White Phosphorous) they shot in. Needless to say we didn't stay long. We humped about 400-500 meters and set in for the night. I got my book read (it was beautiful except for the ending paragraph) and wrote a few letters. Not a bad day. Hope to get a good night’s sleep. Try to write more letters tomorrow before I start another book.

January 18, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(210) We started out late (2:00) and had 1000 meters to go. We made it about 700 and, like magic, we found an old log site. So we set up for the night. I had to take an AA out and set it, so I took Rocky along to show him how. We didn't get up until 8:00 and just messed around. We played cards, and I won $15. the log bird came, and to my surprise, we got a new scout and three new cherries. I got two of them for my point team. One of them is kind of soft but he might work out and the other looks okay. They made Rocky 1-0 for Range. We pushed about 500 and set up. I had to set two AA's. Peace.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Fire Support Base Buttons.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Here it is Sunday at 1030. We haven't started moving yet because Skipper is playing poker. From my vantage point I can see 3 poker games and a dice game. Oh well, I don't mind, it gives me a chance to write some letters. I've written about 10 in the last day. soon I'll get caught up. Stop the war, the C.O. wants to play poker, WOW! We finally left at 1300. Humped about 800 meters and set up. We're at the same place some other G.I.'s once got logged. Trash all around. We'll get logged here tomorrow. Oh yes, I got some puss on a cut on left hand and arm. They sat its jungle rot and very common. I wash it with water and alcohol and take pills to prevent infection. Its not bad at all. What I'm taking extra caution with is my feet. They're precious to the infantry man. Another day. One less to DEROS.

January 19, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(209) I'm on the last page of my notebook. Boy, what a mess up. Someday I will find myself. I got three letters from home on log day, and it is great to get them.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Came to field in Song Be.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Got logged and clean clothes. Its about time. Mine were 3 weeks old and getting a little raunchy. In fact when I took them off they ran away. Got a nice package from Mom. Got letters from Mom 2, Terry, Donna, Aunt Louise and Lois. It was pretty much a slow day, we stayed at the log site till 1530 and then moved out about 500 meters to night position. Boy did I ever freeze my ass off last night. It was really cold (I mean to say cold). I couldn't even sleep. We got 3 new cherries in today, 2 went to Range 1 and 1 to Range 2. It makes one feel good inside to get packages and letters. Thank you all. Donna, well it wasn't much of a letter, thanks for info on hospital. I will drop a line (later).

January 20, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(208) All was quiet and when we got up we played cards again. I lost about $10, but it don't mean nothing. About noon I had to bring in the AA's. Soon after we started to push. We went about 700 through area that was thick with vines. There were so many that we only made about 50 in an hour, and it was hard as hell. Finally, we got there and set up. We had to cut a whole lot to get a place to sleep. I sat down and wrote Jay an answer to his letter. I hope he keeps writing and letting me know how he is. Lucky and I got in a religious discussion, and now I am reading a book of his and will send for a Bible.

GARRY BRUCKNER left for Vietnam from Oakland, California, on 20th birthday.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- It's 1100 and we still haven't moved out. You guessed it, Skipper is playing poker again. He's winning so it may be another 2 hours before we go. We'll only move 800 meters anyway so it won't take long. We crossed a huge trotter on our way here last night but it looked old. So far this morning I've answered all my letters except one (D.H.). I preached a little to Lois, I hope it helps. We moved out at 1300 for about 600 meters. Now we're set up. Nothing much has happened. Got some more infection pills from DOC (we call him Tiny, he's about 6' 3", 275 lbs., a little chunky but a nice guy). My hand looks a lot better. It was cold again last night. Not much else to say. Lately the days have been awfully uneventful (not that I'm complaining). Skipper sure likes his poker.

January 21, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(207) We got up about 8:00 and at 10:00 started pushing. We have 1700 to go today, and we have humped about a klick now. We had to push about 500 more and we found a place to get logged. So we set up for the night. We played cards and messed around until dark. I read most of the book, "Overcoming Anxiety and Fear" by Norman Vincent Peale. So far, it is a very good book. It is really a pamphlet, but compared to what I have read since I got in the Nam, it is a big book. Everything feels very quiet.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Post card)- Arrived in San Francisco, post marked in Oakland, p.m.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Same old thing again, but would you believe we moved at 1000. WOW, what a surprise. We moved 800 meters and stopped for lunch (about 1300). Walked through an ARA burned out area. Had about 2 hours for lunch. I read a lot on my "A Deadly Shade Of Gold" by MacDonald. Its all right. Moved another 300 meters and are set up near a good log site for tomorrow. Went out with two different patrols. One found an old bunker complex. The other "negative" findings. Learned how to play pinochle after a great supper of beans and franks, peaches, pound cake and 7Up (saved from log day). Hope I get some shit tomorrow on log. When we walk I always walk between 5 and 7 to last, by then there's a path.

January 22, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(206) We got an early log, which started about 10:00, and by 2100 we were ready to go. I got one letter from Dad, and that was a surprise. I sure enjoy his letters. I will never forget the warmth and security I felt when we met at the airport when I came in from A.I.T. It will even be so much better when I go home from the Nam. We pushed about 400 and only had 150 to go. I had to set up an AA but didn't because it was a bad spot to put one. It was quiet all night, except a damn monkey was running around in the trees above us.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Log day.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- A little note from yesterday. In searching the bunker complex we found a 2 gallon soybean salad oil can, it read "Compliments of the People of the United States of America". WHERE DOES OUR MONEY AND GOODWILL GO? Any suggestions Charlie? Got logged early, around 1030. Everything was passed out and I had the backlog on the pad at 1230. It is always a hassle on log day. We got clean clothes again. 4 letters (2 from Mom, as always, thank you), 1 from my favorite brother-in-law, and one from Larry Stamer. I'll enjoy answering them all. Moved out 200 meters and set up for night. Had a spaghetti LRRP with melted cheese from C's added. It was great!!!

GARRY BRUCKNER arrived Vietnam, Bien Hoa. It was night, but I could see the coastline of Vietnam as our plane was making its approach toward Bien Hoa. As soon as we were over land, it became very dark as if the earth had dropped away. The water had been reflecting what dim light there was and had allowed us to see below us. From then on we would occasionally see parachute flares, probably over some forward LZ's, but we were too green to know, and I think most of us were sure it was a sign of something bad happening. My mind was so intent on whatever we could see out of the window, and just knowing we were now actually over Vietnam, that it was like I was totally alone and floating. Almost like the plane and the other people weren't even there. Of course, when we were landing at Bien Hoa, the next thoughts were, what was going to happen then? Will we be issued weapons as soon as we get off the plane? Would we have to run to bunkers? Would there be incoming or people shooting at us? None of that happened, and it was a shock to see how tranquil the airport seemed in the first few minutes. Most of all the tremendous blast of heat and the smell of something rotting, just about covered up any other impressions of the place as we were stepping off the plane. At this point, I think we were herded onto busses and taken to the 90th Replacement Battalion in Long Binh. It was to dark to get a good look at the countryside or people, but the heavy gars covering the windows of the bus, to keep anyone from throwing grenades in, helped to remind me we were in a combat zone and the enemy could be anywhere. At the 90th Replacement Battalion we were taken into a building where we had to process in, even though it was late at night. Finally, we were taken to our barracks where we could claim a bunk and get some sleep.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Post card)- Stopped in Anchorage, Alaska, post marked in Anchorage in p.m.

January 23, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(205) We ended up pushing about 1:00 and it was about 500 meters. But first we went over and set our log junk on fire and, boy, did we ever. It started the whole damn place on fire, and it is still burning. Then we had to CS the bunkers we found on our way. Except we found a lot more than we had CS for. We went 700 before setting up, and I had to go set another AA. I set a real good one, putting it in a tree. It should do someone a number. Everything was quiet and nothing happened into my ambush. Wow, they're lucky!

GARRY BRUCKNER In the morning we finished processing in and found out what was expected of us while there. We had to make 3 formations a day, and if our name was called we would step out and be taken to our new unit headquarters, otherwise we could wander around the area or we had to pull details. I was starting to notice how often helicopters would be flying by overhead. It always seemed so unusual to hear a helicopter at home, but here they were everywhere. The sun was much more intense here and I went to an old truck where a Vietnamese man was selling soft drinks. I bought a lemonade with a big chunk of ice in it. We had to change any American money we had into MPC (Military Payment Certificates). The big chunk of ice looked like it was more than necessary, but I could actually watch it melt and get smaller right in front of my eyes. The next time I would see a Vietnamese was when I was in the latrine, which was big enough for about 6 people, and like the old fashioned out houses. While a few of us were sitting there relieving ourselves, a Vietnamese woman came in and started sweeping the floor. I really wasn't used to this, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. In one building at the 90th Replacement was a big poster with unit patches for all the Army divisions in Vietnam. After looking at it for a while, I decided if I had to be here and as an infantryman, it might be nice to be assigned to a unit with a good looking patch. The 11th Armored Cavalry and the 1st Air Cavalry had the best looking ones. Little did I know at the time that I would be assigned to the 1st Air Cavalry and that they were a very active and aggressive unit. There was a row of buildings, I believe it was at the 90th Replacement, off to one side, with a barber shop, a mess hall, a couple other buildings and a little restaurant or mess hall called Alice's Restaurant. I assumed it was named after the movie with Arlo Guthrie which was quite anti-military and anti-war, so I was very surprised. It seemed hard to tell just who operated the place. At some point, it was inevitable that the new guys (FNG's) in country would meet the short timers and they loved telling scary war stories. The worried looks on our faces being a source of endless delight, and even better if we would ask questions, so the stories could grow and get even more gruesome. Even worse were the battle seasoned vets looking at us, not saying a word, like it was too horrifying to say or like we weren't worth the effort. We would find out soon enough anyway.

January 23, 1970 Friday

BILL HAHN (Diary)- My Dearest Diary, It was just one of those days. Nothing went right for me, that is, I got pissed off at everything and tried to avoid talking so I wouldn't snap off at anyone. Glad this day is over. We moved from last night's position at 1300 for 600 meters. We "burped" 7 old bunkers on the way. Walked around a swamp and found a gook well and more bunkers (Oh, a ROAD of a trotter). None were new so we carried on. Set up on top of a ridge. This stuff is getting thicker. I'll finish "A Deadly Shade Of Gold" tonight. Tomorrow I'll answer the letters from last log. Word has it we're in the midst of a gook battalion. Skull found documents saying there's an underground hospital within a 2 klick area. Be a lot of fireworks if we find it.

January 24, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(204) We have to push 800 meters today, and they said it is thick stuff. On our way we found two log sites and a big R&R center, Gook-type. But Cat had been there about two days ago. Since we found a lot of bunkers and hootches, I'm glad the gooks were out. I took three pictures of the place, and they should be good ones. We are on the other side of the place and have set up an ambush. We are real close to a blue, if anyone needs water. The night held a deep silence. It was so quiet and dark that it made a person jumpy.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Post card)- Stop over in Japan, post marked by Yokota Air Force Postal Service.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Today I had the worst headache. Wow, is it getting me down. I think I have a fever but won't say anything till I'm sure cause I don't want to be labeled a shammer. Hope I feel better tomorrow. I've taken aspirin (two kinds), vitamin pills and infection pills. I almost feel like a pill. We went through a fantastic bunker complex today. Good bunkers and classrooms. Some say its a gook R&R center. Its right by a blue where they have showers and johns. A lot of chicken coops. Parts of bicycles and a dud 155 round. We moved about 900 meters today and are now set up on a blue. Tomorrow we go 600 meters to link up with Skull and have our picnic. Answered all my letters today. Hope to get more tomorrow.

January 25, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(203) We had to move at 8:00 with 900 meters to cover. We have to meet Skull so we can get logged. We pushed and pushed, and it was real thick. After a while we came to a big open swamp, and at the end of it was Skull. We commenced to getting our logs. We had only been there about an hour when we heard some big explosions. Cat had walked into a U-shaped ambush. They estimated 100 gooks. They had 9 guys seriously messed up and 3 others not so bad. We had to load up and start humping. We walked and walked, and it kicked our ass. It was so thick. Finally, two klicks later, we got there. By that time, they had medevaced all the men and were waiting for us. We got there and ran a patrol and found two bunkers and five mortar rounds. We went back and pushed about 100 meters to a night location. We got two new cherries, but I had to give them to Cat.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)- Log day.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- The worst day I've spent in Nam so far. To start the day off I still had my headache and a slight sore throat. We humped a klick to get logged (600 meters through knee deep swamp). We crawled over logs and vines. Log field was a swamp itself, 2 inches and more of water and twice that much mud. I went to mass. Just about when I was getting food and water (after splitting everything else up) word came that Cat hit the shit bad and we had to go. So I threw some C's in my pack and a few quarts of water (normal load is 10 quarts). We humped for 3 hours with only 3 short breaks with full pack for 2 klicks, back through the same swamp. Believe me it was hell. I was carrying my letters in side pants pockets and was sure they were all wet from the swamp. We had to low crawl (on stomach with full pack) under some bombed out bamboo. Cat had 8 line 2's and 1 line 1. Scout dog handler got hit and was medivaced. No one could handle his dog so they shot it (a beautiful German Shepard). What happened was Cat walked into a U-shaped ambush. Must have been pinned down 15 minutes. We moved 150 meters from where we met Cat and set up. Believe me everyone is quiet tonight. I'll read my mail tomorrow. Good night.

January 26, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(202) We got up at 8:00 and started pushing. Got in about 200 and stopped to run some patrols. They had to go back to find the place Cat got the shit kicked out of them. We got us a scout dog and handler today. Something I forgot yesterday was that Cat had a dog with them, and his handler got his and the dog wouldn't shut up, so we had to shoot him. We walked about 200 more and sent out more patrols. Negative findings. We pushed another 150 and set up for the night. We took patrols out to secure the place. Now the sun is slowly sinking into the west, which ends another day. I hope. I said my first real prayer to God. It felt good. It felt like a release of pressure inside of me.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)- Being processed at 90th Replacement Battalion, Long Binh.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Moved today without Skipper's C.P. (they went with Cat). Moved very cautiously, stopped every 200 meters and sent out patrol. We got a scout dog team with us now. Dog is pretty friendly except to Kit Carson Scout. Had my first meal in over a day. All yesterday I had one can of fruit, day seemed long. We were all still pretty tired from yesterday (hope I'm never that tired again). We set in about 1700 so I'll try to write some letters but I doubt it. I'll try harder tomorrow. Good evening.

January 27, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary)-(201) We got up and it was a very beautiful day. We had about 600 to push, so we took off early. We went about 200 and sent out some patrols. We found nothing except a big swamp and, yes, we had to cross it. We took off and waded the swamp and climbed a big high hill. When we got to the top, we set up again and ran some more patrols. We found a place where we can get logged tomorrow. We pushed another 150 and our dog picked up a scent, so off we go on another patrol. Again negative findings. We pushed 60 more and set up for the night. I ate my beef chow mein and, wow, was it ever good. It was quiet all night. Praying came a little easier tonight.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Hopped 200 meters at a time for 3 stretches today. In between we sent out patrols. We went through another swamp but it was only about 50 meters long and calf deep. The dog made it through real good. Tomorrow is log day and we don't have a log site yet today. We'll probably end up getting a boot and I won't get to mail my letters. It wasn't a bad day except for not having enough water. I prayed to have a cough so I could drink some water. Now I have 2 quarts and we get some tomorrow. Things are looking up. Not much more to say. It was a slow day but it's over. We're supposed to lose the dog team tomorrow. Good night.

January 28, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(200) Got up early and pushed at 8:00 but we had to go back to where we found the small field. we got there and set up security and got ready to take log. The field was not big enough for the bird to set down so we had to take a kick-out. We had a fair log. All the beers were broke, the mail was wet, and we didn’t get enough water, but it was OK. We finally got more water and a few C’s, so we got ready to push. We went about 200 and set up a perimeter. We took out some small patrols but found nothing, so on we go again, for 200 more this time, and set up for the night. It wasn’t a bad day, really. I got a letter from the folks, and it was a real nice one. I sure enjoy their letters. I FINALLY BROKE IT -200- WOW.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- Log day.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Sodas busted, C’s all bent up. Typical day. Always a hassle (mess). Had to call another bird back cause we didn’t get enough water. No LRRPs this time either. Got four letters, Ramsey (finally), Mom, Aunt Louise and Jo. We took a kick out so I didn’t get to send any mail out. I’ll answer these and send them all out next time. We moved 300 meters from log sight and sent out patrols. Then moved another 200 meters and set in. Not much of an exciting day. I got over my headache and sore throat day before yesterday. Did a lot of good to send home for pills. Hoping for a package next log.

January 29, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(199) Got up and we had to push to find a place for the dog, his handler, and me to get out. I have to go to CLC. Went 200 and found a big tank trail. Went another 100 on the other side and then we got a bird to come and show us where the field was. We had walked right by it. We had to go back the way we had come and about 180 meters we found the field. It wasn’t real big, but it worked. Sat there for about two hours until they said the bird was not coming, so we got ready to split. They called back and said that the bird was on the way and for us to get ready. Soon it came and away I went. Got to Harry and then on to Buttons. I got some clean clothes and bullshitted for awhile. Then we sacked out.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)- End of 2nd day of retraining at First Cav rear at Bien Hoa, 4 day course. Letter says up at 6 a.m. training starts at 8:00 a.m. finished at 4:00 p.m. formation at 5:30 p.m. then through for the day. Mortar attack on Bien Hoa airport yesterday morning before daylight.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Really screwed up day. We hunted all day to get a field to land a bird. We had to get out the dog team (they’re only supposed to spend 3 days at a time in the field, WOW), a sniper and our Range 1 point team leader, who’s going to CLC (Jake’s a cool guy). We didn’t get them out until 1800. So we just set in where we were. It is awful dangerous not moving after you have a bird come in but it was just too late. Did we ever set in quiet. You’d never have known 30 men were around. When I get home I’ll tell everyone what the nights are like over here especially with no moon. I hear all kinds of noise and you’d swear gooks are all around you and drives your imagination wild.

January 30, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(198) I got right up, cleaned up, and am ready for chow. It was the same old breakfast you always get in the rear, but it did taste good. We messed around and got word the company was coming in and we are on our way to Tay Ninh. We also have to go to LZ Carolyn. Last year we got overrun on it and had alot of men hurt and killed. Well, we don’t want to go, but I guess they are the boss. I did some details and then had to guard on the green line. It was a long cold night, and I sure hate guard. It was quiet though.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Black Friday. Today we were supposed to have linked up with Cat and crossed the Song Be River but we got side tracked by Skipper and we ended up cutting a 3 bird PZ. Yes tomorrow we are going to charlie alpha and to the hell-hole of Vietnam. “Tay Ninh”, the famous province with “Chicken Valley”. Damn that place is the hottest thing here. We’re going to have to get our stuff together and keep it there. Oh, last night a trip went off and we blew some claymore. I was asleep and when I heard it go off, and twigs and dirt were hitting my back, I thought we were taking incoming. A little shocking for a while. Tonight I had number 1 chop chop, two cans of beans and franks heated in my canteen cup and apple sauce.

January 31, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(197) We got off guard and got some more of that good Army chow down us. Then I went back and had to help them finish getting ready for the move. I won’t be there to go out with them, but I do feel guilty by not being there. About 10:00 the company came in and we took the chow, clothes, and other things to them. It was good to see them. The Kit Carsons are getting a 7 day leave during Tet. Bill (Kit Carson Scout) doesn’t want to go home, and I sure wish he would go see his family. But I guess he has a better one now. He sure likes us a lot. Jerald Olson came and found me. He is stationed at Buttons, and it was so good to see him. We went and had a few beers and bullshitted a lot. Plus we got very, very drunk. Had a real good time.

JIM O”BRIEN (Diary)- Combat assault Tay Ninh, log day.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Went on the most beautiful charlie alpha ever. Rode the skids again. We went right along the Song Be River (seeing all the beautiful falls) also over Song Be town to FSB Buttons. We got resupplied and I got a package from Arlene. It was fabulous (cakes and potato chips and banana cakes, WOW), 4 letters. We took a C-130 to Tay Ninh City and then a hook to a small LZ. We pulled perimeter guard for a company of tanks and APC’s. We have about 40 .50 cals., 105’s, 90’s and more so I’m not too worried about a ground attack. We’ll work with the APC’s off here for 4-5 days probably. We get hot chow 2 times a day and sleep inside the perimeter every night. Also, we’ll get sodas. Today Skipper informed me that I’m acting First Sergeant. Big Deal! Silhouette of tanks with illuminating rounds is beautiful.

February 1, 1970 Sunday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(196) I got up with a bad hangover, and I really didn’t feel well at all. I went down and got some clothes to go to school. Then I went down to Jerald’s and saw him. And of course it started again. We sure get along well and we planned to go on R&R together. I have to go to Bien Hoa, and it was hard to go as I wanted to see Jerald some more, but I got on a plane. It took 30 minutes to get to Bien Hoa. A soul brother and I got on a bus and went to the FTA (First Team Academy), but that ain’t where we ended up. We got on the wrong bus and went to Long Binh. There weren’t any buses coming back, so we put out our thumbs and away we went. Finally I got there and got myself a bunk and went and had a few beers. I met a few real good guys. I’m sure I will have a good time.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)-With 11th Armored Cavalry.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)-At Bien Hoa Airport waiting on flight to Song Be to join up with company.

BILL HAHN (Diary)-Skipper told me to stay behind and supervise any details. Most of the company left riding the tracks (4 per). Tomorrow I’m going to go on the ride. They just ride the jungle and hunt. Just the same as we did before but now we ride. Today I spent most of my time getting together a new company roster. I ate the last of Arlene’s banana cake and drank the last coke. It was all awfully good. Thank you Sis. I shaved for the first time in 17 days. I actually had a beard. It looked sort of cool and I hated to shave it. I did keep the mustache. Our people came back about 1700. I had played a few cards and written a few letters. We got some good hot chow and sat around and shot the fat until 2200. Fell asleep okay but it sure was cold and a lot of dew fell.

February 2, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(195) Today we start our classes. I don’t think it will be too bad. We had a back-in-the-states police call and then our formation. They gave us an introduction to the course and an orientation on what we would be doing. It doesn’t sound too hard. In fact, I think I will like it. The food is so good, and a whole lot of it. They gave us most of the afternoon off and we got passes to go to the PX. All I got was a few things to shave and some underwear. Wow. We went down and had a few beers and watched a good movie.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- With tracks.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Everything moved out from the NDP to form another one 9 klicks away. We’ll ride to there. I was riding a Sheridan tank. We got stuck twice trying to pull a broken down tank so they unhooked us and let someone else pull it. I think we just had a lousy driver. We were riding in 2 files and a tank right across from us hit a dead tree in the way (they push over 8 inch trees) and part of it broke and fell back onto the track. It pinned one man against the tank. That’s the first person I’ve seen hurt bad and hope I don’t see anymore. Farther on the tank I was riding hit a 40 lb. land mine. We were thrown off but no one was hurt. The tank was damaged so bad they blew it the rest of the way. Then I got on an APC and we were driven to the new NDP. We were riding a tank (a lot of fun). We dug foxholes in between tanks for new NDP. Ran out of plates at chow so we ate out of cans. Sleep good.
February 3, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(194) Just like back in the world- here we are getting up at 5:30 in the morning. We had an inspection, and I blew it bad. Maybe tomorrow. We also had an hour of PT. Wow, it felt dumb to be out doing exercises in the Nam, but actually it did feel good to stretch those old muscles. We had classes on leadership traits and a whole lot of bull. We also had a class on land navigation, as if we don’t get enough of that out in the boonies. We had some more beers and saw a good movie called “Blackbeard’s Ghost”. Then we had two rounds come in out at the airport, so we had to go man the berm.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- With tracks.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)- Tuesday, still not with unit yet. Went to Song Be by two engine plane C-123. Spent the night there. Next morning moved down to Tay Ninh by Chinook. Then on out to Fire Base Carolyn and stayed overnight. Next day went back in to Tay Ninh. Stayed in little guard house with four other guys, one from Michigan (Garry Bruckner), one from Chicago (Richard “Duke” Wascho), one from California (Danny Bridges), and one from Virginia (Eliot Burton). Stayed on LZ guard out at Carolyn, last night with Alfa company. Letter says ARVN troops on Carolyn with Alfa company. Tomorrow we go back out to Carolyn on log bird and then out to company in the field.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Pushed out at approx 0830. We went across an open field with 2 platoons, one following each tank trotter. They were approximately 40 meters apart and the men were about 10 feet apart and staggered in each of the two track trails. The sun wasn’t up and it was foggy across the field with the wood line showing off in the distance above the fog. I was in the rear so could see about everyone. It looked exactly like a picture from a W.W. 2 movie (damp foggy morn in France with the troops following a company of tanks- fantastic). It’s awfully hot around here, Its either open and we’re in the sun or we’re in trees surrounded by elephant grass. I will use some coppertone now. Walked through open fields and reconned wood line by fire (16’s, 60’s, 79’s) sure was a ball. We walked 8 klicks total. Was really bushed and will sleep well. Hot chow was good.

February 4, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(193) We did the same thing today, except we were supposed to rappel, and you know how I can’t stand that. All day I worried that I would not be able to do it. The time came, and we didn’t have to. Boy, what a relief. We had a lot of classes, most of which I have forgotten. Again we went down and got some beer and did a lot of bullshitting. Told war stories to the cherries. There was a movie, but it wasn’t any good. Every night we have to spit shine our boots.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- With tracks, gooks fired several mortar rounds at us but they missed.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Well, this is the second last shopping day before Tet, better hurry. We’re moving everything again. We had to get our whole platoon on 3 A-tracks (was a little crowded). All the APC’s going down through the open field full of troops (looked tough). Last few days with these tracks have been all right. Since we got to Tay Ninh we haven’t gotten any mail or any sodas (we were supposed to get both every day). Right now we’re stopped on our way to the new NDP. They pull all the tracks facing the outside (perimeter type). Only one week till Bravo Hotel (Bien Hoa stand-down). They blew one Sheridan up and will turn it in as a combat loss. Sure made a loud explosion. We rode a long ways. It was an awfully hot and bumpy ride. They are not strict at all about noise and lights when we are with these tracks. I use my flashlight with a red filter at night to read. We got 2 sodas (7-Up). We had two mighty mouses (2120 and 2250). I fired 300 rounds M60 the first time. That was a ball. Tomorrow we are breaking up in platoon size and going out with the tracks on patrol. The sun sapped me so I’m tired.

February 5, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(192) Not much has happened, and it has been a long day. A lot of classes and a lot of information put out. I hope I will be able to remember it all. We saw a movie, did a lot of bullshitting, and some drinking.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- With tracks, contact with gooks.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- This is Tet eve. Skipper had me stay back in the capacity of first sergeant. I had to have the whole place policed, dig holes a little deeper and I had to pass frags, M60 and M16 ammo around the perimeter. Its all taken care of now so I’ll write some letters. Yesterday I got 4 letters (Mom, Arlene, Suzi and Naome). It’s a hot one today so I built a hootch to lay under. Range came back in around 1530. 6 and I were eating his pudding when I heard a Dup Dup come out of the W. Sure enough it was incoming. We all ran for the foxholes (all on top of each other). 8 rounds hit but none close. They must have been about 600 meters away. The .50 cals opened up but the gooks left before all the rounds even hit the ground. We packed up and moved everything. We left a platoon behind in the wood line for an ambush. They had starlights and about 2000, got 4 gooks moving around in the open field where we moved from. One platoon of tanks and another of our platoon saddled up and they all had big battle. We had continuous illumination for almost 3 hours. All the tracks and 2 platoons of grunts opened up. Out of the whole mess we got one gook and 2 AK’s. People didn’t finally get to bed until 2300. I took first guard from there.

February 6, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary)-(191) We got up at the same old time, had our same old inspection, and I blew it in the same old way, it feels good to do this PT in the mornings. They keep soda and coffee over here for us. We get a 10 minute break every hour here and that helps to keep us awake. Nothing new happens at all. I really can’t say that I have a whole lot to say. Bye.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary)- With tracks.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)- First letter written from the field, been out since the 4th. Rumor says 3 day R&R coming up on the 11th.

BILL HAHN (Diary)- Today is Tet. Would you believe we killed that one last night during the cease-fire truce. It shows that a truce don’t mean nothing. We’re set up around the same field they got the gook in. We are on an all-day ambush. It gives you a little time to write. Skipper has the ass at us because we forgot our binoculars and now he calls on the horn and says the Chuck Chuck (command and control) bird spotted our ambush from the air. I know he’s crazy because we’re all under bamboo and can’t be seen. Oh well, the hell with Skipper. Stayed out til 1600 and came in on tracks. Set up and found out we were going to LZ Carolyn tomorrow. Sure am tired tonight.

February 7, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (190) Same old day. Nothing happened. We had a lot of classes. The food sure is good here and I enjoy getting it for once. It will be so great to get home to Mom's home cooking.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)— with tracks.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Well, orders got changed from going to LZ Carolyn to going with the tracks to LZ Beverly. On the way we got side tracked because some Rome Flows hit the shit. We all went there and Cat and Skull went out farther after we (Range) at secured a NDP. We were supposed to go instead of Cat but we 26 platoon of tracks had bad commo so we stayed behind. Turned out they hit a bunker complex, 4 from Cat and 1 from Skull were medevaced plus some from the Rome Plows and tracks. It was quite a mess and we‘re lucky it wasn't us. Sometimes it makes me feel like I‘m not doing my job when everyone else is fighting and I‘m sitting back a ways listening to the radio. I don't want the contact but I hate to see the same people get it all. I wish no one had to hit anything and we could all go home. Down deep inside though I know my turn is coming. I hope I can do my
job well and not act too scared. God help me.

FEBRUARY 8. 1970 Sunday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) -(l89) Today we got to sleep in for a half hour, as they forgot to wake us up. But then we just were late and had to hurry to get ready. We didn't have any PT today, but we did have to walk two miles. Had to go down there for a class, but they couldn‘t have it because of the Tet ceasefire. It was a quiet day and night. Sure feels good to sleep in a bed, except I wake up with a sore back.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Carolyn.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - I‘m writing this 10 Feb because it‘s the first chance I‘ve had to write. The 8th we went back to the contact area. APC's worked out then we followed them through the bunker complex. We fraqged each bunker, then checked them out. Found some small arms ammo, chicoms, B40 rockets, RPG's, clothes, rice and some personal stuff. Skipper sent us on patrol up a huge trotter. We went 2OO meters and stopped. We‘re 1500 meters from Cambodia and that‘s too close. Rode the APC‘s to a new night loc. On the way we passed over many bunkers already torn up. We had to set up an AP (ambush position) (Range platoon) at an old LZ (Ronda). We went in at dusk. It had just been abandoned and climbing up over the berm really gave me an eerie feeling. Oh yes, saw my first dead gooks (2).

FEBRUARY 9. 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (l88) Again today we didn‘t have any PT. We had to go back to where we were yesterday. We had to fire the law, the duper, and a claymore. Then back we went. Again nothing happened all day and night. I ought to write a letter, but just can‘t get the ambition.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Carolyn.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Moving around a lot. It's Monday. We
moved back on to LZ Carolyn today. Came in on Hueys, 10 bird gaggle. Most of platoon took a hath in a bomb crater.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Charlie alpha to LZ Carolyn at 0800. Place is really dusty and trashy. A lot of rats. We got mail yesterday and twice today. Got Toni‘s package with beautiful knife and compass and food. Got Aunt Louise's with food. Thank you all. We got clean clothes and shaved. My mustache is really growing. Got a new Top so I'm out of a job (glad too). Started raining at 2030 and by my guard it was pouring down. I got soaked. It was raining so hard I couldn't see a thing. The poncho didn‘t help at all. I call for illum but it took 45 minutes to get it. Slept cold and miserable rest of night. Because the ground was wet everywhere I slept on a wooden ammo box about 3 foot long. Would you believe I curled my whole body on to it. Needless to say I prayed for morning with the sunshine and warmth. Detonated my first charlie mike.

FEBRUARY 10, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — {187) Today is the big day, all tests. We have all our tests and our final today. Then we find out who, if anyone, flunked and who made honor student. The tests weren‘t so hard and I did pretty well on them. Of course, I passed and so did everyone else. One guy got 699, and you needed 700 to pass, but they let him go. We all have to have starched clean clothes and spit shined boots tomorrow so we had to go to work. Of course, we did slip down for a few cold ones and somehow ended up drunker than hell. I sure miss not getting any mail from home. I should have beaucoup when I get out there.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Carolyn.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Big rain last night, and it’s the dry season. Everybody got soaked. Found a little tic on my head.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - 0730 we charley alpha to LZ Ike to secure it while they move everything out of it. They (2/5) left yesterday but are coming back. We had to walk on line across the fire base to make sure there are no gooks here. What a laugh, we have to check out our own fire base. We'll just sit around the perimeter while 2/5 picks up all their stuff. May be here to around 1600. Time to write letters. I'm really behind now. Well, I got lazy and didn't write any letters at all. I did clean my weapon and look at a lot of magazines. We sat around until 1500 and came back. It didn‘t rain so guard wasn't so had. I'm only getting about 6 hours of sleep a night after being used to 9 or 10 in the field. I‘m really getting rundown. Tomorrow I have charge of the chow line.

FEBRUARY 11, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (186) Today is the final day, we
graduate and have a party and tomorrow we go back to our companies. I believe my company is coming in for a three day R&R, so maybe I won‘t have to leave. We drank a lot of beer and had some good barbecued chicken. It was real nice and we got mucho plastered. One of my good buddies I met there got a call from the Red Cross. He has to go home. His dad is going to have an operation and they want him there. So he left on a 30 day leave and I hope everything goes alright for him. And then the bed spun.

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary) - Bien Hos 3 day R&R.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still on Fire Support Base Carolyn. Pull details on bunkers.

BILL HAHN (Diary} - I'm not sure if I mentioned it but about 4 days ago 3 day stand down was canceled (too much in—coming at Bien Hoa. Well we found out today that if they can get transportation set up we'll be going in tomorrow. That would be outstanding. Heaven knows I need a rest. Today we're supposed to tear down every other bunker and reinforce the ones in between. It‘1l be another hot day (must have been over 100 degrees in the sun yesterday). We worked on the bunkers about 4 hours and goofed off the rest. I got a valentines card form Aunt Lucille but didn‘t manage to write but one. I just can‘t even force myself to write. Word is we're definitely going to Bien Hoa tomorrow. I took out last light patrol. We pushed into the
wood line and sat down for 30 minutes then came back. Gravy

FEBRUARY 12, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (l85) They turned on the lights and it almost blinded me. During the night I had to make a visit to the toilet and it was coming out of both ends. We all got up and got ready to leave. We went over and had our last good meal for a while, and then it was all goodbyes. We all went to the airport and waited for our flights. I was told my company was on the way in so I stayed and waited for them. While I was there. I was able to see my buddy leave for the world. In a way he was happy but this is really not the way a guy wants to go home. The company came in and we all went up to the V.I.P. center and started three days of good fun. We went swimming in a real pool and got drunker than hell. We all ended up in a fight, but no one really got hurt. We all went to bed and slept it off.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa 3 day R&R.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — We're sitting on the airstrip at Carolyn right now. Range won the flip and gets to go out first. We‘ll be getting on Caribous and flying straight to Bien Hoa. Oh yes, I took out first light patrol. Same same as last night (pushed in and sat down and waited). This man‘s Army is all right (bull shit). Arrived Bien Hoa 1st Cay rear V I.P. area 12 noon. We got clean clothes and took a shower (cold). Had my records checked, went to the PX, then the pool, played some ping pong and saw some movies (Makenna‘s Gold with Gregory Peck and Thoroughly Modern Millie). Went back and went to bed. Randy is staying in room with me. Hope to get up for breakfast cause we missed supper. Drank a lot of cokes already.

GARRY BRUCKNER~ I remember as we were walking up the rear loading ramp on the plane, the flight engineer noticed I had MICH on my helmet cover, carefully drawn on in blue ink. He asked me where I was from in Michigan and I told him a small town near Grand Rapids, because most people recognized the bigger cities. He wanted to know what small town and when I said the Fremont - Newaygo area he said he was from Newaygo. Boy, was I surprised. His name was Ed Ranger and my wife Linda knew some of the Ranger family. Linda‘s father, Dale Dye, was a school teacher in Newaygo for many years and Ed and his wife had been in Dale‘s classes. We talked a little and then I had to sit down and get ready for the takeoff. There were no seats. We had to sit on the floor. It was a very short run way, probably at
least 2,000 feet for the C123 provider, and the pilot was really
revving the engines, when he released the brakes, the force of the plane lunging ahead, made us all slide back into each other like dominos falling on top of each other with everyone fully combat loaded with packs, ammo, and weapons, we made quite a tangled mess. I remember hoping we would have enough speed to clear the trees at the end of the PSP runway. As of September 18, 1991, Ed Ranger still lives in Newaygo, Michigan, and works in White Cloud at North American Refractories as a second shift maintenance supervisor. He retired from the military after serving 22 1/2 years. His first 3 years were in the Army and the
rest in the Air Force, mostly at Dover, Delaware. In Vietnam he was a flight engineer on the C123 Provider flying out of Tan Son Nhut Air Base, and often flew missions transporting troops. When I talked to him on the phone September 18, 1991, he said he did remember talking to a soldier from Michigan and said that was the only time he could recall meeting anyone in the service from near his home town. Ed would eventually fly on the C5A Galaxy and he was involved in the evacuation of Vietnamese orphans. During this time he was in Japan when a C5A loaded with orphans crashed on takeoff.

FEBRUARY 13. 1970 Friday

RQGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - {l84) We slept in until about noon, anyway, most of us did. There are always some who get up early and do nothing but make noise. I took a shower and it really felt good. Again we started drinking. This makes about 15 days of solid booze. I and a few of the others went downtown to the village. where we are not allowed. We got into a whorehouse, and I was waiting for the girls when the MP‘s came in and so we put our clothes on and left. Somewhere during the deal I lost a new radio. Rocky and I had just paid $25 for it. The MP let us go and we caught a bus back to Bien Hoa. We got drunked up and had another good time.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Bien Hoa 3 day R&R.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter} - VIP center in Bien Hoa, moved down on the 12th of Feb for 3 day R&R.

BILL HAHN (Diary} - Didn’t get up til 0830 so I missed breakfast. Went to the pool. Played miniature golf and ate lunch. Played ping pong and saw a USO band and went swimming again. Ate supper and played more ping pong. Saw another band and then started to watch the movie “You Only Live Twice“ a James Bond flick. They were having trouble with the projector so Randy and I went back to the room. We‘ve been BS‘ing since 22:30 (it's 1:30 a.m. now). He‘s really an interesting person. He‘s originally from Alabama but lives in Sarasota, Florida. He invited me down after this mess is over for me. Soon we‘ll hit the sack and again I doubt if we make breakfast.

FEBRUARY 14, l97O Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (l83) We slept in again and it did feel good. I wish we could do this for a month or two. when I get to the world, I won‘t want to get up before noon for six months. Boy, the Army has taught me one thing and that is to be lazy. We went for another swim and had a real good time. Then we went back and did what else? get drunk. We saw a floor show and really got plastered. Went to sleep real late. Joe Sen our Kit Carson never came back from the village.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa 3 day R&R.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Saturday, still on 3 day R&R, yesterday we played football in the pool.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Day went fast (just like the whole time here}. Got up at 0930 that's not bad considering I didn‘t get to bed until 0300. Spent the morn playing ping pong and reading newspapers and magazines. Ate chow and went to the pool. Stayed until 4. While there we played 2 miniature golf games. Lots of fun really. My tan is just outstanding. Too bad I‘ll lose it when I do go back to the field. The movies were "Ace High“ and “Follow That Camel“. I only watched one and came back to my barracks to get things ready for tomorrow. We're supposed to get up at 0400. WOW. I think I‘ll sleep and miss breakfast. I sure hate to go back to the old grind. I‘m not one bit gung—ho anymore. Just let me go home.

FEBRUARY 15, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON {Diary) — (l82) They came and woke as up today, but the time is what was bad. It was about 5:00 in the morning and wow, was I hung over. We went down to eat but I was too sick. After a while we headed for the airport. It took about three hours for our plane to come. Then away we went. Boy, those planes aren‘t any good on a hangover. We flew for about half an hour and landed at LZ Carolyn. What a hole. When they moved off of it they threw a B-52 in on it. What a mess. We had bunker 33 and, boy, did the other company leave a mess. Not much happening and it was quiet all night.

JIM O‘BRIEN - (Diary) LZ Carolyn.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Got up at 0430. Ate breakfast and came back to bed til 0600. Left on buses at 0800 and sat at the new Bien Hoa airport until 1030. It was a real nice place. A Freedom Bird
in with a whole new load of cherries. It sure was a beautiful bird. I'm still waiting my turn. We came back to Carolyn and are
supposedly staying here 3 days. All the companies around here
been hitting the shit pretty bad. We'll probably be going out
Now we're getting our ammo supply back to normal and supplying up food and water. There are few details so I‘m going to try again to write some letters. I'll write Donna and apologize for the stupid letter I sent last time. We have 6 men per hole (compared to four as before), so guard isn‘t so bad. It's really hot here, A lot more than at Bien Hoa.

FEBRUARY 16, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (l8l) Today we have a lot of work to do. We have to put out beaucoup claymores, trips and fix the wire. We worked on it most of the day and then we went out to the old swimming hole and took a dip. It was nice but it was just a big bomb crater with water in it. And people had used it so much that it stunk like hell. But it did help cool a guy off. Everything went O.K. and we had a good bullshit session that night. The chow is pretty good and I can‘t eat C's anymore.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — 11 days at combat leadership course in Bien Hoa. Company R&R the day I got out of school on Tay Ninh. Very hot. Went to LZ Buttons to see Jerald Olson. Me, Jerold, and Dennis Hise planning to go on R&R in June. Working in Tay Ninh province off LZ Carolyn, lots of contact, some hurt but not badly. 11th Armored Cavalry, 2 tanks, 1 Armored Personnel Carrier knocked out. 9 KIA. 2 LIA. 24 wounded. 38 step ons.


BILL HAHN (Diary) - Didn't get up til 0730. Was I ever tired. Day was pretty boring and hot. Didn‘t do much of anything. I played a few hearts with the guys. We worked on the bunkers a little and got all the Claymore wires arranged. I wrote a letter. I felt so lazy all day. Couldn't make myself do anything. They say we’ll be here for at least 2 more days. Maybe I'll get some sleep tomorrow. While I was on guard a trip flare went off out front. The first thing you‘re supposed to do is blow a claymore. Well, I reacted fast and grabbed a detonator. Only thing was it was fastened to a CS gas launcher instead of a claymore. I felt like a real ass. Wind blew gas away soon. Problem.

FEBRUARY 17, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (l8O} We were up early and I was
awakened by a weapon being cocked. Six had his weapon pointed at
Joe‘s head and it was unloaded. Joe had been asleep on guard and he was showing him what could happen. I believe that is the worst crime a person can perform over here. I hope he learned a lesson and won't do it again. We had a lot of work to do. We have to fix up what we didn‘t get to yesterday. Plus we had to fix up our bunker. All in all, it was a good day and we got a lot done.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - While in school, company sent Bill (Boo) home. He didn‘t want to go and they kicked him out of the service, he was gone when I got home.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Carolyn.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Returned from 3 day R&R on 15th and moved back on to LZ Carolyn. Range platoon on 10 minute notice to go out if company gets in trouble.

BILL HAHN {Diary) — We spent a lot of time today setting out new
claymores and trips. I'm taking a lot of kidding because of that
little CS incident last night. It was really a stupid mistake. I
did get 3 letters written (but also received 3 more). Typical hot day. We did get some sodas and ice but they‘re all orange and I don’t like it too well. I played some partners in hearts and won big. Went to lifer‘s meeting, took in a lot of BS (lifer talk) from Top. We found out we‘re moving out tomorrow morning to take Charlie company‘s place in the field (they got cut up one day). We been with tracks for 3 days.

FEBRUARY 18, 1970 Wednesday

RGGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (179) Today was a little different, we have to do something none of us have done. We have to secure a mine sweeping team and walk down the road with them. It wasn’t hard but it was real boring for we had to go five miles and walk real slow. We were supposed to be in early but the battalion commander made us stay out all day and pull security for the convoy that was coming by. None of us had water and we had to sit in the sun. It just about wasted our brains and we were very happy to go in. But by the time we got in it was dark and all the food was gone. Six did put some cokes on ice for us and they tasted real good.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - Went out with the 11th Armored
Cavalry. Lucky was a Baptist. While in school I got a haircut, the barber chopped it up so I hit him, he landed in a glass cabinet, the major let me go, did not kick me out of school.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — With 11th Armored Cavalry.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Got up at 0630 to supervise the chow line (chow didn‘t start until 0700). We got all packed up for 3 day log and are now sitting on the log pad ready to charlie alpha (it's about 0900). We went out to Charlie Troop (now we've been with Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie). We were riding to the nights‘ NDP. We were starting to break brush when the Sheridan threw a track. We ended up backing out and setting up in a nearby open field. We went on a last light patrol. Came back and we bought 13 cases of soda and beer to last for 2 days. We have a full moon and radio to pull guard by.

FEBRUARY 19, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (178) Today is the big day, back out to the field we go. But again something different. We went to a track unit, 11th Armored, and we have to work with them for a few days. These are the same ones that had the contact the other day and it was the biggest for the past few months. They had a lot of guys messed up and a lot killed. They also got a lot of gooks. We pushed all day but it really wasn't too bad, for we were on the tracks riding. They sure do have the fire power. Each track has one .50 caliber and two M6Os and each platoon has 1 Sheridan with one .50 caliber and one l52MM cannon. The gooks are afraid of them and I would be too.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - With tracks.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Working with tracks again. Supposed to separate from tracks tomorrow. Sitting in a big field looking at the Black Virgin Mountain.

BELL HAHN (Diary) — We started out the day humping in lights. We were supposed to go 2600 meters and ended up going 4 klicks. We didn‘t find anything but an old bunker complex. We were met by the tracks and taken to the NDP. Rumor has it we‘ll leave the tracks tomorrow. We may charlie alpha. I hope we stay with them. It's a full moon again tonight. In fact, I'm writing this by moon light. I've got about four sodas to drink so I don‘t have to hump them. Good night, sleep tight.

FEBRUARY 20, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (177) We get up early with them and have to push but the good part is we get two hots a day. It sure is good to have the hot chow instead of C's. We pushed all day and it really got tiring. We were all pooped by the end of the day. It really isn't hard work, it’s just that they're so rough riding and so boring. The tracks get soda and beer every day or whenever they need it. So we had them get us some, too. It sure was good to have sodas and beer all day. The tracks find a big field and set up in the middle of it. We have mad minutes every day.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - With tracks.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - We started out in the morn about 0630. We rode those tracks the whole lousy day. Boy, did my butt get sore. We broke brush almost the whole way. Since we don't have any 48’s these Sheridans have to lead out and they‘re pretty slow at knocking down trees. So all day we‘d go 25 meters and stop, then move some more. One thing about working with the tracks though, we do get good hot chow. We did every night since we‘ve been up here at Tay Ninh. Word is we charlie alpha tomorrow (of course we were supposed to have today). Things are slow and quiet, just like we like them.
FEBRUARY 21, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (l76) Up again before sunup and we are off. Today they made us go back to the old grunt style. Except we don‘t have ruck sacks. The tracks hump them for us. We had a long ways to go and it was hot and the brush was thick but finally we set up. We went and got water from the tracks and cleaned up. It really is nice to know you have such fire power but they are awfully big targets. Besides. we get mail every day. I got mine today, 23 letters and two packages and some flicks. Boy. was I happy. but also ashamed for I haven‘t written for so long.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Combat assault.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Had a beauty ride on the tracks this morn. We went within a klick of the Virgin Mountain. We saw jets dropping napalm at its base (supposedly sacred and we can't bomb anywhere else). We went through the biggest field I‘ve ever seen in Vietnam. From a distance it could be mistaken for a hay field back home. It was a lot of rice fields joined together. Dikes were only 12 to 18 inches high. The fields were marked by plastic hanging from sticks. Saw my first water buffalo running wild. They weren‘t even scared of the tracks. Right outside LZ ST. Barbara. Gooks peddling stuff got ran off and then some guy shot some CS from a duper toward them (that's making friends).
Now we're sitting on the PZ beside Barbara waiting to charlie alpha. Landed in LZ and humped off 500 meters. I was soaked from sweat and tired. I really had a case of the ass about being a grunt again. Oh well, I'll get used to it like before. Everyone is pissed off at Skipper because he pushed us so far and until 1930 we barely had time to put night work out. I didn‘t even
get to clear a place to sleep. I‘m writing this last part while on guard. They sure are bringing those Delta Tangos in close tonight.

FEBRUARY 22, 1970 Sunday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (175) We are going on our own today, and in one way I feel good, another bad. The tracks took us to LZ Barbara and there we Charlie Alphaed to a big field a long ways away. We have to go ambush a trotter. We got there and humped about 1000 meters to the trotter and set up a bush. It was quiet all night and it had me spooked.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - Left the tracks and went on our own, the security was nice, their firepower is tremendous.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — In the bush as a single line company for the first time. Complaining about my pack, weighs 65-7O lbs. Came out to bush yesterday by helicopter. Tomorrow is resupply day.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Went out on all day patrol. We came back at about 1500. Skull was supposed to be in about the same time but they just called in and said they were lost. It'll be a couple of hours before those duds will find us, then we‘1l have to set up again in the dark. Did I ever tell you that out here we have to whisper all the time. It felt funny to go into Bien Hoa and actually shout.

FEBRUARY 23, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (l74) We had to go back to the field and secure it for a 105 battery. They are going to drop an LZ in here. The name is “Pat”. After a while, here comes Alpha company, as they are going to be on it and build it. So, again we C.A. to another field. Here we get logged and it was bad cause we didn't get all we were supposed to. I found out they built the LZ so we could have support. We are out of the range of the other LZ's. We are going into an area that hasn't had any G.I.’s in it for about 4 months and they know the gooks are there. We set up and it was a pretty quiet night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault, log day.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - 7:30 a.m. We've already walked to a big field and waiting to be picked up. Supposed to go help build a fire support base somewhere.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Last night was the 2nd in a row we set up in the dark. That just don't get it in the NAM. We got up this morn at 0615 and started moving before 0700. We went back to secure the field we charlie alphaed into two days prior. They were bringing an artillery battery and setting up a temporary LZ (too bad we‘re not the company to stay and secure it). We left and charlie alphaed to a different area after Alpha company arrived. We landed in a burning field (due to prep artillery} and the last bird of my lift took AK fire {supposed}. We were getting logged so we waited and waited. They kept bringing a little at a time and finally no one got enough water and we backlogged all the clean clothes (no time to change). We saddled up and moved out and again we set up at dark (3 nights in a row and is everyone ever pissed). I have only 6 gts. of 20. Hope it lasts.

GARRY BRUCKNER (Letter) – Well, I got on the plane at San Francisco and 20 hours later, after stopping in Anchorage, Alaska and somewhere in Japan. we were in America's fun in the sun vacationland (called Vietnam, more or less for map location). About all we did so far is fly all over by helicopter. I had to learn how to rappel. That‘s jumping from a 60 foot tower with a ring and rope harness around my waist. Then the rope that goes through the ring is used as a brake. A couple days ago we started our first humping. Boy, that is for the birds. The pack feels like it‘s going to tear my shoulders off and going through all that tangled jungle doesn’t help either. I was trying to send Bernie a parachute off a flare, but it was too big for an envelope and I didn‘t have any way to wrap it.
That’s about all for now. We have to get ready to fly some place and hump some more.

FEBRUARY 24, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (l73) We pushed about a klick to a trotter and set up. We put out automatics and good security. Later on that night we had an automatic go off. It had a small firefight and we found three bodies. About 11:00 the gooks came after their dead and we had another fight. About 1:00 in the morning another auto went off, we went out and found three more and a bicycle. All together we got six step ons and no telling how many they dragged awav.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - Dreaming of home, seeing things that remind me of home, stars, open field like Montp. Flats, tree up Bloomington Canyon. Working very hard, moving at night.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Automatic ambush stolen on 24th or 25th.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - R&R in Bien Hoa was over the 15th, on the 15th flew from Bien Hoa to LZ Carolyn, Tay Ninh. Stayed for a few days. Then got on tracks for 4 to 5 days. Combat assault to field in boonies for 2 nights. On February 23 combat assault to another field in boonies next to Nui Ba Dinh.

BILL HAHN (Diary} — We moved out at the reasonable hour of 0800. We moved about 400 meters and are now set up on a fresh 3 foot sand trotter. It has had very recent gook usage. We‘l1 be here all day and night to ambush it. We may even stay tomorrow. At least we get one day‘s rest. Everyone sure needs it and it'll help cut down on the drinking of water. On this type of bush you just sit and wait. During daylight you have an M60 at either end of our perimeter on the trotter and at night you either use a trip flare with claymores or an All American. I answered both letters I got yesterday.

FEBRUARY 25, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (172) We pushed a small ways down the trotter. I put an auto on the bodies. About 5:00 one of the autos went off. We went out and found two and chased two. It took us to the place where my bush was. We got there and I had to disarm it. When I went up there it was gone. I have never been so scared in my whole life. They had seen me put it out and had come and got it. We saw a pack by the body so we figured they had one set there for us. So we took off. We set another bush and went back and waited for guard. About 12:00 (midnight) the gooks came but they didn‘t hit the bush. They were trying to find us, so we didn‘t shoot at them. After they left it was pretty quiet.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Tomorrow is resupply day. Just humping around in the boonies.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Read a few newspapers and magazines. Let my feet air out for a long time (wow) and took a real honest to goodness NAP. It felt so good. About 1800 one of the AA‘s went off. Cat is out now checking it out. M60 opened up Cat 6 says there‘s a bicycle laying off side of trail with gook beside it and the gun got two coming up the trotter. They received AK fire from LF and are returning a heavy volume. Everyone around the perimeter is flat. Darkness forced Cat back before they could check out the bodies (have to wait to morn}. About 2345 AK fire came from about 100-2OO meters out and everyone figured it was a signal to probe our perimeter. A trip went off in front of Cat and they blew 4 claymores. Will check it tomorrow. Nighthawks came out and we marked our position with a strobe.

FEBRUARY 26, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — (l7l) We had to push out early today and get logged. We pushed about two hundred and all of a sudden two claymores went off and a magazine or two of A.K. I knew someone was hurt or killed. I went over and, wow, my point team didn‘t have a scratch. They had blown the bush too early. We had a small firefight then and after about half an hour we pulled back and headed out. We pushed a long way and then took log. We pushed about two hundred and set up. It was quiet. I had to give a big ass chewing to my men to get their heads out of their asses.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Firefight O WIA. Gooks blew claymores on us. Log day.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - First actual head on contact with the gooks. “Feb 25“ - About 0515 Skull's AA went off. They‘ll check it out at daylight. There must be beaucoup gooks around here. 6 figures we’re in between 2 bunker complexes. Cat only found one body but drag marks so get credit for 3. I helped booby trap the body. It was the closest I've been to a dead gook. Skull only found a bag of rice where their AA went off. We waited around all day and at 1500 moved 100 meters south down the trotter and set up. 1730 an AA went off on the trotter and we got 2 more step-ons (5 in two days). Skull followed the trail back up to the booby trapped body and guess what? The booby trap was gone! The gooks must have found it. I don't like that at all! Things were pretty quiet rest of night. I was awfully alert on my guard.

(Page divided by lines at this point}

Gooks were heard out on the trotter in front of us arguing last
night. It was near where the two new bodies were booby trapped.
Everyone figures since it didn‘t go off, they must have got another one. Skull platoon will check it (Continued on to next day)

FEBRUARY 27, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — (l7O) We got up early and started humping. We started out with a klick. We made it and set up for chow. A low bird saw a big trotter and we took off after it. We went about 500 and couldn‘t find it. On our way back we found a bunker complex, so we set up in it. Soon after we had the whole company there. We set up and had chow. We messed around and not much happened. Skull took a patrol out and set some A.A.‘s and soon they were back. It was quiet all night. We just messed around and bullshitted.

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — We were setting an automatic ambush on a trail we called a freeway, lots of action, 6 kills and some drag marks. 2 kills and some drag marks. Found my automatic ambush was missing, scared to death someone had watched me then took it up behind me. All night the gooks looked for us, we couldn‘t fire because we were out manned. They blew my mines on us, no one got hurt, luckily. There are so many gooks in this area it is very scary. Working mostly in ambush situations day & night. Fairly safe but lots of activity.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Just stomping around in the bush.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - (Continued from previous day) out. Skull found that the two bodies were gone but their AA was still intact {surprisingly}. We pushed out (Range pointing) to unhook one more AA on our way back to the insertion loc to get logged. We were supposed to go around our night loc of the day before but somehow the point men went right into it. Our 6 just had them turn around when the gooks blew a bush on us (fired AK and blew 2~3 claymores, probably the ones they took). Luckily no one was hurt (I think we all said an extra prayer last night). We got on line and reconned a little by fire but didn't take any return. Finally we backed up and pushed on to the log site (2 down 3 to go). Got a great package from Mom and many letters. Humped off 200 meters and set up. I sweat like hell.

(Divided by lines at this point)

Humped north, set up and sent Range out on 250 meter patrol to find trotter. Couldn‘t find trotter but we found a small bunker complex (6 beautiful bunkers). We're set up in them now. All we found was a few bicycle parts (new even). New NCO is really petering out (from Big Red 1).

FEBRUARY 28, 1970 Saturday

Cpl Army Born: 21Nov46 Date Casualty: 28Feb7O
Vietnam Veteran Memorial Panel No. 13W Line No. 68

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (l69) We got up early but did not move out. We are going to stay here and set a bush on the trotter. Cat went out and found one, then came back. We
sat around and didn't do much — just bullshitted and played cards. About 4:00 we had to get ready for a patrol. We started out with Range 2 pointing. I was just leaving the perimeter when it happened. We heard A.K.'s and then claymores started going off. They said Flash was hit. We all pushed up and commenced to have a firefight. We were security for Flash and the Doc when things started happening. We threw about 35 frags and kept opening up. They kept shooting Then it happened, a claymore was just a little too close and I was looking right at it. It hit us with such a force that it picked us up and threw us down. I didn't want to open my eyes. But when I did it was O.K. I had been hit as well as Joe and Rudy. We pulled back to the perimeter and they fixed us up. I lost a lot of blood but other than that I was O.K. Flash was shot in the head and in the chest. He died. We went out to the field and they got a medevac. The bird came and we put Flash on and the bird took off. Soon after a log bird came and got us. We went to Tay Ninh and then the pain started. I had 156 holes in me but only four pieces of
shrapnel. They were real small, but they dug on one four hours. It was small but when they got through it was about as big as a quarter. I went to the company area. Got almost drunk. It was good to drink a cold beer.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Firefight 1 KIA 4 WIA. Flashner killed.

DANNY BRIDGES – WIA, Jake, Rudy, Lassiter, Rocky. First time I fired my rifle.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Busted my cherry. Started out to be a very normal day. We slept in the bunker complex last night. We laid around all day. Cat went on patrol. I played hearts and “Oh Hell“. About 1530 we were going out on routine patrol to set up the AA. We never got more than 30 meters from the perimeter when we hit the shit. And I mean it came had. We walked into small arms fire on both flanks and claymores to our front. We medevaced 4 (1 dead). I carried him out of the contact area. Believe me I don't ever want to think about everything that happened. War is truly hell. It was a nervous perimeter that night.

MARCH 1, 1970 Sunday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (l68) I didn’t sleep all night. Boy, my arm hurt. It felt as if he was still probing. I just messed around but in the afternoon I went down to the Service Club. Jeanie was there. Boy, it was so good to see her. We really had a good talk and she had been home for Christmas. I didn‘t do much and the medic couldn't do anything because it was Sunday. They don’t work on Sunday. Wow, what is the war coming to?! I saw a movie at the service Club and it was pretty good. I went back to the barracks and crashed.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - We had to stay in the complex while the other two platoons pushed out 150 meters to secure a log site. A chopper came in and let off some C5 burps to use on the bunkers. We burped them all (I was last to leave, big deal). We got logged. Because of time element we humped our C‘s in cases to night loc. We‘d split them up tomorrow. Home tonight is quiet. We need a rest. My back has been acting up for 2 days now.

MARCH 2, 1970 Monday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON {Diary) - (167) Sgt. Brunlow came in and got us up early for chow. We ate and just laid around and bullshitted. I went up to the orderly room and helped up there for a while. I went back to the hospital and some cherry medic took out my packing. The doc come over and bawled him out and the worst part was he had to put more in again. It hurts like hell, too. I went back and I had to pull guard. We still took off and went to the movie. Guard was quiet and we had a good bullshit session.
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - Company found 165 tons of rice. In Tay Ninh recuperating from wounds received 2-28—7O.
JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Been setting up automatics on trotters. Got 2 gooks on bikes 2 nights in a row. On 3rd night they stole automatic. Then the other day found bunker complex where gooks where headed when killed those 4. Slept there one night. Next day they ambushed us. The guy walking second was shot in the back of the head and stomach. Then blew the rest of our claymores and wounded 3. Killed 7 or 8 gooks.

BILL HAHN (Diary) – Failed to say I broke my watch in the contact two days ago so I turned it in as a combat loss by saying I lost it. 6 says they may give me $30 for it. My back feels a lot better since I‘ve been putting wintergreen on it. Oh yes, I finished a good book today (the book is one reason my letter writing has lightened up). It was called “The Wine and The Music“ by William Barrett. It was about a young priest who falls in love. Very good story. We only moved 350 meters so I‘ll try to get a letter or two written today. Hope it‘s another quiet night (and another and another, ect.). We’re supposed to leave Tav Ninh 15th of the month.

MARCH 3, 1970 Tuesday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (166) I went back to the medics today but they didn‘t do anything. We just sat around and bullshitted plus I got a bit of a catnap. It felt good to get extra sleep. Also it feels good to be eating hot meals again. I had guard again but we split and went to the N C.0. club and really got drunk. But by the time we got there we were pretty well sober. We sat up and pulled guard and bullshitted but had a good time, We talked over old war stories. Boy, when I get home that’s all I’ll do, I bet.
ROGER ”JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Finding some weapons with the cache. Got a letter from Gerald about going on R&R. I wanted to wait till later on in my tour.
Melvin Chambless (Letter) - Still in Tay Ninh Province.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Last night and today combined I've managed to put out 10 letters. I only have one more I want to write. We moved l5O meters out of last night‘s loc and found the trotter we've been hunting for, for 3 days. We‘re set up on it now with Range having the primary bush site. We set out two automatics (up and down the trotter on either side of our positions). Cat and Skull each have AA‘s out. You know that contact 3 days ago eliminated all the charlie mikes the gooks stole from us (it was kind of ironic that they were all blown on Range}. Cat just had their AA go off but there were negative findings. Played a little cards and ate well. Good night.

MARCH 4, 1970 Wednesday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) (165) I got up and went to chow. Which was pretty good. There were potatoes, ham and eggs. I cleaned up and went to the Service Club. I wrote a few letters to the folks and one to Jay and Diane. I didn‘t have guard so we sat around and bullshitted and got drunk. Boy, I'm going to be an alcoholic if this keeps up.
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON - (Letter) I was very bored in the rear, suggesting I should go back out to the field. One black was 6 months AWOL and made $30.000 in the black market, got an undesirable discharge and sent home. A white refused to go to the field, got 6 months in LBJ (Long Binh Jail).

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.
Bill HAHN (Diary) — Left night loc in search of field to get logged. Skull pointed and we went through some old bunkers so we took it real slow and fragged a few. Finally we got a heading from a high plane. Then we found the field and secured it at 1200. We eat and waited for the sortie. We waited and waited. We didn‘t leave that log site until 1930. I couldn‘t believe it. It was damn near dark. We got set in some now and got claymores out. We were just laying, BSing, when a trip went off. Then another trip and finally they blew couple of claymores and then we fired some smell arms and Cat reported seeing a gook going down the trotter. They‘ll check it tomorrow. Today was the first log I haven‘t gotten a letter since 16 Jan. My mother hadn't missed a day since her letter 19 Jan. Oh well, it will give me a chance to write people I've never written before. We set our boxes on fire at the log site and the whole field went up.

MARCH 5, 1970 Thursday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — (164) We messed around, but first we had to clean the place up. It looked like a pig pen, really. I went to the Service Club again and wrote a letter in answer to Gerald's. He wants me to go on R&R in April, but I would rather wait till around June. So, I wrote one to him explaining why. I wrote home again and I almost told them what happened to me. But I think it is better to let it ride. I sure hope they don‘t find out about it, because I am really not hurt bad. It will only scare them and I don't want that. I had tonight off, too. Wow. two nights in a row. I won't be able to make it a month at this rate. Too much booze!
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Firefight 2 WIA.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Cat didn’t find anything on trotter. We moved out. Cat pointing. When we stopped for a break, 3 gooks crawled up to the rear of the left file (I was in the rear of the right file). A couple guys from Skull fired but missed them completely. Wow! We were pissed. Pushed up 750 meters and set in for chow. Skull on patrol hit a bunker complex and were checking it out when they had a claymore blown on them and small arms fire. It really sounded bad, but only two guys got wounded. They pulled back 100 meters and we went out to reinforce them. I thought it had come for us again, but we brought them back quietly. Brought in air strikes to within 150 meters and did the earth shake (napalm)! Found night loc 100 meters away. 6 is really edgy and I guess we all need out of the field for awhile.

MARCH 6, I970 Friday
Francis Louis Ware III City: Youngstown. OH
Cpl Army Born: lOSep49 Date Casualty: O6Mar7O
Vietnam Veteran Memorial Panel No. 13W Line No. 89

ROGER "JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — (163) We had to pull a big police call and I helped them with some work in the supply room. We got the word the company had hit the shit bad. The gooks stood up and charged them. When they pulled out they (Cat) had nine line twos, (wounded), and Range had three line twos and one line one. That makes two in one week. Ware was shot in the head and chest. Most of them weren‘t too bad, but a few of them will go back to the world. There are too many gooks out there for us to handle. I was with them all day and most of the night . I had guard again.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Resupply day. (Mel recalled during the firefight being behind something, possibly a stump, and Archie was nearby in some bamboo. A gunship fired his rockets and some of the shrapnel hit Archie in the back.)
JIM O’BRIEN (Diary) - Firefight 1 KIA 16 WIA. Frances (Frank) Ware
DANNY BRIDGES» -Cat walked into an ambush. Skull was supposed to go help, but Cat said send Range. Danny was in a clump of bamboo when the gooks turned the .30 caliber on us. Bamboo was being shot down and getting closer and closer. Steve was beside Danny in the bamboo and Steve jumped up and dove over a 3 foot log. Danny got behind an 8 inch anthill. The gook started shooting the anthill and dirt and bamboo was flying around hitting Danny and Steve in the face.
BILL HAHN (Diary) — Started out like a typical day. Cat went on patrol to find night loc. I was playing Hearts when I50 meters out they got ambushed. Range saddled up to go help them. I thought it would be like the day before when Skull was hit, but I was far from right. We pushed out and got to their perimeter. We filled in the back half. Their 60 was burned up so we took ours up. I had just carried 400 rounds M60 ammo to front and was helping a wounded back, I turned to go back up when the gooks opened up. I saw 3 AK rounds hit the ground in front of me, then one went through my left forearm. Wow, did it ever burn! We finally all got out of there. On the way back I turned around and all I could see was wounded following me. It was the worst I‘ve ever seen it. Range had 3 wounded, l killed. Cat had about 15 wounded. We were medevaced to Tay Ninh. I thought my arm was broken. The first place they just put a clean bandage on it and then sent me to the 24th surgical hospital. I waited for 4 hours for surgery. They x-rayed my arm and kept jabbing me with pins. They put me to sleep in surgery. Woke up in ward 2 hours later. I thought I was back in the boonies and remember trying to tell people to set up a perimeter. Diagnosis is that a nerve is cut and I have little feeling in my hand. I didn‘t sleep well.

MARCH 7, 1970 Saturday
RQGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (152) Charlie company hit the shit today. They found 90 tons of rice and 210 SKS and a case of 9MM pistols the other day. But today they got a ground attack in the field. They had one line one and twenty three line twos. It was bad but could have been worse. I had guard again but we all got drunk during the day and made up for the night. I wrote a letter to Hise today. I sure hope he is all right. I haven‘t heard from him for a long time.
JIM O’BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - They‘ve had this tube in my arm feeding me now for a day. Today I left for Saigon and there I got notice I‘ll be going to Japan. The doctors don‘t know how long it will take to heal, they estimate 90 days. No one knows if I‘ll have to come back or not. I'm in the 3rd Field Hospital now.

MARCH 8, I970 Sunday
ROGER “JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — (161) We got up early and cleaned the place up, since it looked like a pig pen. Most of us had to get our bandages changed and so I took a shower first. We sat around and bullshitted a lot and I got a letter written to the folks. Plus I wrote a whole lot in my diary. I hope I can keep it caught up this time. I got the night off again and that is great. I saw a good movie and had some drinks at the N.C.O. club. I got my orders for E-5 today and now I can go in there legal. We bullshitted a lot about the war and how everything is going. Piss poor.
RGGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — Hating war and Vietnam, telling Roy and Rod to stay out of the service. Had a good friend (Ware?) asking me if and why he was over there, what we were supposed to be doing there. Why we were killing each other? I tried to get answers for him, but could not. He died without knowing why he was there, not even the officers can answer that question. It was hard. Received a knife from Mom.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Received letter from home telling of hometown friend being killed in action. He was a chopper pilot, only in country about 2 months.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - The contact we had had was our 8th in 11 days. People were really scared. I slept pretty good last night. They turn lights off at 2200 around here and get you up at 0530. I‘ve been trying all day to contact Wilk (?) with no success. I‘1l try again tomorrow. The food is good here (anything beats C‘s). Bird colonel and sergeant major gave me a purple heart. They were going to take my picture, but my arm is in a sling so they declined. Photographer had me fill out a form for the local paper back home. I was going to make me sound like a real hero, but... They say I’ll be here another 10 days before Japan. No one really knows. If I do all my recovery here. I may finish my tour. In a rear job capacity. I hope. I don't know if I could take the field.

MARCH 9, 1970 Monday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (160) Another bad day but not for us. The 11th Armored Cavalry, the ones we were with was ambushed by some gooks and ended up with two tanks blown up and six men dead and seven wounded. Those gooks aren't even playing. They are really putting the shit on us. My day wasn't too bad. We went to the Service Club and drank some booze at the hootch. I had guard but wasn't too bad. Guard has never really been too hard on me.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Another day down. They say I'm leaving the l5th. They put my arm in a splint and bent the hand back straight instead of drooping down. I got my purple heart stuff mailed home. People around here are really snobs, they really piss me off. They don't even know there‘s a war going on. I'd like to put the whole bunch in the field for a week and then let them complain about how hard and boring they have it now. I pick a different project to do every day. It's the only way I can look forward to tomorrow. I miss all my friends. Today I mailed the purple heart home and tomorrow I'll try to send some stuff to the field for the guys. Had chest x-ray.

MARCH 10, 1970 Tuesday
RQGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — (l59) It was a real quiet night and we didn't do anything all day. We just laid around and got drunk. Buzz came back from R&R and, wow, did he have a good time. I was very happy for him. He had a real nice girl and I am glad he had a good time. I had guard again, but I don't mind cause we can still leave till 10:00. We can go have a few beers or go see a movie works out pretty good.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary} — Didn't do much all day except walk around a lot. Package with purple heart came hack because it wasn't in an official envelope. I'll get one from my liaison officer day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I go to surgery to have my arm sewn up. I skipped lunch because I’ve just been eating too much food for not doing anything. I saw a few TV shows, played a little more one—handed poker (what a ball). . really feel like shit. There's nothing to do and I have no job. It gets on my nerves. I never sleep reel well. Just so-so. Mail hasn't caught up with me yet, I sure wish it would. There are a few nice looking girls walking around here (mostly officer nurses]. Sometime I must call Wilk.

MARCH 11, 1970 Wednesday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (158) We really gave the place an overhaul, it was dirtier than hell. It sure doesn‘t take too long for a guy to dirty a place up and when you have about 20 of them. It is real bad. Top made me NCOIC of the bunkers. He said not to pull guard but be there to keep things going right. I have to set up guard and make sure they are there on time and if they go to sleep on guard, it is my responsibility. The battalion commander and his bird were shot down. He is OK though. Lt. Burke is hurt real bad. He was hit on LZ Flashner.
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - One of the companies (C?) was hit hard, killed over 130 gooks and had six dead and 32 wounded. Had to be lifted out, last 2 helicopters. Range was ambushed, one dead (Ware?), 15 wounded, all good friends. I was very lucky to not have been there. The gooks are ganging up on us, they were pulled out and a B~52 strike applied. 11th Armored was hit again, 6 killed and 10 wounded. They are mad cause we took all their weapons and food. We have killed an estimated 362 in two weeks. If anything, you'd think their morale would be low, but they still keep fighting. Received my sergeant stripes in February, found out about it in March.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Received letter from close friend that went over with me. He is assigned to lst of 5th Cav. They are presently doing pacification work. Letter says I began being squad RTO about this date.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Got up early, as usual. I knew because of my surgery today I couldn‘t eat, so I just laid around and slept. About 0900 they came to get me. I got wheeled out on wheels (just like in the movies). Outside the operating door they put another I.V. in my arm and pressure device. I waited about 15 minutes, then went in. They planned on just numbing my left arm, so they shaved my armpit. Then they started poking there with a needle. Somehow they couldn't find the artery, so they poked for 15 minutes, finally satisfying themselves, but when they started working on the arm, it wasn‘t numb, so they put me under. Came to at 1230. Was drowsy for a couple of hours, then went back to Ward 9. I‘m getting sick of needles.

MARCH 12, 1970 Thursday
RGGER "JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (157) We had 60 rounds of incoming today. It scared the hell out of all of us. But they can‘t say it is as bad as any firefight. We are sitting around bullshitting and enjoying a cold beer now. The company is getting logged today. I hope it goes all right. The log was okay and nothing happened. Guard was real quiet and we did a lot of bullshitting.
JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Things have cooled down a little. Not too long ago had 6 straight days of firefights. Started when Flash was killed and 3 were wounded. Next day walked into bunker complex with gooks in it. One guy shot in side, medevaced O.K. Next day hit the shit bad. Walked into another ambush. Gooks in bunkers and in a trench with .30 caliber machine guns. One of our guys killed and 18 wounded. Raked us with machine guns for 2 hours. Bamboo cut down by bullets. Took shirt off for wounded soul brother Jimmy. Hit in backside arm and leg. LZ Flashner took over 125 rounds of mortars this morning alone and been getting it all day.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Had one of my worst night’s sleep. I just couldn‘t do anything with my arm to make it comfortable. I took 4 shots in the butt, the first 3 were okay, but the nurse gave me the last one and it really hurt (this was all done yesterday). Saw such shows on TV as "Route 66" and “Waterfront“. Tomorrow I plan on getting in touch with Wilkinson. Ate good again. I'll sit in the sun a lot tomorrow. Sent home the purple heart medal today. Hope I sleep good tonight. Temp all day around 99.5.

MARCH 13, 1970 Friday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (156) We got up, ate and went to that traditional formation we have every morning. We then went on the traditional police call and got logged down. It seemed good to get caught up on a little sleep. I run guard now, so I have to set it up and make sure they are all there on time. We went to the movie, but it was sickening so we left and went for a few beers. Buzz and I sat and bullshitted for a long time. All my guard were there on time.
RQGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — Days seem long, talk of how long 365 days can be, forgetting what home was like. Someone got two six packs of Coors, it was great. Heard about Roy fighting the Christensons, lost some teeth when he was hit with a 2X4. I was swearing revenge and wishing I was there to do it then.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary) — Had a rotten night‘s sleep again. Took my pills all day like a good boy, ate good chow. Tried to call Larry again, no luck. Fell asleep in the afternoon, so I didn't get a chance in the sun. I saw the movie “Alice's Restaurant“, it was a little weird but not as much as I was expecting. Night nurse is not bad or else it's been awhile (I sort of think the latter).

MARCH 14, 1970 Saturday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — (155) They got us up early, which felt good, for some reason. We just lay around until noon and then Smitty and I moved our gear to the bunker. These guys up here are too dirty. Alpha company hit the shit and had four killed and 42 wounded. Those gooks are gonna tear us up bad. Our company hit the shit again today. They got 12 wounded, none very seriously. Rudy got hit again. He‘s pressing his luck.
RQGER "JAKE" JACOBSCN (Letter) — Recuperating in Tay Ninh base camp, living in bunker number 70, guard every other night.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Firefight 4 WIA.

BILL HAHN (Diary) — Sleep hardly at all. I just can‘t lay this arm anyway that it‘ll become comfortable, or should I say at least bearable, so I just stay awake. Went to the Special Services Library and listened to a tape by Gary Puckett. I enjoyed that. Took all my pills. Got two packages from Mom and Arlene. What am I going to do wtih all that food here in this place? Oh well. I‘ll make sure it‘s eaten. Saw the movie “Follow Me“, it was about surfing, had some tough girls. I‘ll try my hand at sleeping again tonight.

MARCH 15, 1970 Sunday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - (155?) We got up and went to chow and the formation. Then we came back and cleaned up the bunker. They sent in only four of the guys. Tina got hit in the eye but I don‘t know how bad yet. I got tired of waiting for the doctors to take out my stitches, so I did it. I also took the cotton out of my arm. We finally got the read back on Tina and he lost his eye. The doctor said that if he had come in earlier, he might have been able to save it. Sounds like someone messed up again. We didn‘t do anything all day, but this night we got about half drunk.
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - All the companies are being chewed up badly, not enough replacements, will go out soon, they need help. On 14th (our platoon} was hit three times. 12 wounded, but only 4 came in. Too many gooks and they are hard asses. Cambodia ordered all NVA and VC out of their country, we all had a big laugh at that.
Garry Bruckner (Comment) – During a firefight as I was crawling forward to get ammo to the machine gun, one guy was on his hands and knees crawling around. He had been hit in the face with shrapnel, dirt or other debris from a hand grenade or claymore. He couldn’t see so panicked and was trying to find someone to help or just lost control. I knew he would get shot if he didn’t get down so I stopped, got him to lie down and told him he would be OK, to stay down,that we would get a medic as soon as possible. There was an M-60 there with no one by it so I think that guy and the assistant gunner got hit in their faces and left the gun. I was trying to decide if I should take over the gun or continue taking my can of M-60 ammo up to my gunner. I could hear him yell he needed ammo so I started to head toward him and then asked someone to pass that can of ammo up to my gunner and I was going to take over the M-60. As I crawled toward the abandoned M-60, someone else had taken it over so I got on line and starting shooting my M-16. After the firefight we were trying to get reorganized, find out who was wounded or dead and get a medevac and resupply chopper. For some reason, we couldn’t get a medevac and the wounded had to stay till morning. Might have been getting too close to dark or too many gooks around. The guy that had been hit in the face and eyes from a grenade or claymore was in a lot of pain. He was moaning all night and someone was trying to keep him quiet as we were worried the gooks would find us because of the noise he was making.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - We‘ve been out almost 30 days without even seeing a firebase. Just humping all day.

BILL HAHN (Diary) - Slept about 4 hours which is pretty good for me. Went to 8:00 mass. I‘m supposed to go to Tan Son Nhut today and leave for Japan tomorrow. This could be my last full day in Vietnam. Wow, I'm short! Stayed in an air—conditioned building and ate. Real good show at Tan Son Nhut. I‘ll be leaving early tomorrow morn. Oh, one of the nurses was wearing Este Lauder, about drove me out of my mind. Saw the move “Natalie, Me“ (pretty good love story). Comparing nurses: wore fatigues (like me) at 45th Surg. at Tay Ninh: at 3rd Field they were real stateside nurses in white dress stocking and shoes. At AFB {Air Force Base) they wear dark blue slacks and a light blouse. It looks the worst because it makes all of them look like they have a big butt and I'm not a butt man myself. Brought me in award for ArCom with "V" device.

MARCH 16, 1970 Monday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - (154) Top came to get me and wanted me to go to Bien Hoa, so I got ready and left. I hate to fly in those damn C~13O‘s but guess I will make it. I got into Bien Hoa and we took the paper to a place and then I had to take the clothes clear across the base. It took about 3 hours to do all of it, but when I finished that, I was off. I went to the PX but there wasn‘t anything I wanted. I met a guy who I came in country with. Couldn‘t remember his name and was too embarrassed to ask. Later on at the R&R and Deros place I met Gerold's friend and we got drunk and bullshitted all night. Then we went to bed in the E-6 hootch, even though we were only E—5‘s. Don‘t mean nothing.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day. Gook in open. Ambushed gooks. None killed.
Garry Bruckner (Comment) – Might be the day we spotted some gooks crossing an opening. Looked like 2 men and a woman and they had weapons. We set up an ambush as fast as possible and opened up on them. Didn’t drop any of them but one dropped a pistol.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Slept better than I have for days. They got us up around 0330. We ate breakfast about 0430 then went back to bed because they got word the plane was still at Clark. We were supposed to have loaded up around 0600. We finally did around 0900. Took air—conditioned bus to air strip. We're riding an AF C141. Most of the patients are litter (only 6 of us sitting in seats}. We just touched off the ground right before I started writing this, so I am no longer attached to the Republic of Vietnam. It‘s a 5 hour flight to Japan. It‘s really cold on this plane. In Yokota it‘s about 50 degrees. Looks just like the States. Got put in a nice bed and decent but not great chow. Saw the movie on TV “How The West Was Won“ (closed circuit TV). Nurse gave me 4 Darvon’s and a sleeping pill, so I hope the night is quiet. Tomorrow I go to the 249th.

MARCH 17, 1970 Tuesday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (153) I've never been so rudely awakened before in my whole life. Some big old brute came in there shaking our beds and blowing whistles. Yes, we did get up and to take the cake it was 5:00 a.m. We had chow and got manifested, then split for the airport. We messed around until 9:00 and then our plane was leaving. We got to Tay Ninh in about 45 minutes. I‘ve been messing around ever since. I went up and put some things on order for the family. Just some real simple presents but they will appreciate them, I know.
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) —_I had to take the wounded men's personal items and records to Bien Hoa, stayed in the R&R center, met one of Gerold‘s friends, nice guy. Gerold wants to go on R&R in May. I wanted maybe 6 or 7 hundred for the trip.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Firefight 1 KIA. 4 WIA.
BILL HAHN (Diary)~ Up and had breakfast. Chopper came at 0930. Walked outside and all around there were snow covered mountains (I remembered from geography that Japan is 80% mountainous}. Was a beautiful ride. Japanese seem to love the colors red and blue because most of the houses were these colors. Flew over a race track, several schools and other large structures, which I didn’t know what they were. I got put in building 814C. Met a guy who got hit the same day I did. Doc cut off bandage and looked at wound. I took my 1st look, YUK!, sure doesn‘t look good to me, but Doc says it's fine and wants it to get air. That doesn't mean I have to look at it. though. I do have a weak stomach. Walked to PX, froze. But saw some nice stuff. If I get paid, I may spend a little. Sat out rest of evening, there wasn't a movie. I took two sleeping pills and 2 Darvon.

MARCH 18, 1970 Wednesday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (152) Today was another day. and what a poor one. First I had to get up early, then we had to work most of the day. About noon we got the report 12 line twos were on their way in. But by 2:00 it had built up to 23 wounded, 3 weren't expected to live, and, in a way, I hope they don‘t. They were really messed up. This is the worst in a long time. Those gooks are really putting the shit to us. We went down and got the guys some sodas and tried to help them out some. We went back to the company area and drank some beer and went to a movie. Gerald‘s friend came up to see me and we went out and had a few. We stayed up real late and had a big bullshit session.
JIM O BRIEN (Diary) — Firefight 1 KIA, 24 WIA, Jim O‘Brien wounded in foot.
MELVIN CHAMBLES5 (Letter) - Tomorrow is log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary) — Slept pretty darn good. Woke up around 0430 and took 2 more Darvon. Didn't get back to sleep though. They woke up all of us at 0515. Put clean sheets on bed! Now I‘m just waiting for breakfast. After that I‘ll shave and brush my teeth. Found out yesterday I may continue to get combat pay for 3 months. That'll be great and I‘m really going to try and save my money. Had to have an x—ray in the morn and after lunch went to Occupational Therapy. They’re working with my hand. They built a little thing to hold my wrist up. It‘s a little of a strain, but I want to get this thing working again. Got a $40 partial pay. I‘ve been thinking about buying this radio/tape player in the PX. I just don't know. It was sold again here in the 40's. I presume. Feels awfully cold walking around. I go back to O.T. tomorrow morn. It’s 2100 and I just read the Stars and Stripes, now I'm waiting ‘til 2200 to get my knock out pills.

MARCH 19, 1970 Thursday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — (151) We got up at 6:00 because Gerald’s buddies had to go back to Song Be. Two of my guards were found asleep on guard. They got an article 15 and they will lose their rank. We didn‘t do a whole lot today, just messed around and got about half drunk. We got a report that we were going to get 29 new guys and it sure will help. It has been a long time since I wrote in here. It is the 29th and here I am writing for the 19th. So it will be hard to remember what was going on.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Not too bad a day. Went back to O.T. and they put another piece on my contraption. Then I went to P.T. From now on I go to P.T. twice a day (0800 and 1300). I get a heat lamp job, then do a bunch of other exercises. They say I'll need a lot of therapy and more surgery, too. Oh well, looking around this ward. I‘m by no means bad off, at least I can walk and have one good hand. I‘m going to work hard and with God's help, soon I’ll have two good hands again. I'll pray a lot. Oh, I decided to buy a radio/tape player combination, don’t know why, just thought it would be neat. I‘1l probably buy a cheap watch, too, since I don't have one. These stretching exercises are a little straining. I'll probably sleep well.

MARCH 20, 1970 Friday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - {l50) We got those cherries and there were 23 of them. 11 of them were from the Big Red One, and the rest were as cherry as you can get. We worked our asses off trying to outfit them. Most of the ones from the 1st Division had their own so that helped. We had to give them one quart canteens as that is all we could get. It took all day and, boy, did we work hard. It is the most work I‘ve done since I‘ve been in the rear. We all got drunk to celebrate getting them ready.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Went to P.T. twice today and went to P.X. and bought AM/FM stereo radio/tape player and head set. I sent it to Tom and John and told them to leave it off at Terry’s. It‘ll get good care there. Not much else has happened. It‘s getting boring and I‘m getting tired trying to move my hand.

Correction to March 21, 1970 and additions

At a couple of D 2/8 1st Cavalry reunions (Range Platoon), (this was before we knew about the Angry Skipper reunions), I had asked everyone that was willing to bring letters they had written home or anything they had that I could add to a day to day diary of what happened to us in Vietnam. I used the letters and anything else that I felt was accurate to create a diary of daily events. I will remove the names in some places as I would rather have permission before posting them. Some of the letters and diaries were quite detailed and others were very brief, sometimes only mentioning locations.

MARCH 21, 1970 Saturday
JAKE (in the rear for training) (Diary) - Another big day. Harry and I had to take all the cherries out to the LZ. 3 refused to go so they will be written up for it. First we went out to a place called Anne. It is a Special Forces camp. We sat there for about 3 hours then we went by log bird to LZ Illingworth. Boy, what a hole and dust about 6 inches deep all over. Got to see Buzz. He is on the LZ and logs the company from there. Really, he has a hard job, but I sure would like it. We found out the company is coming in for a few days on the LZ. Boy, will they be happy to hear that. They need a rest so bad. It was good to see Buzz. We bullshitted a long time.

Garry Bruckner (Comment) – This is the day that we forced marched through jungle and open fields to FB Illingworth. They wouldn’t send choppers to pick up the company, possibly too many enemy around. Everyone was told to lighten their packs as we would be moving quickly with only brief stops to rest and no waiting for anyone. The cherries had been brought out as replacements as our company had been reduced considerable due to WIA and KIA. When they heard what we had been through with all the firefights some of the cherries refused to go out. I think some tried to claim Conscientious Objector status or just plain refused to go.

JIM (Diary) — LZ Illingworth.

BILL (in the rear due to being wounded in a firefight) (Diary) - Only had exercises once today. Got some mail. Saw a movie, “El Dorado“, With John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. Saw part of S.F. versus Tokyo ball games. Still working with my arm. I‘m supposed to leave either Tuesday or Wednesday.

MARCH 22, 1970 Sunday
JAKE (Diary) — We got some things ready to send to the men in the field, sodas and clothes and things like that. Boy, all I do is drink and am I getting fat. I have got to quit drinking or eating and you know the booze ain‘t going anywhere. I've got to get some more paper for this thing. I'm out.

JIM (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

MELVIN (Letter) - After 30 something days we are finally on a firebase (Illingworth). Rocky went out on R&R on 19th. We‘re supposed to get a cooked steak and beer tonight.

BILL (in the rear due to being wounded in a firefight) (Diary) - P.T. in afternoon. Went to mass at 0830. Lazy day.

MARCH 23, 1970 Monday
JIM (I believe Jim was returning from R&R) (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

BILL (in the rear due to being wounded in a firefight) (Diary) — P.T. twice. Hate that electrical treatment. Didn't do much. Went to the P X., bought some cokes and candy.

MARCH 21, 1970 Saturday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - (149) Another big day. Harry and I had to take all the cherries out to the LZ. 3 refused to go so they will be written up for it. First we went out to a place called Anne. It is a Special Forces camp. We sat there for about 3 hours then we went by log bird to LZ Illingworth. Boy, what a hole and dust about 6 inches deep all over. Got to see Buzz. He is on the LZ and logs the company from there. Really, he has a hard job, but I sure would like it. We found out the company is coming in for a few days on the LZ. Boy, will they be happy to hear that. They need a rest so bad. It was good to see Buzz. We bullshitted a long time.
Garry Bruckner (Comment) – This may be the day that we forced marched through jungle and open fields to FB Illingworth. They wouldn’t send choppers to pick up the company, possibly too many enemy around.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — LZ Illingworth.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Only had exercises once today. Got some mail and found out the real story about Dad. Saw a movie, “El Dorado“, With John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. Saw part of S.F. versus Tokyo ball games. Still working with my arm. I‘m supposed to leave either Tuesday or Wednesday.

MARCH 22, 1970 Sunday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — (148) We got some things ready to send to the men in the field, sodas and clothes and things like that. Boy, all I do is drink and am I getting fat. I have got to quit drinking or eating and you know the booze ain‘t going anywhere. I've got to get some more paper for this thing. I'm out.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - After 30 something days we are finally on a firebase (Illingworth). Rocky went out on R&R on 19th. We‘re supposed to get a cooked steak and beer tonight.
BILL HAHN (Diary) - P.T. in afternoon. Went to mass at 0830. Lazy day.

MARCH 23, 1970 Monday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.
BILL HAHN (Diary) — P.T. twice. Hate that electrical treatment.
Didn't do much. Went to the P X., bought some cokes and candy.

MARCH 24, 1970 Tuesday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) — Went swimming in a pond, only waist deep. My company is on the LZ. Someone (airplane) spotted some (4) old German tanks, a unit of tracks & grunts took off after them. It is very hot, glad to not be humping in the boonies but feel I'm out of shape, need to get out there. No snow for the races in Montpelier. The A.P.O. (Army Post Office) has gone on strike and we won‘t get mail for a while. I would just as soon shoot them as a gook.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Still on firebase Illingworth. Yesterday we made a mine sweep down a long road.
GARRY BRUCKNER - When we were done providing security for the engineers mine sweeping the road, we humped back to Illingworth. It had been a long hot day with us breaking through brush on each side of the road to prevent an enemy ambush. I know I was ready to sit down and take it easy as soon as possible. Illingworth was pretty much in the middle of a huge open field, I read somewhere that it was a dry lake bed. Looked too flat for that but it would explain the powdery dirt that is about 4 to 6 inches deep. Walking across the FB my feet sink into the dry dusty ground up to my ankles. We could see the firebase from a distance as we were approaching and it looked good to us weary grunts, even if civilized comfort was almost nonexistent as it is hard to believe any place could be as dirty and rough as this place. I noticed someone on the berm watching us very closely as we were coming in and wondered who it could be. Either this guy didn‘t have anything to do or maybe he had an important message for someone or he was just interested in watching us. When I was close enough to make out facial features it struck me this guy looked a lot like a home town friend. My aching body suddenly felt totally alive because it was a home town friend I had known for most of my life, Gary Gates!
BILL HAHN (Diary) - Had the worst night‘s sleep in l0 days. I know it was 0300 when I finally fell under. As a result, I slept all day. I out processed today. Got the word I‘ll be leaving tomorrow. I‘1l be staying one night at Yokota. I‘m going to Great Lakes. They were supposed to take stitches out but didn't. I know it'll hurt, but I wish they were out.

MARCH 25, 1970 Wednesday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

MARCH 26, 1970 Thursday
JIM 0’BRIEN (Diary) — Tay Ninh rear.

MARCH 27, 1970 Friday
RGGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — We left the LZ on the tracks, pushed about 4 klicks and set up.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still on Illingworth, probably going back out tomorrow. Supposed to work with 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment again.

MARCH 28, 1970 Saturday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - Swept 17 klicks and was tired like hell. No soda or beer today.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

MARCH 29, 1970 Sunday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — Swept all day, got some beer and soda. Letter from home.
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Tay Ninh rear.

MARCH 30, 1970 Monday
ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - Supposed to sweep bomb strike. Patrolled all day.
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Back out in the boonies, but working with the 11th Armored Cav again. I was on the LZ for two days then had been in the boonies for 3 days. 2/7 got hit on the LZ by 600 gooks and lots of rockets and mortars. They called us in to help them. It was Dennis Hise‘s battalion, but not his unit, thank God. General Casey was shot down, but not hurt. Rumors of going to Phuoc Vinh, we have (the whole battalion) been chewed up, not many replacements, constant contact. Too many gooks and they are equipped well. We are so close to the border they can resupply faster than us, lots of birds being shot up.
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Tay Ninh rear.

MARCH 31, 1970 Tuesday
ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — The big move ambush out by the bar we always used to ????
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh.
JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Today whole battalion left Tay Ninh. Flew from special forces camp LZ Katum in Tay Ninh to Phuoc Vinh. In Tay Ninh were in 19 firefights.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Yesterday we were still in the Tay Ninh Province looking for 600 NVA that overrun firebase Jay and killed 14 Gl‘s. We were still with the 11th ACR. This morning we flew some 150 to 200 miles from there into the Phuoc Vinh Province.
Incursion by J.D. Coleman, page 201 – 4:20 am, March 29, 1970, FSB Jay erupted in explosions from rockets and mortars. Ground attack by 3rd battalion of the 95C Regiment, 13 Americans KIA, 53 WIA, 74 NVA KIA, 3 POW. FSB Jay was closed by late afternoon of the following day and a new FSB named Hannas was built a few kilometers away in a dry lake bed. Illingworth was not moved because its location interdicted enemy infiltration across the Dog’s Head area of the border.

APRIL 1, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE" JACOBSON (Diarv) - C.A. to the rocket belt and humped about 1500, ate chow.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — We went right back out in the bush after arriving in Phuoc Vinh. This morning after our night ambush 4 coke girls met us in a field and we all drank about 4 cokes apiece. Then we moved further out in the jungle. Made combat assault into elephant grass that was covering a river. Had to wade about 100 yards to dry land. First time I‘ve waded water in Vietnam. Log day will be the 3rd.

Garry Bruckner (Comment) – The choppers brought us in over the field but didn’t land. The grass was very high and I thought maybe they didn’t land in the grass because there might have been sharpened stakes sticking up to damage the choppers or make them crash or possibly some other kind of booby traps. That made me very concerned because we had to jump out of the choppers that were hovering several feet over the top of the tall grass so if there were sharpened stakes or booby traps of some kind we would be jumping right on top of them. A man ahead of me jumped out and I could see water splash up. The choppers didn’t land because there was water about 3 feet deep.

APRIL 2, 1970 Thursday

RQGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - Moved out late today, about 10:00, had to push about l7OO meters. It was hard pushing, but we finally got there and set up for the night.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) — Rumors came true, we moved to Phuoc Vinh. Very happy to be leaving that gook infested place, but sad for the battalion that replaced us if they don‘t do something fast, those gooks will do the same thing to them that they did to us. Charlie company replaced us on ?Bo Duc?. Very large rocket and mortar attack the day we left, they took direct hits on the ammo dump right behind our bunker and the 8 incher. They had l7 dead and 15 wounded, large ground attack. I guess someone is riding with us. They pulled our battalion out because we were so chopped up. We were down to about half strength, same as when we left last fall. Man that place is bad. Had to finish on a cardboard note book back, out of paper. Mom wanted to write Jay. I said don‘t worry about what you say, he lives in a small town and has seven brothers and sisters. He loves to race cars and wants to as a pro. I hope he can. He wants to come see us
and hunt, he hasn't seen an elk. Hardly anyone knows Roger Jacobson, they know Jake and I like it, too.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

Incursion by J.D. Coleman, page 205, Two hours after midnight or 2:00 am with Illingworth on full alert the enemy of the 1st battalion 271st Regiment fired more than 300 mortars and rockets at Illingworth. Big clouds of smoke and dust obscured nearly everything. RPG rockets and heavy machine guns from the tree line. Spec 4 Peter C. Lemon from Michigan awarded CMOH. 24 Americans KIA, 54 WIA, 65 NVA KIA.

APRIL 3, 1970 Friday
ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — Log day today. More chow, more water and some mail, which all adds up to more weight. Received letter from Marilyn.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - Jungle is very hot, it has been
defoliated. I'm sure you know what I mean, just go up Georgetown
Canyon and look at the trees, so there is no shade for us to hide under. Last night it rained like hell and we were drowned like rats in a barrel. I think the monsoons are on the way. Happy and surprised when we got on the birds for Phuoc Vinh. We all need a rest. I would like to stay here and take it easy for a while. Palace guard. You asked about a rear job, that is out for a while. I am squad leader now, and I think they will keep me here for a while. It won‘t be too bad in Phuoc Vinh, but I sure don't want to go back to Tay Ninh and have anything to do with the field. I have been up there twice and I think that is plenty. I have seen men die and really get hurt and I hope it is all over for me. This ain't no picnic but it’s better than the other places we've been. I‘m getting shorter ain‘t I?

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

APRIL 4, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - Pushed about 1800 and set up. We were supposed to CA but called off. Took a bath in the swamp yesterday. Not too bad.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Raining, has rained for the past 3 days. Got the new playboy magazine in the mail.

APRIL 5, 1970 Sunday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) - Had last guard so I‘ve been up for a long time, but that’s all right. I get tonight off. I'm glad I had the night off, it rained like hell and I didn‘t have to get up.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - I bought the lighter and packed it for about 4 months. I wanted Dad to have it. I can’t get my R&R because the guys that come from other units 1st and others. I‘ll get it don't worry, the Army owes me that much anyway. I won‘t be able to go with Gerald and Dennis, but I‘11 get by on my own, they say it ain‘t too hard. I watched Buzzel fly away for the last time. It was a happy day to see him going home. He lives in Maine and all he does is hunt and fish, so I told him he would get along great in Idaho. I believe he is going to Fort Carson, Colorado. My first sergeant said my orders came down for there too, but it seems too early to be cutting orders for me. That is where I asked to go to. I hope I get it.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary} — Phuoc Vinh rear.

APRIL 6, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) - Pushed out to the field and prepared to be extracted. They brought one bird at a time and took us to Phouc Vinh.

O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - We are in the rear at Phuoc Vinh now.

APRIL 7, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary( - We had a change of command and received our awards. I got a bronze star with a V device and a purple heart.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLEES (Letter) — Still in the rear. Had ceremony this
morning to exchange company commanders. Stayed in the rear last
night and we all went to a floor show. Saw a band called the "ANTS".

APRIL 8, 1970 Wednesday

RQGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — We got up and pushed to the road and the trucks came and got us. Sat around and got drunk.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) — Roy sent me some information about cars, looks like the Chevelles are very nice. I will check them out when I get home.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Back out in the jungle. Haven‘t had a haircut yet.

APRIL 9, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary - We stayed in for QRF. We had a tent to use. It wasn't too bad, but I slept in the supply room.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Back in the rear at Phuoc Vinh again. Finally got a haircut today. Writing letter home from the Service Club.

APRIL 10, 1970 Friday

RDGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — We just laid around all day and then we went out to the rubber plantation and set a bush. I let the guys bring a girl into the perimeter.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

APRIL 11, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — They messed us up. We had to move down and wait for some ARVN‘s we are going with as a blocking force. It was a bitch but when we got there we just laid around. Set a bush later.

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Getting a pot belly, looking bad, too much booze. We are half way between Phuoc Vinh and Song Be. We are on an LZ run by Special Forces and inhabited by ARVN‘s. Their families live with them and it is a dirty filthy place. They are pigs, they piss and throw food anywhere. I hate them worse every day, to me gooks are gooks and they are all the same — pigs. Net enough film, hard to get, pre-paid mailers don't work because I can‘t get money orders.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

APRIL 12, 1970 Sunday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — Saddled up and pushed to the village. Waited there for some trucks. We just laid around all day. QRF again. It wasn't bad at all. Saw a floor show.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Rumor says we'll be in Phuoc Vinh area about 3 months. Today we‘re about 10 miles from Phuoc Vinh at a Special Forces camp. Vietnamese Special Forces and their families live in the bunkers with them. NASTY!

GARRY BRUCKNER— I think this is where Tiny (Doc), Bill Dickey and Pee Wee got into a rice wine drinking contest with some ARVN'S. Some of the guard posts had sheet metal roofs. One night the guards at one post where going crazy trying to figure out where some noise was coming from. We finally determined it was rats crawling around on the metal roof.

APRIL 13, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — We have to get ready to move to a Special Forces camp and protect it from a ground attack. It is a big place but not too well guarded.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — Grandma was in a wreck, but she is OK. Just laying around taking it easy. Anytime you put on the
rucksack it ain't taking it easy, but at least it’s a change from Tay Ninh, you can't believe how relieved we are to be out of there.

JIM O BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

APRIL 14, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACQBSON (Diary) — We laid around until they
came to get us and we went back to Phuoc Vinh, except they didn't stop. We went right out to the bridge. It started raining and we pushed quite a way and then set up. It dribbled all night.

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — We got some beer and ice
and I had a hangover badly. Took last guard, usually take first to get it over with. The air was cool and it reminded me of the cool mornings in Bear Lake. The sunrise was very beautiful, the sky was so red and the trees against the skyline looked real pretty. Going out on a day ambush, we'll be alright, not too many gooks. Maybe we can blow away a few, honestly, I don't care if I ever see one again. They work in small groups, maybe six or so. The guys that are coming from other divisions tell us of their big battles. They don't know what battles are unless they fight the 95th Charley Division, 40,000 strong and well resupplied at that. Every time we‘re in Tay Ninh they do us and all the other battalions a job.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh field.

APRIL 15, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — Got up at 7:00 and we've had four changes of mission. When they get their heads out of their asses we’ll be okay. We pushed a hard 1300 meters and set up.

ROGER "JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — It was my 8th payday, only 4 more to go. They moved us down by Phuoc Vinh again and we went right out to the field about l5,000 meters from Phuoc Vinh. We are on the Song Be river at the Song Be bridge, if you can find the road, bridge and river, you'll know exactly where I'm at. The river cut a canyon about 100 feet deep, reminds me of the Snake River Canyon by Jackson Hole. Wish I could be there instead of here. Rained all night, not much sleep, dreamed of home, homesick all the time. Lori's picture always tears me up. I miss and love them all so much, but with our love for each other, we'll make it through. I'm on a diet, my gut is getting real large from all the beer and Army fat food.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Left Special Forces camp yesterday and came back to Phuoc Vinh and went right back out in the bush.

APRIL 16, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — We pushed out toward a river. Have to get Rudy out, as he is sick. We stayed close and took a swim in the river. Tomorrow we get logged.

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - I got a letter from Roy, glad to hear from him, happy for him doing so well at the races. Took a swim in the river, real nice and cool. I bet I‘ll spend a lot of time in the tub. Things are quiet and that is good. I never claimed to be a born killer. (Probably when I caught malaria). Looking forward to Australia and a bath, and wining and dining. I liked the books Roy sent, the 442 is nice, but I really like the SS 454 Chevelle. Told Roy to have a good time at his prom and to send a picture of Debbie.

APRIL 17, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — We got logged and paid. Boy, it was good to have some money but no place to spend it. We stayed in the same place and took a swim.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

APRIL 18, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - We pushed 1 klick and set up and again went for a swim. Had movement last night.

APRIL 19, 1970 Sunday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON {Diary) — Pushed about 1300 meters and set up. Took a swim and just laid around. Found a field to get logged in tomorrow.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — Can’t think of anything to say but will write so the mailman can stop at home. Told mom her hopes were in vain, we would be the last unit out of Nam. The Air Cav don’t even think of the World. I read in a magazine we would be the last out because of the way we work and our helicopters can move us around so easily. Besides, this unit is known for its lifers. All the generals and big wigs are West Point, that is a good sign of lifer. I want out of Nam badly. I hate this country and all the people in it. If I could, I would kill them all, so we could go home. I guess that’s why we're there to stop crazy people like me. This place is bad enough to make a person go crazy. This letter should he burned, don‘t you agree?

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Went swimming in a little creek today. Have not fired my rifle this month. Got paid on the 16th. We got air mattresses sent out about two weeks ago.

APRIL 20, 1970 Monday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Diary) — We got up and pushed out to the field and waited for log. It came real late and along with it came the skipper. He will be with us for a while. Stayed in the same place.

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON {Letter) - I want Roy to stay away from this place, there ain't no sense in this whole damn mess over here. I’m praying it will be over before Roy will get in. Have him join the Navy or Air Force, they have a good time, live like a human being, and work an eight hour day, live like kings. Answering Mom about My Lai incident, she knew more than me. Some officers do things like that. Sometimes we’re told to do things we‘d rather not but it usually turns out OK. Most of them (U.S.) are not murderers even though they seem like it every now and then. Asked Mom to get Lori a present and have a party. I love her and will be home soon to share that love. Thank Gloria for the picture. Lori grows so much she‘ll be a young girl before I get home. We'll never be separated more than what has to be. We've been able to bathe in the river each day and we smell good for a few hours then start sweating and stinking the same old way.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

APRIL 21, 1970 Tuesday

RQGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) — We pushed down to the field we were in a few days ago. On the way, Six really got sick and we had to medevac him. Then we pushed another klick and set up.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Humped 4 klicks.

APRIL 22, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Diary) - We pushed to a road. We have to go on a search to find a mortar tube. We messed around all day, got about 3/4 drunk and then set up right close by.

APRIL 23, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Diary) — We pushed up the road a way and got logged and messed around all day. Then we pushed back in the bush a way and set up. We medevaced ?????????.

JIM O‘BRIEN {Diary)— Log day.

APRIL 24, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Last diary entry) — We had to get up early and push to the field to CA. We are going up north for a few days.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — I have come in to the rear to see a doctor after getting something in my left eye.

APRIL 25, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — Still in Phuoc Vinh and enjoying not being in Tay Ninh. We got a new company commander and battalion commander. Skipper is a West Pointer and thinks his shit don‘t stink, but I'll tell you it does stink and he is really an ass. They get us up early and hump till after dark. I put in for my R&R for 28th June to 3rd July. I wanted to be shorter before I go. Everyone says it is harder after you come back. Jerold and Dennis and I can’t get together on it.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — I'm still in rear. Rumors are when we leave Phuoc Vinh we will go to Quan Loi.

APRIL 27, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN {Diary) — Log day.

APRIL 28, I970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - Been very busy, they gave me the squad and Lt. Walters got sick and had to go in so then I was in charge of the platoon. I was a little intimidated because he was a Green Beret. All the responsibilities of daily mission and in case of contact I will be in charge of everything, their lives, artillery, qunships, medevacs, etc.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — I came back out to the bush yesterday. I believe we‘re supposed to come in to Phuoc Vinh day after tomorrow.

APRIL 29, 1970 Wednesday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary)~ Log day.

APRIL 30, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - This was an official Chieu Hoi (the “open arms“ program promising clemency and financial aid to
guerrillas who stopped fighting and returned to live under South
Vietnamese government authority) day and a cease fire. All the gooks are supposed to surrender today. We have been waiting all day, but no gooks showed up. I‘m sure we'll get a lot of them, ha ha. Received letters and really enjoyed them, that seems to be the only real thing that we can look forward to. I don‘t know what we'd do if we didn't have people and families to keep our strength up. It is such a build-up when we receive something from home. Grandpa and Grandma's 50th reunion, sorry I can’t be there. We’re all very proud of them. It’s almost Lori's birthday and I‘m so very lonely to see her. It seems as though I missed a lot in the past year, but I'll make up for it when I get home. Lots of us have had the flu. I don't know if I‘ll be able to get back to a normal way of living, but I’ll try.

MAY l, 1970 Friday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - The President has just ordered military units into Cambodia. Last night we were camped next to a little creek. Today it is raining.

MAY 2, 1970 Saturday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Preparing to go to Cambodia. it will help a lot to drive them off the border and take their weapons and supplies. Although many will be wounded or killed, it will he better in the long run.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Heard on the radio today about the units in Cambodia. So far they've only had about 6 guys wounded. We‘re supposed to go on a 3 day R&R in about 2 days.

MAY 5, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Resupply day. I've just moved up to
platoon RTO.

MAY 6, 1970 Wednesday

ROGER “JAKB“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Trying to convince Mom that my arm is just sore and it will be O.K. soon. Still running the platoon.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Three day R&R in Bien Hoa has been

MAY 7, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Down to 100 days, very excited about becoming a two digit midget. I'm afraid time may slow down because I‘m getting shorter. We got rocketed and then they sent us out to find the gun. We had to cross a river, then we set up on a trotter. Immediately I saw two gooks coming. We opened up and dropped them. One fired a few rounds and we called in a cobra to work out. The gook that fired on us shot a couple of rounds and his gun jammed. Someone may have been hurt if it hadn‘t. We're humping hard, but we want to knock out their rocket launchers as soon as we can.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Range II killed two gooks.

DANNY BRIDGES - First time saw dead gook.

MAY 8, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Set up next to a small creek again. Moved around a lot yesterday. May 7 was the day we killed two gooks on the log road. It‘s log day.

MAY 10, 1970 Sunday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Sunday the whole company is together. We went swimming again. Tomorrow is log day.

MAY 11, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

MAY 13, 1970 Wednesday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Came back into rear at Phuoc Vinh this morning. Sent home a pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals.

MAY 14, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (DIARY) - Log day, truck Phuoc Vinh ambush road.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Rumor says we may not have to go into Cambodia.

MAY 15, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Ambush road.

MAY 16, 1970 Saturday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) — Very busy each day, we go out and hump the bush, setting up transportation and making sure all these drunks are ready to go each day.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Ambush road.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still in the rear at Phuoc Vinh. Drank beer and watched a movie.

MAY 17, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Boils.

MAY 18, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - Writing by moon light, hope the rain doesn't start. The monsoons are in full gear, raining every night. They took us out after dark. It is real hard to ask a point man to do it at night. He is walking blind and couldn't see a gook if he was right in front of you. But I have good people and they don‘t give me too many problems. Of course you always have a few bad apples. One soul brother decided he wasn‘t going out to the field and he didn‘t. I got him an Article 15 and a good ass chewing from the C.O. Seems like a new man today, but he‘1l probably go back to his ways. The days seem to be going by very fast. Jim H. is going home. I feel good for him, but realize his tour wasn't too tough.

JIM 0‘BRIEN (Diary) - In rear with boils.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter)— Still in the rear. Got into a big poker game with some more guys in the platoon.

MAY 19, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — In rear with boils.

MAY 20, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — In rear with boils.

MAY 21, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vihh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - We are now in Quan Loi, came in 2 days ago. Pulling green line guard. Rumors say we‘ll go into Cambodia in a couple of days. Monsoon season seems to have started. Rained hard all night. Last letter from home says my college had a big rally to support the President's move into Cambodia! I'm really pissed!.

MAY 22, I970 Friday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh rear.

MAY 23, 1970 Saturday
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Still on bunker guard in Ouan Loi. The Quan Loi area has a great radio station.

MAY 24, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Phuoc Vinh.

MAY 25, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still on bunker guard at Quan Loi.

Leonard (Elliot) Burton left to go on R&R today.

DANNY BRIDGES — In Quan Loi I wrote my sister and said we were getting over like fat rats.

MAY 26, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Phuoc Vinh to Quan Loi.

MAY 27, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Quan Loi.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still in Quan Loi, it rains every day.

GARRY BRUCKNER (Comment) — Quan Loi had a very fine red powdery soil that would get into everything. It would even get into the pores of your skin and you could tell when someone had come from Quan Loi by the reddish tint of their skin. When it rained this red soil became a sticky, slippery goo. As you walked it would stick to your boots and you would increase in height with every step until it got heavy enough to break off and then the process would repeat again. I remember watching a tank trying to make it up a road on a hill and the tank was slipping and sliding all over. I don't remember if they ever did make it to the top of the hill. While in Quan Loi I asked for medical attention to remove a bump (cyst) on my head right where the straps in helmet would press on it. I was sent to Bien Hoa to the 24th or 96th Evac (or whatever it was I don’t remember)to have the cyst removed. A blonde haired round eyed nurse assisted and she really looked good. The doc numbed the area, cut the skin open and then He grabbed the cyst with something and started pulling until it came loose. He had to jerk on it a bit which made me feel like I had to hold onto the sides of the cart I was on. The nurse was talking real nice to me and I would have liked to spend some time with her. Oh well. They doc put a bandage on the cut area on my head and told me I couldn’t go back out to the field and not to wear a hat or helmet until it healed. I didn’t feel like waiting for the bus so walked back to the company area. On the way some officer in a jeep stopped to chew me out for not wearing a hat and I showed the bandage on my head and told him what the doc had said. He looked pissed but didn’t say any more and drove off. No offer to give me a ride. I had to pull details in the company area for a couple days until the doc said the cut had healed enough and I was sent back to my platoon in Quan Loi, still on green line guard. I missed some fun as the guys found some flares and was shooting the flares back and forth between bunkers at each other. They got a good ass chewing and was told the flares were only to be used to signal conditions on the green line.

MAY 28, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diaryl— Combat assault to Cambodia.

MAY 29, 1970 Friday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — My platoon leader is back now. I won‘t have to do his job, just the platoon sergeant job, thank goodness. I was promoted to Staff Sergeant, as high as I can get as long as I don't stay in the service for 10 years. Not a chance of that happening. We were pulling base defense (green line guard) on Quan Loi, not too bad. Doing a lot of drinking and partying. Really getting over. Don't worry about me being too fat, I‘ve been sick with hepatitis and lost 30 pounds. I couldn‘t eat for two weeks, but feel better now. Met and partied hard with Gerold, it was real good. Can't get our R&R‘s together but I'm going to Sydney in a few days, as one of the guys got hit in Phuoc Vinh and I got his R&R. I‘m going to have a very good time. Looks like I'll be out in the field for the rest of my tour. Now I made E—6 there aren't many rear jobs. I do have a few people in the rear pulling for me so maybe something
will come down. I‘m going to buy a brand new Chevelle, maybe bright red with black interior. It will be expensive but I‘ve decided to do it. Asking Mom to find out and get started on getting my license and insurance so I‘ll have it when I get home. I don‘t plan on walking any further than from the house to the car. Army has taught me one thing, how to be lazy.

MAY 30, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Started to remove cache (Memorial Day).

JERRY DIETL (Letter dated May 30) - Recently moved to Quan Loi.
Pulling green line guard around base. Walk in rubber trees every day. Near Song Be, can see Nui Ba Ra.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Resupply day.

MAY 31, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN {Diary) - Remove cache.

JUNE 1, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Remove cache.

SABER (Division newspaper} July-August 1970, Volume 19 Number 4 - (Front page) In “Notes from Southeast Asia“ — At LZ Gold in Cambodia, 2/8th Cav routed out a three ton cache of ammo and explosives, accidentally detonating a booby trap within the cache. They found a blasting cap set into a case of C-4 plastic set off by the booby trap but the explosive failed to detonate.
Major General George W. Casey (division commander) killed in
helicopter crash.

JUNE 2, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - We left Quan Loi and went to the land of many gooks — Cambodia. We found eleven caches of ammo of all sorts. So much they could really do us a job. We’re real glad to be taking all this stuff. Putting a hurt on them. I hope they get us out soon, those gooks are somewhere over here, and I don‘t want to find them. I leave for R&R tomorrow, someone got wounded and I got his R&R. I bought a small 8MM camera. I don‘t think I‘ll be able to hold it still enough. I thought it would be nice to have some movies of this sorry place.

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Remove cache.

GARRY BRUCKNER (Letter to my sister and her family) - Hope everyone is feeling fine and everything is well. I’m feeling pretty good, but doing a lot of itching and squirming from heat rash. Just got over the flu, the shits, and a boil, so I guess if it isn't one thing it's another. Guess everyone probably thought I had a broken arm. Just didn‘t have any free time, but I’m starting to get caught up on my letter writing. They sure got our mail messed up again, but that‘s nothing new. A few letters are starting to trickle through now. Just hope they can keep it straight for once. Got a new guy in yesterday. Since the new guys get most of the shitty details and he is almost the only new guy since I came in, that makes me feel good. I'll be free from all those little bothersome details. Quan Loi sure is quite a place. It has a real fine powdery red dust all over, and I do mean all over. When it rains, it turns into a sticky red mud that's slippery as ice. We were watching trucks slide into ditches and down hills. Tanks were even having trouble. Well, Bernie, how is school coming along? Should be getting close to summer vacation. Take it easy now.

JUNE 3, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Finish cache.

JUNE 5, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Found cache.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — It‘s started raining about every night now. I've slept wet every night for a week now.

JUNE 6, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Small firefight O KIA. O WIA. Log day.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - It rains every night. There's no way to keep dry. There's only a few days left in this Cambodia deal! Today is resupply day, too.

JUNE 7, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Found and removed caches.

MELVIN CHAMBLESB (Letter) - Applied for my R&R for July 4-l0.

JUNE 9, I970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

JUNE 10, 1970 Wednesday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — I‘ve moved up to company RTO. We're
scheduled for a 3 day R&R on the 24th of June. Day after tomorrow is log day.

JUNE 12, 1970 Friday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Log day. Just got word my R&R date is approved.

JUNE 15, 1970 Monday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Log day. Haven‘t felt good for a couple of days, high fever and headache.

JUNE 17, 1970 Wednesday
MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Company RTO job is a real hassle! It
started raining this morning and it's rained all day.

JUNE 18, 1970 Thursday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) - Got back from R&R and I had the best time I ever had. We‘re still in Cambodia, no contact, but lots of caches and stuff. Officially, we‘ll be out of Cambodia by 18:00 on the 29th. We are 25,900 meters inside and our battalion commander thought we should walk back to Nam. So, that is what we‘re doing. What else have they got for us to do? Raining every day. I hate the rain. I can take the heat but I hate the rain. I feel that when we leave things will be looking up. They have given Tay Ninh to the ARVN‘s but they‘ll probably get their asses kicked and we'll have to go back to pull them out. Hoping to get out of the field soon. The phone call from Sydney was worth a million dollars.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Log day! Just finishing letter started on the 17th due to a lot of walking and a lot of rain.

JUNE 19, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - Still in Cambodia. I have changed since I came back from Sydney. It isn't as hard to take the physical torture and the bull we have to take every day. I'm back to where I used to be, feeling like they can't do anything to really get me mad. If you laugh it off and drive on, it really makes things a whole lot easier. Of course, I'm just as homesick but that R&R really helped to relieve some of the pressures for a while. It is still the same old grind but with taking that time off it does seem to be a whole lot more bearable. It is not that I'm getting used to it cause no
one could get used to this damn place. I never thought I would see the day that I would say I would like to go back to Vietnam and the sooner the better. So far we have really been lucky but if you mess around in one place too long they are bound to find you and put up some kind of resistance. We still have to walk back to Nam. I guess they don’t want to miss a thing in this damn place.

JUNE 20, 1970 Saturday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Tomorrow is log day. It still rains
Every day and then some at night.

JUNE 22, 1970 Monday

ROGER “JAKE” JACOBSON (Letter) — Getting shorter every day. I wish they could end this damn war, but after seeing how the gooks have built up their supplies and troops along this border, I'm afraid it won't end for a long time unless they let us keep going all the way to Hanoi. They can't keep fighting this war the way they have so far. We just don‘t get anywhere, with this Cambodia push we really hurt them but for how long. I wish they would get a new platoon leader out here, because as long as they don‘t I have to stay in the field and fill the spot. They have a rear job for me but until they get a new lieutenant. I can‘t take it. The C.O. won't release me. He says he may not let me go even then, he needs me out here. I believe he needs me but eleven months is enough in the bush. I know if I miss this job I‘ll spend my last days in the bush. So far everyone who came in country about the same time I did have rear jobs. The plan is for us to still walk back to Nam, they say that they are rigging a device for us to cross the river. It looks awful big. I hope they change their minds and helicopter us over the border.

JUNE 23, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - It has been very hectic trying to get back across the border on time. We were very lucky in that we didn‘t have anyone get hurt all the time we were in Cambodia. We got a lot of supplies and equipment which will certainly put a hurt on them for some time. We had to cross the river and it was large and deep, had a heck of a time doing it. We are finally going in on R&R for three days. I didn‘t think we'd ever get it because they had postponed it 3 times but it looks good now. They are sending our whole battalion in at the same time, that will probably not be too good, many fights and
busted heads but all in all a real good time.

JUNE 24, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

JUNE 25, 1970 Thursday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) – Every day it rains and mostly all night. There haven‘t been too many gooks around so we can have hootches each night and stay partially dry. We have been pushing toward the border for a few days and we're about 6,000 meters away. If we‘re to be out by the 29th we‘ll have to hurry. I just hope we can stay out of their way and they can stay out of ours till I get out of the field. I'm afraid we may run into some that are caught in between the border and us. I really don't think they'll want to fight much though. It looks like we'll be coming back and working close to the border. The area we have is a province called An Loc. I don't know how long we will be there but I hope it is an easy A.O. such as Phuoc Vinh. It used to belong to the Big Red One, before that a few years ago, it was our area. Now, that they have been pulled out, we are going back. From what I hear the Big Red One didn‘t do much so I‘m hoping it will be a good place. Knowing the Cav they will import some gooks to keep us busy.

JUNE 27, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

JUNE 26, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Finished log.

JUNE 29, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Left Cambodia.

JUNE 30, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Combat assault.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Made it across border yesterday, slid packs across river on ropes. Now in Loc Ninh, 2 klicks from LZ Eunice.

JULY 1, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

JULY 4, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Independence day. Combat assault R&R Bien Hoa.

JULY 5, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — R&R Bien Hoa.

JULY 6, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — R&R Bien Hoa.

JULY 7, 1970 Tuesday

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) - We made it back from R&R most
everyone is sick and hung over but who wouldn't after 3 days and
nights of booze and no sleep. Price of war. My platoon bought two cases of whiskey and other liquors. The general came and the
battalion commander, they had a few drinks, but the general left. Rocky got the commander very drunk. The master sergeant had to pack him off. It was a tremendous celebration, a sort of victory party. We thought we were the conquering heroes. It was the only time we felt like we really accomplished anything significant.

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day. Left Bien Hoa, combat assault to Quan Loi.

JULY 9, 1970 Thursday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

JULY 10, 1970 Friday

ROGER "JAKE" JACOBSON (Letter) - There is good news and bad, first the good, I got a rear job, supply sergeant. I'll like it because I'll be able to stay with the company. I won't be in the field but on an LZ. Unless it changes I'll be on Quan Loi. When I was there recuperating I didn't mind it at all. I won't need to go to th field unless I want to on log day. I'm sure once I leave the field I won't come back. I've wanted it for a while and the old man says I have it wrapped in a bag. Now for the bad news. I hope you understand my decision. It was by far the hardest decision I ever made. I've decided to stay here a few more months so when I come home I can stay. My orders I received will take me to Germany for 6 months. When I do come home I want to stay, never to return to the army again. Maybe you've heard about it, a 150 day early out. I think we talked about it when I was home. My tour was up on the 15th of August, which left me with 210 days left in the Army. Well, to get the 150 day early out I had to extend 60 days, so when I come home I'll have less than 150 days in service. Now when I come home (by the way it will be the 15th of October) in 24 hours or less. I'll be out of the Army for good. Never to have to take an order in my life. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't got a rear job, but now I have it or soon will. I will be safe and I want out of the Army so bad. I hope and pray that you will understand and realize that this is what I want and is best for me. I hope it won't be too much of a low blow for you. I love you all so very, very, much and you don't know how much I wanted to see you and be with you, but now we'll be together for the rest of our lives. I guess you‘ll have to stop on your short timers calendar, just as I had to. It is starting to rain so I'll go for now. I love you all and miss you very, very, much.

JULY 12, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN {Diary) — Log day.

JULY 13, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Skull made contact

JULY 14, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary§) - Cat 4 contacts. O KIA, 5 WIA. 2 gooks killed. Jim O'Brien hit in head with dud M—79 grenade round.

DANNY BRIDGES — WIA: (Range platoon) D. Bridges, Rocky, J. Dietl, G. Whittington, James J. Johnson, Sonny hit in back with duper round.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Company rear still in Quan Loi. I've just returned from R&R.

JULY ??. I970

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — I can remember back in November and December and especially around Christmas time, that when I thought about July and August it seemed so very far away. Now half of July is almost gone and August will soon be starting and to look back on it, I really can‘t see where it went. But also, in another way, it has been a long trying time for all of us. And now I had to go and do this - Extend! I‘m sure that you will soon, if not already, see what I mean and want and realize why I want out so bad. I remember how bad Christmas was not being able to be with the ones I love so much. If I was to go home in August. chances are I would have to stay at the base during the holidays and I really couldn't stand to miss another one. I wanted to go home in August. I wanted to go so damned bad, but I knew that 30 days from then I would be back working for Uncle Sam and I don‘t want to leave ever again. I love you all so very much and oh how I wanted to see you all as soon as possible, but if I can come home and stay I will do it. Life back in the rear is just as safe as back in the world, if you do get hurt it would only be an accident. Of course, I would rather be there than to drive on some of the highways back in the world. It was hard to do it (that is. make my decision). I have always wanted to since I was home last but I couldn‘t get anyone to sympathize with me. All of the guys I've been with wanted to extend but didn't because they wanted to go home and see their families. and they've all wanted to go home so badly, but for me to hold on for two months is better than to spend seven back home in the army. I guess it seems like I'm trying to talk myself into it, well maybe I am. In your last letter you mentioned that Roy and Rod had decided to go into the Army and not join the Air Force or Navy. That sounds like the stupid things I once said to you and Dad. Boy, how stubborn can a person be. Why we can't listen to someone who knows. I will never understand. Dad tried to tell me and so did a lot of other people, but no, I knew better! I was the young punk idiot. Well this young punk idiot has come so close to dying in the last year and seen so many young punk idiots who went home with one arm or one leg or none, or they didn‘t go home at all. I am telling you, Roy, four years are well worth the shit you have to go through over here. If it was just the Army it wouldn’t be so bad, but to face death and to see it is no kid's game, and there is no reason a person should have to. I have just about got mine over with and the day I do get it over. I will be the happiest person you ever saw. Just today we were sitting down and two gooks walked up on us. One of my men saw them first. he shot but his gun jammed and they ran away. They could have done him then. Well it can happen the other way around and it does every day and most of the time the weapon doesn't jam, so there is a dead or wounded man. One of your buddies now lies there with his leg gone or a hole through his head. Roy, it ain't any joke. I and every man that walks away from Vietnam is a very lucky man and that is all there is to it. The bullet or piece of metal just didn‘t hit us. Roy, for my sake and that of Mom and Dad and everyone else, please use your head. And don‘t put your head on the line because it means too much to all of us.

??, 1970

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — My last few days in the field have been rather hectic. We have had a lot of contact, and six of my men were hurt the other day. All but one had just real small wounds, but one was shot through the chest and it looked pretty bad. The doctors said he would be fine, but he would be going home. I sure hope he will be all right because after all, he was my responsibility. I asked him to walk point and he got shot a few yards further on. I will be so happy to get out of this damned place for good. I have seen my share of people hurt and killed. I thought that the Cambodian invasion would slow them down for a while, but from the past few days it sure doesn't look like it. Plus, a gook had one of our M—79 grenade launchers up in a tree. Boy, did he ever keep us pinned down! It looks like I have got about eight hours left in the field. Boy, it will be good to get out of here. The rest of the company is going to the LZ to stay for a few days. It will be good to give them a rest as they really need it. Well, I have to go now so I can hump my last 500 meters in the field. That really sounds nice.

JULY ??. 1970

ROGER “JAKE“ JACOBSON (Letter) — I was so happy to receive your letter. I've waited a long time to hear your response to my extending. I was very worried how you would take it. I figured you would understand, but at the same time I was very worried about you at home. I know you can‘t really understand why I did it, but I was sure you would trust my decision. Don‘t go worrying about booby traps and such. I won‘t be near them. I won't even have to go off the base. I will really be safe. Yes, it has been a long time, it has been really too long. I hope you all can realize it isn't that I don't miss you, it's just that I want to come back to Idaho to stay. I don't want to go to some fort and train some cherry boy to come over here. I know you had a lot planned, but we can still do it all with few changes, like dates and the weather. We will really be able to celebrate when I get home, getting out of Nam and the Army at the same time. This is what I want. I hate this damned Army more every day. Truthfully, it ain‘t the war that bothers me but the lifers and politicians who won‘t allow us to win it.

JULY 15, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN {Diary) - Log day.

JULY 17, 1970 FRIDAY

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) ~ I‘m back out in the field with the company. It rains every day.

JULY 18, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault LZ Union.

JULY 19, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Union.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Company moved on to firebase yesterday. Had a big tree right in the middle.

JULY 20, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Artillery pulling guard.

JULY 21, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Artillery pulling guard.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Company still on Firebase Union.

JULY 22, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Artillery pulling guard.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - I‘m in the rear at Quan Loi. I don‘t know why. Bravo company in on green line guard at Quan Loi.

GARRY BRUCKNER (Letter) — Right now we are on an LZ, supposedly for a rest. That‘s a little hard to believe with all the stuff they make us do. During the day it's details and at night it‘s guard duty for an hour or an hour and a half. We did have a light contact before we came in. It wasn't anything really, but my squad leader said I was put in for an Army Commendation Medal with V. Almost sounds like I did something exciting. All I want is to come home. Bought a real nice 35 millimeter camera for $30. Back in the world it would cost quite a bit. Figured if I learn how to use it now. I can get some beautiful pictures of Linda in Hawaii. R&R is only about a month and a half away now. It‘s about time, too. You don't know how hard it is to wait. I've been here so long now, it seems like I've lived this way all my life. Our 3 day company R&R‘s are supposed to be every 45 days. I just had my second one in 6 months a few weeks ago. We wrote a letter to the general about it, because they kept postponing the last one until we didn‘t think we'd ever get it. Well, we got out R&R and now all of a sudden we've gotten ice cream 3 times this month. That's something they never did before. Guess we really brought pee on somebody’s ass. Guess any day now I'll be a daddy. Just hope the Red Cross tells me right away.

JULY 23, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Artillery pulling guard.

JULY 24, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Artillery pulling guard.

JULY 25, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary} — Artillery pulling guard.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Still on firebase. We're building some kind of radio tower.

JULY 26, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Artillery pulling guard.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - I have left the company to work at the battalion tactical operations center. It is about one mile from Firebase Union on an ARVN base. I'm Colonel G1isson’e jeep driver.

JULY 27, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Artillery pulling guard.

JULY 28, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) ~ Artillery pulling guard.

JULY 29, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Union.

JULY 30, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault to field.

GARRY BRUCKNER — Notified of birth of daughter, Laurie Bruckner.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - In bush 5 or 6 miles from Bu Dop, no contacts for long time, lot of humping in swamps.

AUGUST 2, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

AUGUST 3, l970 Monday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - I‘m still on the ARVN base at Bu Duc. Delta company has been back out in the bush at least a week.

AUGUST 4, 197O Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Range II killed 3 gooks in field.

DANNY BRIDGES ~ Killed 3 gooks in field where we had just been logged. CBS and Los Angeles Times came out to interview us and then changed their minds.

AUGUST 5, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

AUGUST 6, 1970 Thursday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - ARVN‘s are to take over our A0 pretty soon and we should be moving closer to the coast.

AUGUST 7, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRlEN (Diary) - Range killed 1 gook on trotter.

DANNY BRIDGES - While setting up automatic, gook came down trotter with his rifle slung on his shoulder, Danny and Bill Dickey opened up on him and he fell in a bunker. Found bunker complex 30 to 40 meters from where the gook was shot.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — I sat in on battalion briefing last night and the battalion should move in about 2 days.

AUGUST 8, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Contact, 7 WIA, Jim wounded in left arm and medevaced to battalion.

DANNY BRIDGES - The company got into 3 columns, with Cat on the left, Skull on the right and Range in the middle and went into the bunker complex. Hit the shit bad. WIA: Range 6 Dave Moore medevaeed through trees. Medevac ship shot into perimeter in front of Skull. One guy had nervous breakdown and had to be lead around by hand. Later heard another company went through that area and found 15 fresh graves.

AUGUST 9, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Buttons to Quan Loi.

GARRY BRUCKNER— First wedding anniversary.

AUGUST 10, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Quan Loi rear.

AUGUST ll, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Quan Loi rear.

AUGUST 12, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Quan Loi rear.

AUGUST 13, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Quan Loi rear to Bien Hoa for 3 day R&R.

AUGUST 14, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Bien Hoa R&R.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Battalion has made the move from Bo Duc down to a place near Vo Dat. I'm on a firebase some 75 to 100 miles north of Bien Hoa. Nothing but mountains here. Delta company had hit the shit a couple of times in one week just before we pulled out.

AUGUST 15, 1970 Saturdav

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa R&R.

AUGUST 16, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - To Quan Loi.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Firebase in the clouds is called Powder Ridge.

AUGUST 17, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Quan Loi rear.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Firebase has been socked in by clouds for the last 3 days, nothing comes in, nothing goes out.

AUGUST 18, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Quan Loi to Powder Ridge.

AUGUST 19, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Powder Ridge.

AUGUST 20, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary} — Return to field.

AUGUST 21, 1970 Friday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Still on Powder Ridge, went up with Colonel Glisson today to firebase Nancy.

AUGUST 22, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - In Bu Duc, mountainous part, but staying in valleys. Bravo got 2 POW‘s, no contact by anyone else.

AUGUST 24, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault Bien Hoa R&R.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Left for a 3 day R&R at Bien Hoa, stayed 2 extra days to pull QRF. Spiro Agnew visited 8/27/70. Flew around all day. After leaving here, going by ocean.

AUGUST 25, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa R&R.

DANNY BRIDGES - On the 24th or 25th, Jake was stabbed in the stomach while in a fight.

AUGUST 26, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa R&R.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still on Powder Ridge. It rains off and on all day and night. Next move is to be into the 199th Light Infantry Brigade‘s old AO's. They leave country 1st of September.

AUGUST 27, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Quick Reaction Force for Spiro Agnew in Saigon.

DANNY BRIDGES - Left for R&R in Hawaii. Sometime while on R&R,
Waterman (Water buffalo) was killed (probably during first week in September).

AUGUST 28, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Quick Reaction Force.

AUGUST 29, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Combat assault to field.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Combat assault.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1970 Wednesday

GARRY BRU€KNER — In Hawaii for R&R. September 2 - 8.

MELVIN CHAMELESS (Letter) - Battalion has moved from Powder Ridge further south. New Firebase is Guinn. About 15 miles from the beach in the Bien Tuy Province.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1970 Thursday

Cpl Army Born: 3OSep49 Date of Death: 03Sep7O
Vietnam Veteran Memorial Panel No. 7W Line No. 37

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Range has 2 contacts. 1 gook.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1970 Friday

JIM 0‘BRIEN (Diary) - Range has 1 contact. 2 gooks.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Log day. Contact: O KIA. 2 WIA.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Still on Guinn. Delta Company ran into 3 or 4 gooks today and had a couple of guys wounded.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1970 Sunday
JIM O‘BRIEN {Diary) - Range has contact with enemy.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1970 Monday
JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Labor Day. Skull has contact with enemy. WIA 1, KIA 0.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Log day.


GARRY BRUCKNER — I had just returned from R&R and rejoined the company on Guinn. Everyone seemed very quiet and discouraged. I was told about enemy contacts almost daily and bullets ricocheting off rocks. The worst was Waterman had been killed accidentally at night when he somehow wandered out of the perimeter and was mistaken for a possible enemy probe of our defenses. They couldn’t get a medevac in, so they had to carry the body through the mountainous terrain until locating an open area big enough for a helicopter to land. The company had been brought in to Guinn because of so much enemy contact. One of the guys was laying on a bunker looking straight up when he yelled to look at the 3 airplanes. They were real high in the sky and looked very tiny. Suddenly they turned and headed back in the direction they had come from. A mountain top where the company had so many contacts erupted in billowing clouds of dirt, smoke and flying debris. We had an excellent view of a B—52 strike or what we called an ARC LIGHT. In the excitement and awe of the fury of explosions that appeared so close we were scrambling for cameras, jumping and yelling, yet afraid to take our eyes off of this spectacle, not wanting to miss anything.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1970 Thursday

GARRY BRUCKNER - Sometime on Guinn, maybe on the 10th, an Army
photographer took my picture, name and address and said he would send a story about me and my unit to my hometown newspaper. It was early morning with the sun shining brightly. I had been sleeping in a bunker and it had rained that night. A puddle formed in the bunker soaking the side I was laying on. When the picture was taken you could still see wet spots on my uniform. This is how it appeared in the Fremont Times Indicator:

GI‘s push all way across S. Vietnam

From Vietnam comes an account of the deeds and exploits by Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, eighth Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. A Fremont soldier, Sp/4 Garry Bruckner, is a member of that outfit and shared in its battles, its hardships and its adventures. Garry is a 1968 graduate of Fremont High School, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bruckner, Sherman Township, and husband of Linda Dye Bruckner who lives in Newaygo with their three month old child, Laura Jean, whom the father has never seen. When Delta company combat assaulted into Cambodia last May on a fleet of whirling helicopters no one dreamed that over the next five months the unit would walk, fly and fight its way completely across Vietnam to the South China Sea. But that is precisely what the company did. Late one evening while tromping through the Cambodian jungle one of the men noticed that the ground
underfoot seemed strangely soft. A bit of digging revealed one of the largest caches of enemy communication gear ever discovered in the Indo-China War. Delta company stayed in Cambodia to the very end, swimming the river border to Vietnam only three hours before the very last U.S. Army troops left Cambodia. The next three months found Delta company helicoptered in and out of three different areas of operation as slowly the unit worked its way to the South China Sea. Their odyssey across Vietnam completed. Garry and the rest of Delta company now dream of the day when they can shed their baggy jungle fatigues and worn combat boots and try out the beckoning surf of their new home by the sea.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Combat assault to LZ Union.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1970 Tuesday

JERRY DIETL (Letter) — Twenty miles south of Bien Hoa.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Log day. Come in for R&R in Sydney, Australia.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Guinn.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Mace.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1970 Saturday
JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa getting ready for R&R.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Saigon getting ready for R&R.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Sydney. Australia.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Sydney, Australia.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) – Sydney, Australia.

SEPTEMBER 24, I970 Thursday

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary) – Sydney, Australia.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — USO show on Firebase Guinn tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Sydney, Australia.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Sydney, Australia.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - I was promoted to SP/4 on Sept. 1.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary} — Sydney, Australia.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Saigon.

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - By ocean 15,000 meters or so away, lot of sand. APC‘s brought us here. No sign of gooks. Fourth of October go back to our LZ for change of command ceremonies.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - In the last few days over 46 Montagnard natives have walked on to Firebase Guinn.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Return from R&R. Bien Hoa to LZ Mace.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - LZ Mace.

OCTOBER 1, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — LZ Guinn.

OCTOBER 2, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Back to field. log day.

OCTOBER 4, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Combat assault, start rear job.

OCTOBER 5, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — LZ Guinn.

OCTOBER 6, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — LZ Guinn.

OCTOBER 13, 1970 Tuesday

JERRY DIETL (Letter) - Flat lands near ?Tan Linh? (could it have been Ham Tan?) near ocean. N0 contact. Rear is at LZ Mace, no longer LZ Nancy which has a small PX.

OCTOBER 14, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Log day.

OCTOBER 15, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN {Diary) — Went out to Banner Relay (hilltop radios)

OCTOBER 16, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 17, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN {Diary) — Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 18, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 19, 1970 Monday

JIM 0‘BRIEN (Diary) - Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 20, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 21, 1970 Wednesday

JTM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 22, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 23, 1970 Friday

JIM O‘BRTEN (Diary) - Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 24, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Banner Relay.

OCTOBER 25, 1970 Sunday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Glaze Relay. Gildy (Bob) Gildersleeve‘s
birthday (Oct. 25. 1949).

OCTOBER 26, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Relay to Guinn to Silver.

OCTOBER 27, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.

OCTOBER 28, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Silver.

OCTOBER 29, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Silver.

OCTOBER 30, 1970 Friday

JIM O’BRIEN (Diary) - Silver.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) — Battalion Firebase has just been moved from Guinn to Firebase Silver.

OCTOBER 31, 1970 Saturday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 1, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver

NOVEMBER 2, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diarv) - Silver.

NOVEMBER 3, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver

NOVEMBER 4, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Silver

NOVEMBER 5, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Silver

NOVEMBER 6, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver

NOVEMBER 7, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Silver

NOVEMBER 8, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Silver

NOVEMBER 9, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) – Silver

NOVEMBER 10, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Silver

NOVEMBER 11, 1970 Wednesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Silver

NOVEMBER 12, 1970 Thursday

JIM O‘BRIEN ((Diary) - Silver.

NOVEMBER 13, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Silver.

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Melvin and Elliot Burton have received orders to do stateside duty in Fort Carson, Colorado.

NOVEMBER 14, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 15, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.
NOVEMBER 16, 1970 Monday

JIM O‘BRIEN (Diary) - Silver.

NOVEMBER 17, 1970 Tuesday

JIM 0‘BRIEN {Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 18, 1970 Wednesday

JIM 0‘BRIEN {Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 19, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 20, 1970 Friday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Silver.

NOVEMBER 21, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Mace.

NOVEMBER 22, 1970 Sunday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Mace.

NOVEMBER 23, 1970 Monday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa.

NOVEMBER 24, 1970 Tuesday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) — Bien Hoa.

NOVEMBER 26, 1970 Thursday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Thanksgiving. 90th Replacement

NOVEMBER 28, 1970 Saturday

JIM O'BRIEN (Diary) - Left Bien Hoa 10:30 a.m arr1ved Hawaii

NOVEMBER 29, 1970 Sunday

MELVIN CHAMBLESS (Letter) - Left forward firebase 4 days ago to go on 7 day leave, should not have to go back out.

DECEMBER 12, 1970 Saturday

GARRY BRUCKNER — Left Vietnam. Stateside duty at Fort Hood, Texas, January to August 19. 1970. After a 30 day leave I headed for Fort Hood, Texas, with my wife, Linda, and our 6 month old daughter. In Hope, Arkansas, I got very sick with a high fever, sweating and shaking, becoming delirious at times. My wife wasn't very good at driving a car with a manual shift, but she now had to do it. She found the hospital and told the doctor I probably had malaria as I was just back from Vietnam. The doctor seemed to ignore this and diagnosed my illness as food poisoning, even though my wife had eaten the same things I had and she wasn't sick. He prescribed something and we found a motel to stay at until I felt better. The next morning I was feeling much better and we continued on to Fort Hood. I reported for duty and was assigned to a replacement company until orders were cut for me. We had a very hard time finding any place to rent and eventually heard of a place soon to be available when leaving our daughter at the post nursery. We moved in and hoped I would be paid soon as our money was going fast. Before my orders came I had another malaria attack was taken to Darnel Army Hospital on post. Two soldiers appeared at our newly rented dwelling to tell my wife what had happened and our car was on the post yet. Since I was in the hospital. I couldn‘t report for duty when my orders came and the Army wouldn‘t pay me until I reported to my new company, which, by the way, was the 1st and 50th Mechanized infantry. The money was running out and Linda was worried about feeding our baby. She needed to see me, so she asked a neighbor to watch the baby, and decided to take the post taxi because she didn‘t know how to find the hospital. On the way she started crying and the driver asked what was wrong. As it turned out, the driver was retired from the military and did some volunteer work with the Red Cross. He showed up the next day and arranged for an emergency loan from the Red Cross. His thoughtfulness and willingness to help saved us from a desperate situation. The doctors at Darnel diagnosed my symptoms as malaria and I was in for 2 weeks. Evidently my new company was never notified about me being hospitalized and so I was listed as AWOL. About July first I had another malaria attack and spent 10 more days in the hospital. There are at least two kinds of malaria and I had both.